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21 varieties of traditional African homosexuality

21 varieties of traditional African homosexuality

Le roi Mwanga II de Buganda, qui aurait eu des relations sexuelles avec des hommes. (Photo de Sebaspace)
King Mwanga II of Buganda, who reportedly had sexual relations with men. (Photo courtesy of Sebaspace)

At least 21 cultural varieties of same-sex relationships have long been part of traditional African life, as demonstrated in a report  that was designed to dispel the confusion and lies that surrounded Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill of 2014 (which has since been overturned).

The following discussion and the 21 examples are from that report, “Expanded Criminalisation of Homosexuality in Uganda: A Flawed Narrative / Empirical evidence and strategic alternatives from an African perspective,” which was prepared by Sexual Minorities Uganda:

In their work anthropologists Stephen Murray and Will Roscoe provide wide‐ranging evidence in support of the fact that throughout Africa”s history, homosexuality has been a ‘‘consistent and logical feature of African societies and belief systems.”

Thabo Msibi of the University of Kwazulu‐Natal documents many examples in Africa of same-sex desire being accommodated within pre-colonial rule.”

Boy Wives and Female Husbands cover
The work of Stephen O. Murray and Will Roscoe is cited in the new report by Sexual Minotrities Uganda on traditional forms of homosexuality in African cultures.

Deborah P. Amory speaks of ‘‘a long history of diverse African peoples engaging in same-sex relations.”

Drawing on anthropological studies of the pre-colonial and colonial eras, it is possible to document a vast array of same-sex practises and diverse understandings of gender across the entire continent.

Examples include:

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  1. One notably ‘‘explicit” Bushmen painting, which depicts African men engaging in same-sex sexual activity.
  2. In the late 1640s, a Dutch military attaché documented Nzinga, a warrior woman in the Ndongo kingdom of the Mbundu, who ruled as ‘‘king” rather than ‘‘queen”, dressed as a man and surrounded herself with a harem of young men who dressed as women and who were her ‘‘wives”.
  3. Eighteenth century anthropologist, Father J-B. Labat, documented the Ganga-Ya-Chibanda, presiding priest of the Giagues, a group within the Congo kingdom, who routinely cross-dressed and was referred to as ‘‘grandmother”.
  4. In traditional, monarchical Zande culture, anthropological records described homosexuality as ‘‘indigenous”. The Azande of the Northern Congo ‘‘routinely married” younger men who functioned as temporary wives – a practise that was institutionalised to such an extent that warriors would pay ‘‘brideprice” to the young man”s parents.
  5. Amongst Bantu-speaking Pouhain farmers (Bene, Bulu, Fang, Jaunde, Mokuk, Mwele, Ntum and Pangwe) in present-day Gabon and Cameroon, homosexual intercourse was known as bian nkû”ma– a medicine for wealth which was transmitted through sexual activity between men.
  6. Similarly in Uganda, amongst the Nilotico Lango, men who assumed ‘‘alternative gender status” were known as mukodo dako. They were treated as women and were permitted to marry other men.
    In the former Kingdom of Dahomey, women could be soldiers (above) and older women would sometimes marry younger women, according to anthropologist Melville Herkovits.
    Dans l’ancien royaume du Dahomey, les femmes pouvaient être des soldats (ci-dessus) et les femmes âgées pouvaient épouser des femmes plus jeunes, selon l’anthropologue Melville Herkovits.
  7. Same-sex relationships were reported amongst other groups in Uganda, including the Bahima, …
  8. the Banyoro and …
  9. the Baganda. King Mwanga II, the Baganda monarch, was widely reported to have engaged in sexual relations with his male subjects.
  10. A Jesuit working in Southern Africa in 1606 described finding ‘‘Chibadi, which are Men attired like Women, and behave themselves womanly, ashamed to be called men”.
  11. In the early 17th century in present-day Angola, Portuguese priests Gaspar Azevereduc and Antonius Sequerius encountered men who spoke, sat and dressed like women, and who entered into marriage with men. Such marriages were ‘‘honored and even prized”.
  12. In the Iteso communities, based in northwest Kenya and Uganda, same-sex relations existed amongst men who behaved as and were socially accepted as women.
  13. Same-sex practises were also recorded among the Banyoro and …
  14. the Langi.
  15. In pre-colonial Benin, homosexuality was seen as a phase that boys passed through and grew out of.
  16. There were practises of female-female marriages amongst the Nandi and …
  17.  Kisii of Kenya, as well as …
  18. the Igbo of Nigeria,
  19. the Nuer of Sudan and
  20. the Kuria of Tanzania.
  21. Among Cape Bantu, lesbianism was ascribed to women who were in the process of becoming chief diviners, known as isanuses.
In the 1600s in the Kingdom of Motapa in southern Africa (labeled "Monomotapa" on this map), Christian missionaries encountered cross-dressing men known as chibadi.
In the 1600s in the Kingdom of Motapa in southern Africa (labeled “Monomotapa” on this map), Christian missionaries encountered cross-dressing men known as chibadi.

This is by no means an exhaustive list. Given the overwhelming evidence of pre-colonial same-sex relations which continued into the colonial and post-colonial eras, as well as historical evidence of diverse understandings of gender identity, it is clear that homosexuality is no more ‘‘alien” to Africa than it is to any other part of the world.

As stated by Murray and Roscoe: Numerous reports also indicate that in the highly sex-segregated societies of Africa, homosexual behaviour and relationships were not uncommon among peers, both male and female, especially in the years before heterosexual marriage. These kinds of relations were identified with specific terms and were to varying degrees institutionalized.

What the colonisers imposed on Africa was not homosexuality “but rather intolerance of it — and systems of surveillance and regulation for suppressing it.”

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  • Well, with the given “proof”, even if existed statues to provide the evidence, a certain sick-minded individuals do not represent the whole of Afrika, even if this was true, but that doesn’t mean it was a norm and an accepted practice by all Afrikan people, just because King Mwanga is fag that doesn’t set homosexuality as an Afrikan rule.
    “At least 21 cultural varieties of *same-sex relationships have long been part of traditional African life*” this is utter nonsense, homosexuality is not part of traditional Afrikan life, homosexuality is not traditional in Afrika. My first encounter with a homosexual was when I was in High School, at age 17, 17 years of my life, for the first time I saw a fag, with my own eyes.
    What this seeks to do is to proliferate homosexuality in Afrika, institutionalize it, and make it a norm with this so-called evidence. So what if King Mwanga decided to sleep with men? His actions are not representative and reflecting of Afrikan culture, he is an individual, therefore, no body should insist to speak as if homosexuality is a trait of Afrikan culture. Homosexuality is frowned upon in Afrika! If it was traditional and ancient or old, it would have been a norm and accepted easily by now!. “*One* notably ‘‘explicit” Bushmen painting, which depicts African men engaging in same-sex sexual activity”.
    Tell me, what is expected from us? Are we expected to say, “Oh well, king so-and-so did it, I guess it aint that bad, let’s be pro-homo from now on”.
    It doesn’t take away the fact that homosexuality is a bitter pill to swallow, look at it, what sane man decides to put his penis where it doesn’t belong? The anus is NOT a sexual organ, it is NOT a vagina, it is an exit for excretion, waste, rotten waste with a disturbing stench. How degenerative our minds can get? *laughing lightly* 🙂 do we really need to discuss that a man is not suppose to sleep with another man???
    If homosexuality was ancient and traditional we wouldn’t have devised such symbolism and artifacts such as the Ankh.
    Homosexuality is anti-nature, homosexuals are anti-nature themselves. You ooze sperm during sex, from your penis, that sperm is *MEANT* to fertilize the *WOMAN’s* ovaries, for procreation, that’s the natural pattern.« Animals are aware of this, so, by default lacking to comprehend that, sets you at a level lower than that of an animal. (Yeah I said it!)
    Everything in the Universe operates under Natural Law. Roses are not free to bloom Lilies, Birds aren’t free to bark, and the planets are BOUND to orbit the Sun.
    People who say people are “free” to love whoever they want, male, female, dog, horse, whatever… Are out of touch with Natural Law. The Universe has set laws and specific rules for what is and what is NOT acceptable. We should NEVER feel so arrogant and “free” as to go against the rules Nature has set for us. Anything else is unnatural.

      • But bigotry, criticizing what other people do in the privacy of their own beds and interfering in the private lives of other people is only found in ONE species: Humans.

      • 1500 animal species practice so called homosexual behaviors out of millions of known animal species on earth. That literally disproves your argument. This article is hogwash, more European propaganda.

        • The information is about Africa, compiled by Africans.

          Your reference to only 1,500 known species practicing homosexual behavior out of millions of existing species doesn’t prove what you claim it does. Are you saying that people should model their behavior after millions of species in which such behavior has not been seen, including bacteria and viruses? Those comprise the bulk of the millions you cite.
          — Colin Stewart, editor/publisher of this blog.

        • Millions of animal species? Stupidity obviously has no bounds and ignorance no limits. Millions? You are so ignorant. Can you name more that two dozen?

          • I am a Homosexual. I do NOT for one moment accept or prescribe this stupidly stupefying article as our way forward in justifying sexual equality.

            This article is so conflicted it automatically throws itself in the rubbish bin.

            Peace and harmony is of vital importance. Case in point, some areas in Africa and the Caribbean are more hostile to Homosexuals than they were in the 1950s and this article deliberately sidetracks and says nothing about that reality.

