1. Robert Browne
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    Amazing the way they always manage to blame Israel rather than the people who tortured him and Islam who insist in many cases on the death penalty for gay people both sodomised and sodomizers.

  2. J
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    If gays ran both regions there would be no wars? Could there be a more absurd position so ignorant of the history of the world? Many warlords and violent despots were not straight. I’ve knows some incredibly violent gays and gay women have the highest rate of domestic violence of any group. As a bisexual I have experienced bigotry from many in the LGbT communities as well as straight people but the straights were just stupid, the LGbTers were hateful and cruel. There’s no pot of gold at the end of that self absorbed rainbow.

    Also, the bias against Israel many in LGBT+ have while crying for Palestine is baffling. Israel really had no obligation to help him and was treating him as they would treat anyone else that was in their country illegally. The roots of homophobia and making homosexuality illegal in Palestine and the rest of the middle east lies in Islam and Sharia law they force on others. Moving to Oslo was the right move. While more Gay friendly, Israel is still a theocracy like the rest of that misbegotten desert.


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