1. Harold Atilee
    Harold Atilee at |

    First of all, there is no way he can be a follower of Jesus Christ. Cause God commanded man be with woman and woman be with man.Jesus being the son of god would not turn around and support homosexuality. He couldn’t even if he wanted to ,cause God made it law, so therefore this guy is a liar! Secondly, we laugh all kinds of stuff ,race ,obesity, money,poorness and these people have the nerve to be upset cause someone made fun of their filthiness.He used the word hypocrite, that’s a laugh in itself,a gay preacher calling so one a hypocrite. OMG,not his God but mine.

  2. John Miller
    John Miller at |

    There’s no good objective evidence for any God(s). People used the Christian God to support slavery.

    An all-knowing God that knew what your fate was BEFORE he created you and then creates you as such (when he could have created you differently), there’s no freewill in such a scenario. Your fate was pre-determined. It’s backwards nonesense.


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