1. Lau McFrog
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    Thank you for your article.
    As a white Christian middle age man From Scotland I feel so ashamed that we continue to colonise minds with deviant Christianity. That type of religion is not acceptable and is a total abomination to the true Gospel of love. LGBT people are not abomination. We are all brothers and sisters and children of God. Homophobic Christians are the abomination. I want to send through this comment all my love to all the Jamaican LGBT. Christ was living in the margins of society like you are in Jamaica. Not in palaces and temples (now churches) but he is with you … in the sewage system, in the street, and when feeling alone. Please forgive me but I have only love and prayers to offer you, my brothers and sisters in Christ.

  2. Janet Epp Buckingham
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    I don’t know how I got implicated in this. I came to Jamaica and testified to parliamentarians about the proposed constitutional bill of rights. I told them that it would move more power to the courts and lessen their power. It was not about LGBT rights. I spoke to church groups during that visit as well. I noted that various issues had been addressed by Canadian courts, including LGBT rights, but the main focus was on the changing role of the courts vis-a-vis parliament. Let me be clear, I have never advised anyone in Jamaica or elsewhere on anti-gay laws. I am opposed to violence against anyone and for respect for all.


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