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  1. Rev. Thomas Jennings
    Rev. Thomas Jennings at |

    May God richly bless and keepthese men and women as they try to educate others and reach out to the unloved and unaccepted people in the world. Amen

  2. Swiz
    Swiz at |

    Thanks so much for such vital information. I see gay people are discriminated,tortured and humiliated once they identify as gay. Most of us born in christian families but we found ourselves this way. Sometimes its hard and tough to stop the habbit so u just have to accept and pray to God who changes hearts. Yes as previously said,one’s sexuality won’t take him to heaven,but its by God’s grace that we are all saved,segrigating the gay people doesn’t mean u are holier than them but accept these people,love them and treat them equally as the other people. They are normal people and they also need love. God is the chief judge and creator of all the creation,we only live in rejection,isolation yet we are like other human beings. Hmmm may God pave way and let his mercy be upon us all cos we depend upon him for he’s our creator. He has better plans for all of us!!!


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