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    The naming and shaming tactics of homophobic tabloids in Africa continue…

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    Unfortunately, most progressive Christians in the US are unaware of how the extreme right evangelical preachers are stirring up the flames of hate. In addition to helping widows, and orphans, real Christians need to make others aware of the plight of LGBT people in Uganda, The Gambia, Cameroon, Kenya, and other countries where being LGBT is criminalized.

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    What do you think about a court in Australia that has ruled to be critical of published gay marriage Activists Mark Newton and Peter Truong (see vid at tinyurl.com/abcplugspedos) is homophobic vilification hate speech, because court has ruled the greater homosexual community is INCLUSIVE of 2 week old baby rapists, and to rag on your baby raping brothers is to citize the whole gay gay community that accepts them? Search Geoff McKee ADB on victimsofgaybullying.wordpress.com for the story. He just got inJustice Nancy Henessey who has processed most of the homosexual vilification cases in Australia recused for having private ex-parte meetings with the gay applicant in most of those cases. If you don’t publish this comment I’ll publish that you support pedophilia normalization and push the story to the Hello Tabloid. I know they’d love this.

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    I’m so sorry my father is “intolerant” of published gay marriage activists Mark Newtown and Peter Truong who force their penis into the anus of a 2 week year old Russian baby named Drake, who’s uncensored photo is still used on gay marriage blogs to promote gay marriage. I’m glad you want to see him jailed for homosexual vilification for not respecting the sacred art of gay baby fucking. I’ve screenshotted my original comment and watch out for a blog later about Colin Steward supports gay baby sex and and or has taken too much amil nitrate he can’t read. You of course could wake up and see I’m an anti-pedophile activist. You keep critising RUSSIA for their “HOMOPHBOIC LAWS” made to stop child rape after the Russian Democracy had the same reaction as my father to the incident of Australian Gay Marriage Activists sodomizing their babies. Search Alex Greenwich on the victimsofgaybullying.wordpress.com blog – he says it’s homophobic to cut of supply of children to foreign gays after they raped your kid. For me to be just as evil I’d need to rape one of your sons, then come back and ask for more. Pity I’m not gay so it won’t be happening anytime soon.

    Don’t worry I have a big long list with accompanying evidence of @gaydads who broke Australian law to buy babies and exploit 3rd world women for their sex organs. I have a massive list of gay criminals to name and shame. I’ll just add you to the list with Doug Pollard your mate.

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