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    The more gay people show others that we just want to live our lives, can take care of our homes and ourselves, the more people who oppose us may change their minds to acceptance and understanding. I saw it happen with my neighbor. When my husband and I first looked at our home, our neighbor was quite standoffish. Now, she and her husband show off our yard to their visitors, have celebrated our anniversaries with us, and we consider them some of our good friends. By being ourselves, we can convince more countries that we are not requesting special rights; we are only requesting equal rights afforded to other men and women, blacks, whites, and Asians, religions (RELIGION IS A CHOICE), etc.

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    Wouldn’t laws outlawing gay marriage and those not protecting LGBT but everyone else be considered anti-LGBT? The people of USA that say “at least its not like” then name an anti-LGBT, sound to me like a racist who says, “im not a racist, i dont support lynching black people”. Until ALL people are legally protected, and have equal rights and privileges under the law of the land, the whole country, then the USA has many anti-LGBT laws in place.


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