        • Yes, !500 species practice homosexual behaviours out of millions. Yes they exist. Thats to say, minorities have space in the universe too. They should be let free. there is space for everyone. Secondly, the article is not European propaganda and neither does it promote or institutionalize homosexuality in Africa rather it shows that. homosexuality existed even before colonisation. Ans is as natural as existence of humanity. What colonisers did, using the bible as a tool. Demonised homosexuality with the same breath that they praise slavery with.

      • Comments like this come from the belief that homosexuality is a european disorder that is currently being used as a tactic to exterminate black people. It assumes that people can be made homosexual and that as more blacks become homosexual their numbers will decrease. Unfortunately it is a common belief amongst afrocentrists, black nationalists and pan africanists like Dr. Umar Johnson, along with many other misguided beliefs about race and race relations.

      • Hi Mr. Stewart. Some of the accounts that you listed are shallow and lack depth and based on the interpretation of the a few, all of who are not from those communities. It is misleading to come to such conclusion without understanding the culture behind those practise. Don’t get me wrong am not disputing all of them but some of the practise that you listed were symbolic and had nothing to do with sexuality. For instance in the practise of Women taking wives in the Nuer culture. This was done for the primary purpose of continuity of linage of women who were barren and could not have their own children . So she pays the bride price so that a young woman of a child bearing age is officially married into the family and her male relatives have sexual relations with the symbolic wife to have children whom she will name. Secondly it is unfortunate that in those listings, the writers failed to differentiate between Homosexuals and Transgender person. Some of the men who dressed and behaved like women were mostly accepted because they were transgender. Kabaka Mwanga;s sexuality is still debatable and he may have been unfairly treated by history. most of which was Eurocentric. Plse read Dr, Rahul Rao’s research about Remembering Mwange and some African History accounts written by African scholars. It is well researched and very informative. Thanks.

        • Hi, Agnes. I won’t have time to investigate the specifics of each item that was included in this list that I compiled from the Sexual Minorities Uganda report. I’m sure that there are many variations in those cultural practices. But the main point remains — it is utterly incorrect to say that homosexuality is un-African.
          — Colin Stewart, editor/publisher of this blog

      • And so because 100’s of species of animals and perhaps as many as 1500 demonstrate homosexual behaviour, we as humans should descend so low??? What happened to the teachings of “We are higher animal” we were taught back in school? When did higher animals start emulating lower animals? i thought it should be vice versa..

        • Oh higher animal that you are, what did you find you last time your checked in your pants? As you use it for whatever purpose, do you think of whether you are acting as a lower or higher animal? Why don’t you just accept that a part of you is animal, period. Never mind the rhetoric.

      • Actually no.
        Same-sex sexual interactions have been observed in so many species that scientists are no longer willing to say that it does not occur in any species which reproduces sexually

      • Bisexuality exist in some animal species, but exclusive homosexuality is not found in the natural world. Exclusive homosexuality is embraced only by decadent self-destructive human societies.

        • “Exclusive homosexuality is embraced only by decadent self-destructive human societies” you say. Why don’t you just stop dropping this bullshit which is just the product of your lame opinion. You have no credibility whatsoever and your pontificating is simply laughable.

          • So you can’t disbute their claim and you react by throwing insults? That is beyond ineffective and you lost the debate right there.
            Personally I could care less, but I do agree with the poster who stated the author should not include transgenderism as homosexual behavior as many transgenders are not actually homosexual.
            Also one has to wonder if these things are being used without consideration for the symbolic meanings behind their orginal intent. I would have liked for the author to do some context for these events rather than just broad stroking them in order to lump them together. Details do matter.

    • Asanda I believe free ppl who know how to make love would tell you that sexual energy can be harnessed in any part of the body. There is no part of the body that is off limits in making love. Learn more be open minded and one advice let some one lick your anus during coitus

        • Yes? That’s all you have to say? Like whites calling blacks names… it is all IGNORANCE and facile prejudice. Try THINKING – instead of just following cultural “norms” which you were brought up to believe without any questioning. Example: Everyone knows that excision is a typical practice in Africa… Why? I could and will call THAT an “abomination”. What do you say to that? Tradition? Ah yes, tradition… yet most of the people who accept excision as “normal” forget that GOD, ALLAH – whoever you pray to… created us in his own image; He gave women a clitoris, and it is Mankind who think they know better than ALLAH whether or not a woman should have one? That is STUPIDITY and ARROGANCE posing as “tradition”! See what I mean? SO easy to put others down for being different. The real abomination is that you are not using the brain you were given to do anything except regurgitate what you were taught in the name of religion or tradition, with NO capacity for original thought; THAT is the real abomination here!

      • While human sexuality is innate and immutable religion is the abomination.
        Immoral, dishonest,indecent and basically evil religion has only fake gods and lies and greed for control.

    • @ Asanda: & in the same way YOU don’t speak for every African. Who cares if YOU met a gay person for the first time when you were 17? Other Africans have different experiences. Chimamanda Adichie wrote an article today about having a gay friend when she was 8 years old.I’m an African woman born & bred in Africa who’s known I like women since I was four. Why should YOUR experience be put above our own? The irony is that you want centuries of documentation of the presence of LGBTs in Africa to be brushed aside & substituted with your singular & unverified experience. How on earth do you even know that everyone you met before the age of 17 was straight? Did you follow them to their bedrooms to know whom they said “I love you” to or had sex with?

      You also seem to have an unhealthy obsession with what gay people do behind closed doors. There’s nothing that gay people do that straight people don’t do. Several straight couples engage in anal sex. Several gay couples don’t. Anthropologists (like Evans-Pritchard) that the major type of intercourse that African gays (like the Azande warriors) engaged in was intercrural/ thigh sex. So where does that leave your gay people are evil cos they have anal sex rant? Some boys love boys & girls love girls (oooh, & others like myself love both boys & girls! lol) Get the heck over yourself Mr. Bigot Asanda

      • Yes, ASANDA,
        thank you! Thank you so much to remind us all the very LAW OF NATURE. Let us all bow our heads to you for reminding us, and let us thank the Lord to have put such a wise wise wise man on Earth to guide us. After all, it seems Adolph Hitler had the very same turn of mind, and see what he has done in the camps, see how much Joy and Happiness he has brought down here during World War II : he must have thought the LAWS OF NATURE were too good to gays, oh sorry, you say “fag” (out of compassion no doubt), to communists, romas, Jews, etc. You have a nice philosophy. Thank you, Asanda. See you soon.

          • You are misinterpreting what was said. He pointed out that Hitler had similar attitudes, he did not call this man Hitler; he could however correctly called him ill-informed, un-educated, prejudiced, bigoted, or simply plain stupid. Does it matter? Africans and many other countries are SO homophobic; What is interesting is that all of the countries which are NOT homophobic are far better places to live in generally. Less poverty, less religiosity (as opposed to spirituality), less bigotry, less prejudice, more education. (think Sweden, Holland, Spain, Canada. France etc) I wonder if those same countries are far ahead of the others economically, scholastically and socially for the same reasons. Look at all the major countries that hate gays… Russia, Ukraine, Africa in general – all are backwards, miserably poor or disfunctional. Meanwhile, gay people bring so much more to society when allowed to simply exist and create without hindrance. From Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci to so many modern artists of every variety. Oh, and it was Alan Turing, a gay mathematician, who broke the Enigma Code and basically helped win the war against Hitler. He also was instrumental in helping to develop the computers we now use everywhere. What a sad place this world would be if the homophobes were able to completely destroy all the gay people they hate so much.

      • There is no “law of nature”.
        Evolution is merely a sequence of millions of tiny changes and accidents that adapt and mutate. They are not necessarily good ones either. Nature has no direction, no goal, no ambition and no purpose. The only “law” is that only fittest genes survive to procreate..

      • @ spanner1960: Wouldn’t your statement prove that homosexuality would be considered unfit? I’ve never understood what is so hard to understand. How can you consider homosexuality to be natural, when the key aspect of nature is survival? Just like there are many instances throughout history of homosexuality, there are many instances of, things like cannibalism. How is it common knowledge that we aren’t supposed to eat other humans, but it isn’t common knowledge that homosexuality isn’t anti-human? I’m not saying anyone homosexual is less of a human in any way. But I am saying that homosexuality alone isn’t something that is beneficial to human society. Yes there are some amazing people who choose to be homosexual, just like there are amazing people who are straight or Bi. But it’s definitely a self destructive and backwards.

        • No one “chooses” to be homosexual not any more than anyone “chooses” to be heterosexual. You didn’t some day struggle with having to make that choice because who you are attracted to just comes naturally. You were naturally attracted to the opposite gender and you didn’t resist it. Is a homosexual attracted to the same gender suppose to resist it and “choose” the opposite gender, whether he is attracted to it or not? What you are saying doesn’t make sense.

        • “How can you consider homosexuality to be natural, when the key aspect of nature is survival?”
          You are completely misunderstanding how “nature” works!
          It is not concerned with the individual as much as with survival of the species. Homosexuality would very easily be part of a “natural” way to stop overpopulation. As would illness and death and hurricanes. Calling something an “abomination” is a complete misunderstanding of the fact that “nature” has no “right or wrong” sense of morality. Anything found in nature has a reason for existing, whether we are capable of understanding it or not. A virus is “natural” and yet it is capable of destroying entire populations. Where does this fit into your idea that nature is ONLY concerned with survival? WHOSE survival? Man’s, or the virus’s? Time to readjust your thinking!

