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    Great piece!!

  2. John Rencher, P.h.D
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    Ogle is no man of God, he is a false prophet. There is no difference in him be a minister openly “gay ” and a preacher having sex not being married, adulterer, or a preacher that is a drug addict. I feel like he should be stripped of his title until he is married to a woman and is no longer a gay. A pastor has no right to be gay. The bible is not gray in this area it is straight forward. This guy is a Hippocratic, blasphemous homosexual, and should not lead a congregation anywhere. God wants his sheep in his image, and for you to be a leader, you will pay double for your mockery of the word of God. You sir, disgust me and I really feel strongly about a gay clergy, there should be no such thing. Step down that is a Heterosexual position, no such thing as a Gay church leader. A Doctor needs a medical degree to practice and a preacher needs to be qualified by his actions, so that he is the example for others to follow . Ogle is not qualified.


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