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    (correcting an earlier comment)

    I am posting this from Malawi.

    1…The charges have been dropped.

    Doubtless activists in the First World will be preening themselves that it has forced GoM to do so. In truth, there has been very little published about this case there. For example, in the UK there has been only two reports in local newspapers and one on a Scottish LGBT site. Yes, the US ambassador and diplomats from other countries have published some remarks on social media, but that is hardly going to grab the World’s attention.

    These arrests were completely bloody stupid and cannot be defended. Because of its position that there is a moratorium on arrests for consensual, same-sex acts, GoM should have acted promptly to censure the police and to have the charges dropped. Now, by its unjustified messing about it has given the appearance that it is giving in to First World activism.

    2…”Many Malawians this … many Malawians that … Many are outraged that Westerners are saying anything.”

    The truth is that MOST Malawians did not know of these arrests, and so have had nothing to say about it. You have been trawling the comments sections on our unregulated, on-line media from where thoroughly nasty comments are never deleted. One reason for this (I suspect) is that they are click bait and so increase advertising revenue . You have websites there in the First World, such as Stormfront, where hateful articles and comments are posted. Am I to deduce then that you all hate Jews and anyone who is not white?

    3…Myself, I want to see repealed those sections of the Penal Code which criminalise consensual, same-sex acts. However, it is offensive to see articles such as this from a foreigner who is targeting his fellow foreigners in order to whip up hatred against us, and wherein every scrap of dirt which he has managed to hoover off the internet is gleefully reproduced.

    In short, by all means report the stupid, unjustified arrests but the detail which you have gone into here just provokes those of us here who read it into losing sight of the issue of LGBT rights and reacting to unjustified, foreign meddling.

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    Anti-LGBTQ fervor exposed as some Malawi politicians and pundits react to criticism from the West in response to the imprisonment of two men on sodomy charges.


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