    • Asanda, it is interesting to me that you set forth Afrikan values and traditions in the Catholic moral verbiage of natural Law. St. Thomas Aquinas would be proud of you. THis is hardly indigenous Afrikan thought.

      • roman3773, Yes you should resist temptation and not act on every thought that comes to mind. The mind can imagine many things and its a scary thought to think of people doing whatever came to their mind. This sounds like normal behavior for some who maybe thought it was nothing wrong with owning, burning, raping men and women and using their babies for Alligator bait but no people should not act on their thoughts. Many a child has had a crush on a teacher and vice versa but this does not mean they should act on these feelings. Should we let people who feel sexually attractive to animals, sleep with and marry them too? I do not believe this report and If this was true it would not be such a problem and you would have seen more of the behavior long ago. It is not accepted. Period

    • If that sperm is meant to fertilize an egg (not an ovary), what goes through YOUR MIND when you masturbate? That sperm ain’t going nowhere but your porno mags (which you are probably also guiltily against?)

      So who do you love? I suppose by your argument, it isn’t by choice. Was your partnership arranged then?

      Also, anal sex is not just between a man and man.

      Remember, a Christian who is an ignorant asshole on earth will likely be an eternal ignorant asshole in heaven.

      • You are implying that every person masturbates, that is unfair and inaccurate. Many masturbate in our society to feed their own lustful desires. It has no real attachment to “love” making or procreation, therefore it’s insignificant to natural order. In other words…please shut up!

        • Mr Zulu: you are obviously the product of an overweening religious education. Animals masturbate too. it is simply a normal biological process which exists in nature. YOU are really the one going against nature by pretending everything YOU don’t approve of is “unnatural” when in fact it is those who refuse nature who are the true abominations. Do the people where you come from excise women’s genitals? They consider this to be good… yet it goes against everything which is natural. It is NATURAL to have a clitoris. It is UNNATURAL to excise one.Are you going to go against your whole society or do YOU “shut up” about such practices? Telling others to “shut up” is a sad way to DISCUSS… it stops any and all possibility of learning.

      • Who said masturbation is African or rather normal behavour in the first place. If you do it, you might wanna google the long term effects of masturbation sometime

    • I am sure the 1st homosexual you claim to have laid your eyes on was not the first homosexual in reality. Has it occurred to you that you might know so many other homosexuals without necessarily knowing that they are homosexuals? And who made you the voice of all other Africans? Are you trying to say that homosexuals are not African enough to have a voice in Africa?

    • @Asanda
      “The anus is NOT a sexual organ, it is NOT a vagina, it is an exit for excretion, waste, rotten waste with a disturbing stench.”
      So where does your urine come out of? Presumably not from your “pure” sex-only penile organ. And you are presumably not familiar with such things as vaginal yeast infections…

      “Everything in the Universe operates under Natural Law.”
      Maybe, but that law is not written down anywhere, nor is it likely to be simple. Your views are based on guesswork, simplification, assumption and dogma. To assert a single function or purpose for something as complex as human interaction, then work backwards to assert that no other function is acceptable, is the height of arrogance and ignorance.

      “sperm is *MEANT* to fertilize the *WOMAN’s* ovaries” Therefore intercourse between a man and a woman where one or other is infertile or past childbearing age is against Nature, even when Nature has caused the condition? I have a coffee cup on my desk. It is “meant” to hold beverages. It is currently full of pencils and pens. The world has not ended. I may use it later as a makeshift percussion instrument.

      “Birds aren’t free to bark”. This one is:

      “People who say people are “free” to love whoever they want, male, female, dog, horse, whatever… Are out of touch with Natural Law.” You’ll find that the argument which is used by real people (not the fake ones in your lurid imagination) is one based on mutual consent. Dogs are not capable of consent. Children are not capable of consent. But adults are capable of both granting and withholding consent, which is the basis of how we define rape. You are capable of deciding not to engage in whatever activities you decide you do not want to engage in. You are also capable of deciding which ones you do want to engage in. And other adults are likewise capable (whether you like it or not).

      “The Universe has set laws and specific rules for what is and what is NOT acceptable.” Then we should expect the Universe to enforce them, not man (who has yet to come to any consensus on what those laws are). It seems that the Universe deems it not acceptable that we should jump off a cliff and expect to live, but it does seem to deem it acceptable for us to murder our fellow humans – the Universe rarely seems to intervene in such matters.

    • There are no laws or rules in evolution.
      It is merely a complex sequence of millions of tiny accidents. Evolution has no path, no direction and no goal. If homosexuality was not beneficial to the advancement of life it would have died out millions of years ago. Homosexuality has been around as long as mankind itself.

    • White people are desperate to taint the world and to paint everyone as though we are like them. Homosexuality is un-African. Period.

      • present evidence that that sentiment does not spring from colonial influences, and someone might be inclined to believe you.

      • You act as if there aren’t plenty of white people who come to Africa every year preaching about the “evils of homosexuality” and advocating for anti-sodomy laws, which btw were introduced by British imperialism.

        You are right in that homosexuality is not exclusively “African” because it is something that has existed around the globe since mammals existed. It certainly isn’t a majority of any culture but it has also existed in every culture not because it’s been “imported” but because it is just how some people are. Get used to it. No one is trying to force you to do something you have no desire to do, so why are you so insistent on telling other people what is an acceptable way to live their lives?

      • Don’t paint everyone with the same brush,and leave race alone,since it is not about race(racism is an ugly thing we need to get rid of from all sides),it is about loving who you want and letting others do the same!(discrimination against sexualities is also an other discrimination we need to get rid of)We as a people need to stop being cruel to one an other and focus on our lives letting others focus on theirs

    • The Word of God forbids homosexuality. Romans 1:21-32, 1 Corinthians 6:9,10, 1 Timothy 1: 9,10, and Jude vs 7.

      The information that many forms and expressions of this vile perversion exist in some parts of the world comes as no surprise . It has been popular for centuries in nations without a knowledge of the one true and living God and His Word. The first chapter of Romans in our Bible shows the decent of the heathen nations into the abyss of darkness and moral depravity. To catalogue the sins of a nation does not put the stamp of approval upon their evil deeds.

      In the first century when St. Paul took the gospel to the great City of Corinth he found a metropolis famous for its immorality where every type of sexual debauchery was celebrated. When he preached the message of Christ to them many turned from their
      sins and became Christians. A strong church was established. Later Paul wrote a letter to that congregation. In it he listed many of the sins they had been guilty of including fornication and homosexuality. Then he said, “And such WERE some of you: BUT ye are washed, BUT ye are sanctified, BUT ye are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, and by the Spirit if our God.” 1 Corinthians 6:11.
      In that first century church there were outstanding trophies of God’s grace: former homosexuals, and people who had been guilty of various expressions gross immorality, who had been changed by the power of the cross. Instead of offering stats that fallen broken human beings have practiced such nastiness we show evidence that the message Jesus gave still has power to save. God is changing lives today.

      Sincerely, Rev. Donald Hill, D.D., International Evangelist.

      the power of the cross.

      • And the Bible will be viewed as the infallible truth, because…. Well… The Bible says so.
        Wait a minute….

      • You can put all the D.D.’s you want at the end of your name, Paul is not Jesus and Paul is not God. Paul lived at the same time and in the same region as Jesus and never met him. Paul copied his teachings on so-called homosexuality from Leviticus in the Old Testament. A wonder he did not copy all that we find in Leviticus, like the teachings on how to buy, sell and control your slaves. The story of Loth is not a story of homosexuality but a story of rape of men on men, in fact of men wanting to rape two angels who came to Sodom in the form of humans. Paul is a homophobic macho like D.D. Rev. Donald Hill who doesn’t understand a thing about a person loving another person. All he sees in homosexuality is sex. Is that all he sees in heterosexuality? He thinks that putting all these qualifiers on his name makes him the word of God. Jesus never said a single word about homosexuality. Stop your hate sir, please, in the name of Jesus.

      • The bible also advocates putting rape VICTIMS to death in Leviticus, and also banning physically handicapped people as well as bastard children from the House of the Lord. So what is your point in bringing up scripture as if it has any relevancy to society’s morals?

      • Funny how Paul mentioned it, but Jesus never did. You’d think if it was such a huge issue of importance and such an abomination, Jesus would have mentioned it somewhere.

      • Daniel A. Helminiak, PH.D a priest, historian, and biblical scholar presents a very different perspective on all of the scriptures that you cite. In his book, What the Bible Really Says about Homosexuality, he presents very well supported historical and theological evidence. His book is highly recommended for anyone interested in the issue of homosexuality and the bible.

      • What’s the saying again?

        “Before the white man came to Africa we owned the land and they owned the Bibles.
        They gave them to us. We read them and when we looked up, they owned the land and we owned the Bibles.”

      • well i can not agree with such irrational thinking,,,,the bible can not be a reference for human morality,,,,,this book reports an earth or 10000yrs which is a complete lie……the world has existed through billions of years with human behavior evolving to what we have today……

      • Hello Reverend. *waves and smiles* Have you forgotten what you were taught during the ministry for education courses. I presume you took them to become a Reverend? The Bible was written by men, it is not the word of God and you are perpetuating the false prophecies that Jesus warned us of. The old testament is to show us our Jewish heritage.. Where we came from. Kings is a list of literal Jewish Kings and little bits about their lives. The contradictions exist because they documented EVERYTHING to do with the Jewish faith, from Zionists and Kabbalists to moderate Jews. No ‘laws’ to follow dear man. It’s a history book.

