Attackers break Ugandan LGBTI activist’s jaw

Kuchu Times reports:

Kabuye Najib before  the attack (Photo courtesy of Kuchu Times)
Kabuye Najib before the attack (Photo courtesy of Kuchu Times)

Kabuye Najib, a Ugandan LGBTI and sex workers’ activist, was early [last] week attacked by a gang of 8 men. At 11:00pm on 9th April as Najib approached his gate, eight unidentified males attacked and beat him severely, leaving him with a dislocated jaw. 

Najib is a national coordinator for the Uganda Harmonized Rights Alliance (H.U.R.A), a network for sex work-focused organizations, he is also the Rapid Response Manager for the Ugandan LGBTI Security team. 

According to the Chairperson of the Ugandan LGBTI Security Committee, Ntebi Sandra, the attack is being viewed as a hate crime and all indicators show that the attackers had trailed Najib for a while.

Najib had to endure the pain throughout the weekend as most doctors were not readily available. Headed by Ms Ntebi, a group of colleagues tried to get access to over thirteen hospitals but all efforts were futile. 

Finally on Sunday [April 10], Najib was admitted to Mulago hospital and underwent jaw surgery the following morning. He is to return for further medication and review after two weeks. However, he is not allowed to eat any solids till a period of sixteen weeks elapses; and for now, survives on juice and other liquids. 


Kabuye Najib undergoing jaw surgery (Photo courtesy of Kuchu Times)
Kabuye Najib undergoing jaw surgery (Photo courtesy of Kuchu Times)

Joseph Kawesi, one of Najib’s closest confidants, intimated that most people in their neighbourhood were well aware of their work and involvement with the sexual and gender minorities’ community. He also revealed that Najib had previously received threatening messages insinuating plans to bring him harm if he didn’t vacate the area.

For more information, read the full Kuchu Times article “LGBTI ACTIVIST ATTACKED BY GANG OF 8, LEFT WITH BROKEN JAW.”

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  1. Bruno Agar
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    Hey there, i think it’s important that Najib be aware of our support. Support among us is more powerful than hate and physical pain. He is undoubtedly a brave man. He’ll make it through. Let the community know if his medical expenses need being taken care of. Best, Bruno


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