        The new testament was to be the EXAMPLE of how. Jesus lived his life in unconditional love. That is what he was teaching us. He gave us no rules except to love one another and keep the ten commandments. He told us that all these silly rules were destroying us.. ”Who are you to tell your brother of the splinter in his eye when you yourself have a log”… Live your life judging your actions against the principles of unconditional love and actively seek out the word of God for yourself, do not believe all that you are told.. Be a good Jew and argue and question until you find the truth. ”Beware the false prophets, they will come in my name”.. How can you be so sure.. When you are screaming about splinters in your brothers eye, that it is not you who is the false prophet?..

        Imagine for a moment, you are on a trip to the rainforest.. Middle of the deep dark jungle and you meet a primitive tribe.. They are so primitive they haven’t yet discovered fire.. So.. Wishing to help them to learn how to stay warm and cook food.. You get two sticks and rub them together.. Creating fire…. The tribe then kills you and worships your sticks.. Never learning how to make the fire for themselves.. That’s what happened to a friend of mine.. Jesus. He tried to teach us and we killed him, and worshipped his methods without ever using or understanding them.

        You have been put in a position to love your fellow men and honor the teachings of Christ… Please go back, study the history, the cultural differences, the language (helps to read the Bible in Hebrew) Study Judaism (to see where Jesus was coming from, what his beliefs were and what he was taught in the Synagogues).. Understand what the Bible is.. It is a tool not a totem. If Jesus was my son I’d be pretty annoyed that he was turned into an idol.

        • Romans is not the word of God, it is the word of (so-called saint) Paul who plagerized Leviticus in the Old Testament. Jesus brought us the New Testament where in the Gospels, you will find absolutely no reference to homosexuality. Your comments are plain old bull.

      • Fyi DD is NOT a legitimate academic degree in the US. It is only an honorary degree granted by bible institutuons, and not theological seminaries. The doctoral degree for religion is D.Min.

    • Your comment shows how ignorant you are. You were born in a society that is far removed from what it was 500 years ago and has been corrupted by Islam or Christianity. The report here simply speak to what was happening hundreds of years before Africa was touched by outside religions. You are stupid to call homosexuality anti-nature when science has shown over and over that homosexuality is innate; no one chooses to be gay, no one chooses to be infertile or sterile; should we kill these people? Is Blindness and deafness and dumbness and hermaphrodites and Left-handedness anti-nature? Sex is not only for procreation and being gay does not stop the process of procreation because many gays also desire to raise children and so do whatever it takes to have kids, but that does not mean they are heterosexual, sexual orientation and one’s desire to have kids are not the same things. You need to check where your attitude is coming from, because I am sure your motivation against gays is unnatural.

      • Science has shown nothing of the kind!!

        Stop propagating untruths to advance your own pet causes and theories under the camouflage and cloak of so-called “science”.!!

    • Asanda,

      The ignorant misguided homophobic response is probably why you werent aware of it before you were 17. If I were gay – I certainly wouldnt be letting a homphobic bigot such as yourself know it.

      Remember, for thousands of years, religious adherents have persecuted others (including torture and murder) for having DIFFERENT beliefs.

      If you wont even allow those of different orientations to express it , dont be surprised that you dont hear about it – but you then forfeit the right to claim that it isnt the norm.

    • …. the Ankh… symbol of eternal life… would not exist if homosexuality existed in the past…
      your logic is flawed.
      Also, all evidence points to the root of homophobia in Africa being colonial influence through both the occupying colonial forces and Missionaries.

      • Thank you so much. We do not and will not stand for homomasturbation. This is not sex, and it is not natural. Your people try to stop us from loving our natural compatable partners so we stop having babies. We will not accept your filthy doctrine. we know what your’re up to… low level white supremacist culture is no match for the true holy trinity, father, mother, and child!!!

        • You really don’t know what you’re talking about. The research that’s cited here and misattributed by you to “low level white supremacist culture” was published by Ugandans. Homosexuality is not un-African.
          — Colin Stewart, editor/publisher of this blog

      • @liquilyfe: Irony of ironies. You do get that Christianity is ‘low level white supremacist culture’, right? There was no Christian monotheism and gay hate in Africa until us Europeans invaded, conquered, and set about systematically exploiting your continent. And violently imposing Christianity was a key ingredient in that system. And it’s still going on today, we don’t even need occupational armies and governors anymore, we just sit back and let you screw yourselves, with chronic corruption, popping out babies so many of you can’t even feed like good little Catholics, aiding the vast spread of STDs like AIDS, butchering each other, and slaving away in our mines for buttons to the profit of filthy rich white dudes, while keeping yourselves in poverty, disease, and misery.

        And here’s the kicker, nobody is trying to turn you gay, you can’t be turned gay, being gay is something you are, not something you choose to be. Nobody is trying to force your face into another woman’s snatch. If you only find men sexually attractive and want to go have babies and raise a family, more power to you, go knock yourself out. The existence of gay people doesn’t change that in any way whatsoever.

        But by the same measure, you can’t go forcing homosexuals into heterosexual relationships, it doesn’t work, we tried it in Europe for centuries, but then we realised that all we did was force people into flimsy/fake relationships they didn’t want for appearances sake, and it made everyone involved miserable, and spouses just ended up in homosexual affairs. So we woke up, and realised Church doctrine is a terrible basis for authoring laws and living lives, on just about everything, and set about separating them from the State, and then ourselves. And that’s when things really started improving.

        If you want your continent to improve, then I’d suggest rejecting European cultural imperialism and ridiculous Church doctrine of popping out babies you can’t feed, and demonising the sole preventative tool for arresting the spread of disastrous diseases like AIDS, condoms.

    • “Homosexuality is frowned upon in Afrika! If it was traditional and ancient or old, it would have been a norm and accepted easily by now!.”

      You think that after colonization and the spread of Christianity and Islam in Africa that would have been possible? You are biased and letting your emotion do the talking.

      Do you realize how many logical fallacies you have committed in your post?

      An appeal to nature

      Appeal to emotion

      Ad hominem (Yeah you said it!)
      False cause (The ankh? Really?)

      Loaded question (do we really need to discuss that a man is not suppose to sleep with another man???)

      Personal incredulity (what sane man decides to put his penis where it doesn’t belong?)

      Slippery Slope (male, female, dog, horse, whatever)

      You should get some kind of award for a post that has so many logical fallacies. Your thinking is puerile in a way that few could ever hope to achieve.

      • Logical fallacies? You are not dealing with logic. You are dealing with feelings, emotions, sentiments, attractions, sexual orientation. That’s what loving someone is all about.

      • Gotta say Andrew for logical fallasies you take the cake. You do realize that in Muslim countries it is common for older men to rape young men and young boys and it is accepted by society. Now I already know what you are going to say that it isn’t. But that is what they tell us about their culture, if you want to know the truth go there and see for yourself bc I have.

    • Others here are much nicer.I just think you are small minded and your use of derogatory remarks is juvenile. Your pride in your ignorance is astounding.

    • fyi various species of animals and mammals like ourselves also engage in homosexuality because it is quite natural. read a book. learn. think for yourself. jist because you dont like something doesnt means its wrong. grow up.

    • I don’t believe the author is trying to say it was applied to the culture as a whole, more so it was accepted in various places. Also when Europe descended on many cultures they brought their culture and monoplized entire natures with their way of life, so you saying that you didn’t see a homosexual to the age of 17 doesn’t apply to this situation bc you didn’t live 400 years ago. Things have a way of evolving, especially under the direction of other influences. For instances, the way we are taught to view color, light complexions vs. dark complexions was something that was introduced into black culture and evolved over time. Whose to say this doesn’t apply to sexuality as well? Just a thought. What do you consider natural law to be?? Time evolves everything, therefore laws can change.

    • Asanda, thank you for being bold on homosexuality. It is like you read my script in the book I am about to complete regarding African Natural laws, the misinterpretation of African traditional practices, the spiritual exploitation leading to spiritual and humane emptiness of African face value and so on. On Mwanga, what the proponents of homosexuality do not know is the binding cultural and the traditional fabric of the Baganda.
      We all know how teenagers of 16 years behave before their parents especially at such the position of high integrity like a King, more especially when succeeding one of the most respected civil King who warmly welcomed the Missionaries in Uganda. What they are saying about Mwanga indicates how Africa has been exploited at the cost of her Docility. They should feel ashamed of such concocted propaganda.
      An African child lives by the examples of his parents and cannot impose anything contrary to the values of her/his parents. In Buganda, there is a full cultural department that makes sure that the King in the making will not mess with the traditions of the Baganda under the guidelines of the spirits of our Ancestors. And in the course of getting astray, the King is punished there and then. The good example is the late King Muteesa the first (I) who was spiritually punished for just mistreating his people but what do you think would have happened to Mwanga if he indeed committed such a God despising act?
      Let them inhumanly do what they want but should not impose such behaviors on others for the sake of seeking legitimacy.

      • You say: “Let them inhumanly do what they want but should not impose such behaviors on others for the sake of seeking legitimacy.” Homosexuals are not imposing behaviors on anyone. They are just asking you to live and let live. It is you, the homophobe, who is imposing on homosexuals a behavior that has nothing to do with you. You should simply mind your own business.

      • How do you know whether Mwanga II “suffered spiritually” or didn’t as opposed to his father? And btw it was the colonizers who cited Mwanga’s alleged bisexuality as being so degregant and as an example of why Buganda had to be “Christianized”. So how do you still continue to insist that homo or bisexuality is some kind of “Western import”?

      • About 10% of any human population is gay, no matter where on Earth you go, once you account for anti-homosexual oppression, the number is persistent around that percentile. There’s no socialised imposition on them to be gay, it’s an entirely natural impulse. There’s nobody trying to coerce heterosexuals into homosexual relationships. That’s just a straw man, and a reflection of what heteronormative oppressors want to do to homosexuals, forcing them into heterosexual relationships that will make all involved miserable.

    • @Asanda.You said it so much better.Unfortunately the world now is zombie run and all you explained fell on deaf ears.Homosexuality together with wars,manufactured viruses,planned parenting are all tools put forward today to drastically control the planet’s population.I bet if the population reduces to a tleast 3 billion people especially Africans reducing to 150 million people,then they will out law homosexuality again and they will fully introduce anti Aids and ebola vaccines.The world is under the lurch of masters of deception and the writer of this article is one among many of those.Mwanga was not homosexual and any claims documented are all part of a long history of plots and fabrications to eventually introduce it as a fact.Homosexuality among Africans today is introduced via vaccines most of modern homosexuals don’t even know what caused them to begin growing feeling differently.Once population drastically decreases homosexuality will be outlawed probably 100 years down the line.The bushman painting of samesex people are fake by colonial germans.

      • You can’t be serious! Homosexuality was introduced through a vaccine? Was that also true thousands of years ago with the documented cases? Please tell me how such a vaccine is formed. What does such a “make a person gay” vaccine consist of? What evidence do you possibly have of the existence of this vaccine? Yes, white supremacists are certainly up to no good in Africa. Many of them come carrying their Christian bibles telling you how homosexuality is a demonic plot of the west.

      • It’s an undisputable fact that humanity originated on the continent of Africa, and also a fact that homosexuality has been present in human populations since the dawn of humanity, therefore, homosexuality not only has precedent in African history; AFRICANS INVENTED IT

    • The white people brought Christianity to Africa, and now we Africans embrace it and call it “African” and start spewing out Greek nonsense about “Natural Law”. If you make a list of all the things you do which are against this ridiculous concept of “Natural Law” you would find yourself not doing a damn thing: living in a cave, eating raw meat, raping women and generally mistreating everybody around you.

      We adopt the European religion and philosophy with open arms, but then when homosexuals want the same freedom to follow their CONSENSUAL urges as you follow yours, we suddenly say “homosexuality is a European invasion and is un-African”. What nonsense! Africa, you should be ASHAMED of yourself for such double standards!

      Most Africans embrace all the bigotry that follows from European Christianity and colonial laws. This is self-hating nonsense… and now we use the European words “abomination” and “sin” to refer to people who just want to live their life in peace and privacy… No wonder our whole continent is CURSED with war, famine and disease! The ancient ones are looking down on us and weeping at the vile attitudes, the hatred and the violence with which African is riddled.

      The key words in every society should be “freedom”, “empathy”, “well-being” and “consent”. This is the basis of true morality, not Biblical nonsense from a European colonial religion or foolish attempts to impose your own version of “Natural Law” on other people. Stop hating other people and dictating what they should or shouldn’t do if it doesn’t directly affect you. If everyone did this, our Africa would be a successful continent.

    • If the universe had made it law that only heterosexual relationships be a thing, then homosexual relationships *couldn’t* be a thing, they’d be *impossible* to occur, that’s the point of natural laws, they’re literally inviolable. As soon as they’re violated then it means that they’re *WRONG*. Disproving laws we assume to be true is literally what science does, it’s how we separate knowledge from nonsense. Don’t dress your naked bigotry up in the language of naturalism, because you clearly don’t understand the natural world.

    • Hi Asanda

      It’s a well-known fact that very often, the people who are most against homosexuality are that way because they have strong homosexual feelings, and want to hide them by taking an extreme stance against gay rights.

      You only have to look at the number of anti-gay politicians who have been caught in same-sex activities. Just do a google for “gay homophobe”.

      So, by virtue of the level of hatred you show against gay people, I assume that you are extremely gay, but also extremely scared by this.

      Could I suggest that you seek counseling from people who can help you either face up to this, or else at least can let you channel this potent denial you feel into more productive channels? There are some great free advice lines – especially if you live in a country that hasn’t criminalised certain types of adult relationships.

      Best of luck on your journey.

      • One option for developing homophobia is the one you mentioned, but the other is basically just being afraid of emotions/intimacy in general and despising anyone who dares express emotions/intimacy.

    • Asanda, thank you so much for your response. All I have to say is, like Satan, these homosexuals will gang up on you and try to make you feel you are wrong and they, right. I have not read a response so inclusive of everything anyone needs to know as to why this article and all others like it (propaganda for and by the homosexual community) is so full of crap Keep your head up.. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.

      • That’s right Cheryl
        These diseased minds are such a powerfully articulate lot that they will go to any lengths to spread their diseased thoughts.
        One of them has gone round saying 10% of the population are homosexual. That is a statistic taken from an estimate in Kinsey’s flawed research report many decades ago. It’s not even 1%, but they won’t let you publish that.

    • You must be really happy with the recent events including the legalization of gay and lesbian marriage. Not sure what country you live in now but if it’s one in Africa please stay there…and rest assured there are many Africans that are born homosexuality but due to bigots and dangerously narrow minded folks they may never let you know who they really are.

    • how does one homosexuality or lack of heterosexuality in any way affect you. Just because a man is attracted to other men doesn’t mean he is attracted to you… don’t flatter yourself. Secondly, the African continent due to colonization has picked up many traits of it’s oppressors, including homophobia. Just because a gay man or woman is so, has no effect upon you, and if you quote the bible well, there in lies the problem. The oppressive traits of your colonizers.

      The great thing about human society is that you are multi-lithic. One man’s way of living is different from another’s, how about you stop worrying about what other people do in their homes, in their hearts, and in their lives, and worry about what you do in your life, nurturing the relationships in your life, living your life to the fullest, and stop trying to trample on the lives of rational consenting adults. ( I’ll have you know come across a multitude of gay African men who are in the closet. So I don’t know what Africa doesn’t see but you got a multitude of gay men in your society and many of them are married to women and have families.)

      lastly, learn how to express yourself in a more adult-like way. “Fag” that something my 13 year old brothers uses with his friends. Some of us graduate into adulthood, and express ourselves in more productive ways.

    • Asanda, the article is saying that it means all Black Africans are homosexual, like neither are all Europeans, Orientals homosexual just because their countries all this. The whole argument (mainly by the Christian Groups) is that homosexuality is unAfrican and brought to this continent (I am in Kenya so big debate here at the moment), by the forever hates colonialists. This is absolute nonsenses and all this article portrays is that there has been homosexuality amongst us for a long time and we cannot just say its a ‘disease’ from out side. Your tribe may not have practiced homosexuality, so fine, but I can say there were gays in your tribe and this was not as a result of outside forces.

    • Yes and whites should not copulate and marry blacks, period. Such an idiotic supposition and ignorant observation and comparison. So when the universe decides to drop a meteor and kill a hold bunch of you than that mistake is also natural and acceptable. Inasmuch as what you say makes a lot of sense to the simple minded it is only partially true, as animals do copulate with same sex. Plants do cross pollinate. Homosexual are natures population control. Could you imagine no one ever being gay and every man and woman would give birth to two or three or more children? The over population would destroy or deplete all of our natural resources you fool. Even now heterosexuals are fighting against each other for land and territory. They are vicious when it comes to protecting their families and have yet to solve the wars they create with one another. All you have said sounds good and logical, but the only thing that are truly made logical are computers and machines and even they have flaws.

    • Homosexuality is a trait of human culture, it has existed as long as recorded history and will continue to exist as long as we do. No one invented it and it’s not passed around like a cold. What do you know about natural laws and how do you speak for God. You do not own this planet and have no right whatsoever to tell anyone else who to live it how to love them.

      Here’s some more news, homosexuality is not going anywhere, unlike you’re intolerant ass who will be dead and gone after having wasted your one life trying to make someone else’s one life more difficult. Bye.

    • It amazes me how these so call “men” especially black men who are angered at gays but are killing more of each other than they can count. They say that homosexuality is so wrong and that men and women were put on earth to procreate. Yet you never sense a drop of anger for the 57 Million abortions since 1973. Why try to control what goes on in the beds of others and don’t have one bit of control in their own beds? It amazes me, it really does…

    • you are one of the clever sensible people in this world no sane human can acknowledge
      homosexuality imagine the silly lesbians who have to use artificial gadgets similar to the penis and think its normal really doesn’t this show how silly they are true humans must not get out of touch with natural law,keep up ASANDE

    • it is USA christian far right and their missionary meddling that has directly influenced extreme anti gay feeling and anti gay laws in uganda.

    • all that am reading here is clear ignorance and nonsense spoken by someone who doesn’t really know what they talking about. From the way you constantly using the term “Fag” makes me doubt your level of intelligence. I don’t think since you feel like homosexuality should not be accepted or taken as normal you should be insulting people about all that. If homosexuals are not normal what are they then, and if homosexuality is not part of the African culture, which culture is it then part of… homosexuality doesn’t have anything to do with the skin color or your nationality, if you think it does, then you sure don’t know what you talking about. very easy for you to make judgments because you “Natural and holly”. you seem very well informed when it comes to whats natural and whats not, yet you are able to compare human beings with animals. I pray just for your sake that non of your kids would ever be homosexual, because you a good example of an uneducated, rude, ignorant human being.

    • You are one ignorant idiot. Calling people fags with your apparent outright bigotry and “think you know it all” about what is natural and what is not just solidifies your stupidity.

    • This was nothing but a sack of shit from someone full of hatred thinking they know anything of the land we call Afrika. The fact that you don’t even see the fallacies and flaws in this post, shows that there was not any real logic put into this. Lol education is out here so don’t say some system is keeping you from it when in fact your hatred, ignorance, and closed mindedness is what’s keeping you uneducated. Ex: How in the hell does a fag or dike become royalty/rulers of whole countries and tribes if their sexuality was not ACCEPTED (if you even know what that word means)? Do you know what it takes to become a king or queen?…also be informed it wasn’t just a birthright.

    • Also if you haven’t noticed, all of the information is coming from African people… You know those who would know better than someone of Afrikan decent lmao

    • You have to be the stupidest person ever. You sound like you just signed up for the 5 percent Nation of Islam ankh afrika nation building society of America. It sounds like you typing from a black consciousness script you learned from some other Ankh wearing, no job having, unkept, out of touch, out of date, twisted genome having, miasm infested ashy knees, lips, and dick having fool like yourself. Please go study some REAL science, history, and social studies before you decide to post about what is natural and unnatural. The only thing UNNATURAL is your blatant disrespect for humanity. Newsflash…… NONE OF YOUR ANCIENT AFRICAN ANCESTORS WERE LIKE THAT. Then again you probably aren’t anywhere close to African. Just some genetic backwash that got the DNA instructions to make pigmented skin……

    • “Traditional” Africa predates every example provided here. It is a common misunderstanding to call anything pre-colonialism traditional. It is forgotten, or not known, that the cultural aggression war waged upon Africa began as early as 300 BCE with the invasion of the Greeks, followed by the Persians, the Assyrians, the Romans and ultimately with the Arabs in the 7th Century AD. Along with these invasions came foreign ideas and customs. In order to speak of “traditional” Africa, one must study the continental norms and cultural continuity prior to these aforementioned invasions.

    • If the King decided to sleep with a Man it’s because he naturally felt like being with a Man . Not because he as introduced by Western people . This is Evidence that it was in Africa before colonialist came through !

      I was born in the rural areas where there were NO influences of colonialism nor western Media and i was born Gay !

      what confuses you is thinking we need your approval No we don’t . We are pointing out to you that we are African , Born like this and we will be here forever !

    • Than why are you so mad again? You are so unatural, it scares me. Lunatics trying to make people care for their sob stories. What a pussy? Your a homo other wise you wouldn’t be on your period today.

    • Well said my brother.. I just want to see ancient proof of all this shit. I’ve yet to see any physical evidence of any of these allegations. Why is it all of a sudden this so called evidence of Africans being involved with this shit? I’ll tell you why… Cause they FULL OF SHIT! The still trying to poison the mother land with their ways by trying to make up these allegations to justify ruining gods landing site!!

    • Wow.
      First preclinical Africa wasn’t a unified culture.
      Second this isn’t the first book to deal with the subject of homosexuality in early African tribal culture.
      In a number of tribes a father would get his son a younger boy when the son reached puberty so the son wouldn’t be seeking relief with an inappropriate girl an risking getting her pregnant.

    • Well done Asanda for exploding these false theories spouted by Westerners and promoted by their mouthpieces Barack Obama and David Cameron, (who have shamelessly threatened to reduce aid to countries that do not sign up to promoting and permitting homosexuality).
      Leave Africa alone you colonisers!! you have done enough damage already without having to now introduce these sick perversions

    • EVERYONE SHOULD LIVE THEIR OWN LIFE AND DO WHAT COMES NATURAL TO THEM,WITHOUT FORCING ANYTHING ON ANYONE ELSE,cause what is natural to one is not to an other,if they find women attractive they should be with and take care of a woman and if they like men the same goes for them,it’s about living and letting others live,taking care of each other and understanding not everyone has the same calling to have a baby some are called to do other in life,like caring for someone else,it’s not about changing anyone it is about allowing people to live their life as they feel life calls them to,while staying on their path and not force anything on an other persons!And remember living is far more than existing in a way someone else want you!That’s why Living and letting others do the same must be the greatest of blessings a person can be bestowed with.

    • wow it seems your logic is faulty since gay practices are found all over the world in many cultures and Africa is no exception. Anthropologists have long documented this and you can’t accept the facts then stay in cognitive dissonance. What is ‘natural’ or ‘lower’ depends on a state of mind not some ‘natural order’ that dictators have utilized to say it is ok to kill a certain group of people. Wow fascism to a zenith.

    • Such a sad regurgitation of the rubbish you have absorbed about homosexuality. How does it actually matter to you if two men or women have sex? Will they seduce you? Will they attack you?

  • The problem is that the homophobia is coming from the religious circles and as the residual effects of Henry 8ths buggery act of 1533.
    Historically Henry 8th brought in the Act to try and use it against the catholic priest in his bid to break away from the catholic church and have nothing to do with the Pope. Of course his church followed suit and preached it as well has added the ban in the new testament bible .Speaking as a Christian i know this to have been the case for whilst we accept that God did ban homosexuality in the Old Testament — law of Moses Jesus came to abolish the Law of Moses and establish Grace. Hebrews 10:9 . we are not to adhere to the Law of Moses anymore as Christians as there is no Grace , no Sacrifice there, Jesus the Lamb of God given for the WHOLE world has paid the penalty price (Galatians 3:13) and re ordered the system by establishing Grace. The only Law we are to keep now is the Law of Love ( love respect your neighbour as yourself) they that dont do that are transgressors and sinners. Many may not understand the gay thing but they are to walk in Godly Love towards the LGBT if they say they are Christians this is what Christ ordered. even yet to do to your enemy…

    The problem with our black people is that they are ashamed of their past because the bible speaks badly of it , what they are omitting to do as Christians is to factor in Christ into that past and their future. Yes pagans that did not know Christ did not make it . We are better off than many of our forefathers and foremothers we know Christ we have received the Lamb Sacrifice that God made for us and brought us near to Him so we can be His people. This is what being Christian is about .And there are Christian LGBTS that walk in this Love that God gave unto them..why should they be persecuted for Loving whoever they want to Love when Jesus has settled it and paid the bill before God?
    Jesus has paid the price for blacks and LGBT to be His …

    He has reconciled ALL to HIMSELF

    • the bible supports slavery.why the slaves were allowed to read it. christianity was forced on africans to civilize us. lol read read read and grow. your god was is part of your assimilation

      • Let my friend Hrh learn the concept of a rubber. If Jesus was a rubber that rubbed all the sins from the face of the World, to what degree did he cleanse this universe in God’s name? We all love peace and harmony that is why we cry when we are depressed by those who think should be gate and the key to God for Mankind. Religion is a philosophy that surmounts man’s ability to articulate and conceptualize issues.

  • Oh…nature has set laws? Is it the nature or the mankind??? If its nature then tell me why I get sexually aroused by men and not women and try not to be a bigot to tell me I choose it…

  • Neo-colonialism of the African mind.
    We need a total liberation from the West in every sense. We need to think and feel for ourselves and decide both mentally and emotionally, what we want to accept and what not. If the West wants to set an example for human-rights, let them first practice what they preach by eliminating centuries-old racism from their society. Only then……………

    • You can’t judge all the west as the same or you your self are being as racist and wrong as the people in the west who are racist and wrong,many realize this horrible and sad situation sadly many don’t,and absolutely find your own but then do not try to crush the ones different form you cause you are not being any different from the monsters who tried to crush you!

  • wow, this was an incredible and enlightening dialogue! I was very happy to read these thoughtful remarks from Africans: I only want to add, East, West, who cares ? Values do not belong to one “direction” : they are are of ALL humanity. If as an American there is some idea from the East that a society wants me to consider, so why not? if it is good, it is good. To say “lets not assume ideals of the West” is bad, to me this is an inferiority complex. Until we dispense with the idea that “certain ideals’ are from this culture and (therefore) not of my culture, we will be doomed to a limited life.

    • I would agree with you, if only the west had the decency to extend the same cultural courtsey to Africans. You can not tell other people that their way of life is backward, primitive and bad then turn around and ask that yours be considered as forward and good and certainly not bad. If all an acceptance of western culture does (as it has in the past and continues to do) is lead to an eradication of indigenous cultures and replace it with western perspectives, one can imagine why many Africans would percieve western ideals in a negative light. That being said mutual respect of one anothers culture and differences in ideals is very crucial for peace and progress in an increasingly globalized space.

    • What has been described as “the West” however represents some of the worst ideals and ideologies to ever make their presence felts across the globe. The most destructive of these is that of white supremacy. With a legacy such as this is there any wonder why most people concerned with universal human dignity abhor the ideas of “the West”?

    • That’s right Zulu.
      We are the same way in Jamaica because of our African ancestry.
      It’s just not part of who we are.

    • There is no such thing as “the gay agenda”. No one is trying to make you gay but that’s how you choose to see it anyway instead of allowing other people to be happy and live their own lives without you constantly telling them they have something wrong with them. With bullies like you no wonder so many gay people contemplate suicide.

    • Zulu, you are very naive, there are millions of homosexuals people on this continent and they not going away…. get your head out the sand man!!!

  • This is all a bunch of Neo-Colonialism. Clean up your mess first. Note, in societies mentioned above, if a man was regarded as a woman because of his gay tendencies then he was considered lower than the lowest. In short, the activities mentioned were not “tolerated” but were given their deserved rank… at the bottom of the chain.

  • Sorry supporters of gay-isim in Africa, but the facts given in this article are half facts. For example, the article does not state (and we know this for fact) that Kabaka Mwanga’s ‘gay’ tendencies were brought in by a certain community from outside the region. Before that, actually, before his dad Kabaka Mutesa II, such activities were not known among the Baganda, in fact, there wasn’t a single word for that. Similarly, the issue of female husband is being twisted by the author to support a point that was never known ages ago. Two things, an attempt at rewriting history (which is not so bad, I guess, depending on what the intention is) and giving half facts. Of the facts given, I am aware of two which are not properly told here to give the impression that homosexuality was normal.

    The fact that real democratic African governments are successfully legislating against it should give one an indication about what Africans as a people believe about homosexuality … and it is not an attitude that is being forced on us… lest we say polygamy was also forced on us. For this generation, and likely for another one, it will not be accepted and writing such propaganda like articles doesn’t help the cause either.

    • “For example, the article does not state (and we know this for fact) that Kabaka Mwanga’s ‘gay’ tendencies were brought in by a certain community from outside the region.”

      Wtf does that even mean? A person can’t be made by another person, or persons. You either are, or you aren’t.

  • Really people! If you want to be straight or gay, it really is your choice and it should not have anything to do with anyone else. As far as I’m concerned, homophobic people should burn in hell, period. It’s the same thing as being racist. End of story. Get a life!

    • You ignorance is as bad as the homophobes.
      People do not choose their sexuality any more they do their eye or skin colour.

      • Don’t insult them they mean well,we can’t attack the people who simply do not know something when they have the best of intentions,being homophobic is no were as bad as not knowing people can’t choose who they love,which might be obvious to you but not to others,teach them rather than insult them,many times it will turn them against you if you insult !

  • I think corrections are in order, though I do not disagree with you entirely… The Kisii/Kuria (they happen to be more or less the same people with the same language and cultural practices, but mostly separated by the borders, Kenya/Tanzania), well back to my point, yes they happen to have a custom that allows women to marry other women but it is for the purpose of preserving the family name. If for any reason or another the last heir to the family happens to be a woman, she will be allowed to marry a younger woman and that wife would be required to bear children who will be adopted by the husband/wife thus carrying her family name (and hopefully some of them will be boys… we all know how that story goes…). I think that point was well explained in Murray & Roscoe’s work pointing out that it would have been considered taboo if those women were to have a sexual relationship as well. Though not as popular today the practice is well known in the area. Growing up I used to hear of hear of older women marrying younger ones in order to bear them children and the only people making noise about it were members of the clregy, citing that it is a form of sexual slavery….

  • In the first place, why is all this said evidence about the existence of homosexuality in African culture presented by non-African people. Besides even if it existed or the Kabaka in Buganda was homo, he definitely was one lost soul. Even so if homosexuality had been an integral part of African culture, our grandparents would have told us about it who in turn would have been told by their grandparents about it. It’s not accidental that all of us were not told about it. It just means that it was not acceptable in African culture

    • Dear Athman,
      I’m not sure what you mean by “all this said evidence about the existence of homosexuality in African culture [was] presented by non-African people.” This information came from Africans — specifically from Sexual Minorities Uganda‘s publication Expanded Criminalisation of Homosexuality in Uganda: A Flawed Narrative / Empirical evidence and strategic alternatives from an African perspective. Are you saying that non-African anthropologists may have been involved in collecting some of this information, and that any involvement by non-African individuals discredits any endeavor? If so, you perhaps should also discard Christianity, Islam and democracy, which all originated elsewhere.

      Colin Stewart, editor of this blog

      • Fair points but one small correction. The idea that democracy is foreign to the African continent is a very common Western misconception. A number of indigenous African tribes operated what has now come to be described as democratic systems. The Igbo’s of Nigeria for example operated an egalitarian society unparalled by any other civilization since Athens. Some would argue that the Igbo’s were more democratic because of some discriminatory elements in who was allowed democartic priviledges in Athens (This is not to say that the former’s democracy was 100% non-discrimnatory, far from it. Just a little less discriminatory perhaps). Also many tribes who operated monarchy’s installed their first monarchy’s through democratic processes e.g Some sectors of the Anioma people of Nigeria. So that being said, the only thing brand new to the continent about democracy, was the centrally institutionalized shape it took and the word ‘democracy’ not the practice itself, which is the issue in question here.

      • Democracy did not originate elsewhere, however. That is a common misconception that was debunked by Cheikh Anta Diop’s superb “Civilization or Barbarism?: an authentic anthropology”.

  • @Asanda – you clearly are no biologist. There are many examples of homosexuual practices amongst animals. So it IS NOT against nature. Same sex practices in Africa, yes may not have been the norm, but were clearly not viewed as wrong or against nature. Please grow up and become accepting of the diversity in people’s nature, sexual desires and sexual orietations.

    • But Stephen Malcolm if you research you will find that male homosexuality in animals is perdominently used to establish dominance and is not done for sexual gratification. Apes are a very good example of this. Also same in history in many cultures.

  • Good article, though you could have been more sensitive regarding transgender issues. Many of these “men who acted like women” were clearly trans women as described. You should speak about them as women then; not only because it’s more respectful, but more accurate. In the West as well as any other place, gender is as much about roles and self-understanding as it is about physical body parts (even if we deny this; an act which has a lot more to do with homophobia and transphobia than it has to do with any sort of scientific enlightenment). A man doesn’t stop being a man if he loses his penis. He wouldn’t stop being a man even if we took away his whole body and put his brain into a robotic replacement body. How is he still a man in these cases? Because of self-understanding and social roles.

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    Instead of having long debates with people which result in me thinking they are dumber than a bag of rocks; this links and others like it will be my response. Down with homohaters! And anti-humanists! And anti-Africanism (Africanism in this case being what is of the continent and not what the Europeans carved out as their idea of what Africanism should be, which is puritanical, Victorian era culture).

  • So misguided, did you find out why the IBOs are said to marry other women, you just list incidences you claim are from studies mostly documented by the same colonialists that claim to discover the rivers our ancestors have navigated for centuries, the same clowns that said we should wear clothes (but run nude clubs now) clowns that said our traditional beliefs are barbaric (but accept druidry, satanist worship etc) the same people that said our foods are not healthy (but come to Africa to steal the same nutritional ideas they condemned ages ago) Now they come and tell us we are the ones that are not normal all cause we have refused to accept homosexuality. In a few years you would tell us heterosexuality is not normal and procreation is no longer needed, Can Africa be let alone.

  • The authors argument that homosexuality is part of African culture is flawed and you do not have to be a genius very to see this. A simple example is the 2nd point. ” In the late 1640s, a Dutch military attaché documented Nzinga, a warrior woman in the Ndongo kingdom of the Mbundu, who ruled as ‘‘king” rather than ‘‘queen”, dressed as a man and surrounded herself with a harem of young men who dressed as women and who were her ‘‘wives”. Same sex would dictate that she surrounded herself with the same sex “female” wives. Not “male wives”. The argument proves the opposite. That she was not gay, that she favored the opposite sex and was powerful enough to have many males as “wives”. Mainly meaning that she was in control. Polygamy is not new in Africa for those with power and means. The titles “husband & wife” are a play on words and depict the powerful partner as the “husband” whether they are male or female. Is the Author trying to find evidence of something that does not exist? I am not convinced that they have succeeded. I am not anti-gay but I would like to see better evidence and stronger arguments than anecdotes from people with no specialist knowledge about African culture. The so called “Marriages” where women marry other women in the Kuria Tribe can be explained in economic terms as a source of labor (both the wife and children belong to the female/husband and work for them). What is not mentioned is that the “female” husband also procured partners of the opposite sex for their “wives” to have children and increase their economic prowess. This again proves that there was no “sexual” basis to the tradition other than to grow and strengthen the “Family”. I also find it difficult to understand why it is necessary to argue that same-sex relationships have a traditional African basis. If one is gay, it is irrelevant whether they are African, Asian or European, they just are gay people. Sexuality is such a complex subject that it is impractical to debate it in terms of race or culture. There more apt intellectual exercise would be to debate sexuality in terms of its current development, belief and practice. It does not matter what race, culture or color. The important thing is to realize that there is now greater acceptance of freedom of sexual expression. This has developed more in certain areas than others.

    • “A simple example is the 2nd point. ” In the late 1640s, a Dutch military attaché documented Nzinga, a warrior woman in the Ndongo kingdom of the Mbundu, who ruled as ‘‘king” rather than ‘‘queen”, dressed as a man and surrounded herself with a harem of young men who dressed as women and who were her ‘‘wives”. Same sex would dictate that she surrounded herself with the same sex “female” wives. Not “male wives”. The argument proves the opposite. That she was not gay, that she favored the opposite sex and was powerful enough to have many males as “wives”. Mainly meaning that she was in control”.

      Joe, I disagree with your argument that Nzinga was not gay. I will introduce another argument or possibility: It is possible that Nzinga was transgender. In this instance, Nzinga was born female but self identified as male, which supports why she or correctly he ruled as king rather than queen. Therefore, Nzinga sexual orientation would be considered gay. As a female to male transgender, he was attracted to males, hence the “male wives.” Gender identity cannot be overlooked.

    • Joe, the point is that across the continent we are being told that homosexuality is unAfrican and all the article is saying that this is possibly not true. I agree it should not be about the race or tribe, its fact that there are homosexuals in all parts of Africa and its not going to go away whatever the religious people, the politicians and bigots say.

  • stupid post,this is a lie,even in my tribe,a woman who has no children can marry another woman who will give birth on her behalf,by sleeping with her husband,it is a tradition passed down since blacks were from ancient egypt.It does not mean they are lesbians.ALL african traditions consider homosexuality an ABOMINATION.Ask me idiot i am an african,my mother is kalenjin,my father is maasai,i am an antropologist and historians.we africans will not accept this wickedness in our society,our children are no longer safe.We must get rid of western media in all 54 countries.

    • Your children aren`t safe because African elites are ruthless, selfish, homophobic persons that cooperate with neocolonialism and the exploitation of African resources, not because of what consentant adults do in their bedroom and has any effect on the lives of others, unlike the political corrupted decisions by most of all 54 African countries as well your unenlightened opinion. Read the World Health Organization and the multiplicity of cientific studies about the subject. Or are you the kind of person that only accept science conclusions if it fits an agenda? If it`s the case that will put your opinion on it`s rigth place, wich I will not name cause it`s obvious.
      It`s amazing ,(human stupidity as no limits, I know), why in a continent that struggles with social injustice levels of such great magnitude is spent so much energy debating private sexual practices among consentant adults. What`s next? To ban oral sex ,(there are laws against it in some states of USA), or is that considered natural, if beetween a man and a woman, even if it is not essential for procreation? Or is it also an abomination? If so, WHY?

  • dont make me laugh what a title. The title of your text is : “African homosexuality”. If homosexuality is something wrilly traditional in africa,why has any african langue(Any), a word that has the same meaning as the word gay?

    this word dont exist in our language,because we dont know this practice. How can a people dont have a word for a practice that they practice?

    • Unfortunately Mista, you are wrong. There are words for homosexuality in many African languages, such as Shona. Do some research and you will be surprised. But I bet there is no African word for homophobia because that came from the British and French. How can you be homophobic? How can you practice European religion or follow any other foreign practice when you have no word for THAT? Your argument is ridiculous. Just try to understand that your position is exactly the same as people who are racist against Africans or against women. If you discriminate against gay people then you must accept discrimination by others against Africans and women. It is the same thing.

      • Can you do anything about the homophobia and violence in Jamaica? It’s frightening and the debate is so much less sophisticated than this…Jamaican youths who are gay are forced to live in a sewer.

  • Woah interesting article and comments. Tolerance, acceptance and love are what is needed to follow Jesus’ teachings and ways(as we were taught thru the bible which was brought by the white missionaries)..Uhuh. Africans of old would not wear clothes or use toothbrushes, nor toilets if it were not for the white influence; neither would the whites have achieved religious domination if they had not spread it all over the world. FYI nobody knows how natural the sex is in their neighbour’s bedrooms.. We all need each other and without tolerance even societies would have crumbled centuries before. Let God or the ancestors be the judge..!! Nobody has the right to play God as you so wish us believe He is who you follow..

  • leave these Europeans to their own sick thinking. Why do you continue to always try to analyze other people from your own perspective this is the sickness of being European

  • Bthis report is from Europeans examining the phenomenon of homosexuality after the contact with Europeans. I do not deny that it was perhaps in Africa what I did Deny is any European standard observation. they have proven beyond a reasonable doubt that they always have heartLess alternative motives….you are prime example Peace

    • When you have a chance, please let me know what you think my “heartless alternative motive” is. I have no idea what you’re talking about. My motive in publishing this list (from Uganda) is to provide information that might lead to a change of heart in readers, and eventually might lead to people being allowed to live without the threat of imprisonment for who they are. A lot of heart is involved in that.

      — Colin Stewart, editor of this blog

  • Asanda little minded and such hateful ignorance is why are young gay communities are so afraid to come out and often hurt them selves bc idiots like you are so small minded.

  • Because some people in Africa might engaged in homosexuality has nothing to do with using a paint brush to paint the whole of Africa. Man is a sinner by nature. Pigmentation of skin is a superficial matter. Sin is found in all nations. You only need for example to check out the Canaanites and the Hivites who as far as we know, were not HIV positive. The far reaching gospel is for all men whatever their language or creed. God loves every one of them and has provided a way out from the stranglehold of sin to the freedom that there is in Christ. .

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    When colonizers came to Africa they started mocking and writing about how disgusted they were of Africa’s tolerance of homosexuality. Their colonial project of mental slavery was so thoroughly successful that today Africans are tooting how more homophobic they are than the colonizer.

  • Amazingly, what is said here about African culture concerning homosexuality can be said in exactly the same words about Canadian Aboriginal culture: “throughout Africa”s history, homosexuality has been a ‘consistent and logical feature of African societies and belief systems’”. Simply replace Africa’s history with Aboriginal history and African societies with Aboriginal societies. For a superb perspective on this reality, please visit:
    It’s the story of a young Native gay artist and his play “Agokwe”, the Native word for “two spirit”, the male and female spirit.

    • Have you seen a dog sleeping with another dog or any animal in the animal Kingdom? Why is man such a vessel of satanism? Well those who do such, more grace to your elbow. But, I can’t be acquainted to such a person….

      • Dear Ikenna,
        In answer to your first question: Yes.
        Regarding your unwillingness to be acquainted with LGBTI people, OK. The issue isn’t whether you have the right to choose your acquaintances; you do. The question is whether you should have the right to put people in prison because you’re uncomfortable with whom they love.
        — Colin Stewart, editor of this blog

  • In the case of the Igbo of Nigeria, it is not Homosexuality. A woman, marries a woman to continue the family name in such cases that she has no male sons. These women go and get pregnant outside and as such continue the family line. So keep your evil thoughts to those you have. The Igbo see Homosexuality as ARU. An abomination.

  • Interesting read this….but what has been related here is no African culture. Homosexual practices are strictly forbidden in Africa. Yes, categorisations of a woman as ‘husband’ of another woman may exist, it is by no means a depiction of actual sexual roles. As already indicated in some Igbo cultures, one woman may marry another woman to sustain the family line, actual sexual acts for procreation is done by a male cousin or relative to get the woman pregnant. So every such marriage or union must have a procreative purpose to it.
    What this report shows is an attempt to misrepresent practices of women to women relationships as evidence of African homosexualism. It is false….a warrior Yoruba woman can keep several other women in her service, but she truly has no sexual contact with any of them. Women are either wives or mistresses to men and all sex is male to female. Polygamy reigned to bring all women within reproductive possibility. Spinsterhood or permanent bachelorhood was mostly out of the question in Africa. In fact, a lot of people only read about homosexual activities through magazines. Things may be changing through copycat tendencies yet Africa cannot by itself condone homosexual practices. Asanda is right on this thread….nature specifies which way to perform sex hence male and females exist. In the animal kingdom all the species forbid homosexual behaviors knowing it is unnatural.

    • Go to Google and type in “animal homosexuality” and you might dissipate your ignorance somewhat. Besides, to say that “homosexual practices are strictly forbidden in Africa” is strictly expressing your own personal bias, seconded by close-minded people like yourself. It’s a statement, nothing more, nothing less. To state “In the animal kingdom all the species forbid homosexual behaviors knowing it is unnatural” is the product of your ignorance.

  • in whats ever the case I personally hate homosexuality it against my believe and my wish may always read our God given precious book the Bible and trace our culturality and ask God to forgive us if we have in any way practiced these ungodly acts

    • When we refer to homosexuality, we are talking about the love of one person for another, but of the same gender. That is the only difference with you, where you love a person of different gender. We talk about love and all you think about is ass, yes ass. It is unfortunate that you can’t understand. You talk about “ungodly acts”. Do you believe Jesus was the son of God? I do. He never said a word about homosexuality. I dare you to find a single word about homosexuality in any one of the four Gospels. You won’t because there isn’t any. It’s only so called St-Paul who talks about it and “he ain’t Jesus”. He was a homophobe like you who “hates homosexuality”. Jesus said to love one another. Try to remember that and mind you own business. Look after your own sins and never mind the sins of others. They don’t affect you in any way.

  • Almost any where these arguments take place, they are full of emotionalism, manipulation intimidation, name calling, dishonesty and superficial argumentation passing off as deep logic.
    The anti gays are more of emotionalism and resorting to religious arguments with non believers while the pro gays are more of dishonest, manipulative and superficial argumentation. However intimidation and name calling are almost equally distributed on both sides.

    This research is dishonest like most research geared towards promoting gay rights, it is desperate because there is seeming conscious twisting of facts and historical meaning. For a fact these examples most of which I am familiar with did not at all entail same gender sexual relations.

    Another thing is the constant equation of sexual orientation with gender or race is an utter fraud based on very false science sponsored by agenda driven activist financiers and scientist falsifying out comes to achieve it.

    Where as ones race and sex are not any kind of choice, ones orientation is partly choice and partly nurture, social, environmental, psychological etc. To the extent that the homosexual is nurtured by factors beyond his or her control he or she should be viewed as a victim and therefore approached with sympathy just like a drug addict would be. Just like the drug addict he or she may enjoy themselves, just like the drug addict he or she may feel they harm no one, just like the drug addict he or she may feel they have a natural tendency towards the act and they may both view it as an orientation but just like drug addiction mostly it is the non addict that would view the drug addict as ill. they may view themselves as being fine where as they are sick.

    They deserve the treatment of a therapist but what if they resist treatment, then they become offenders and how about if they not only consume drugs but seek to legalize, normalize and promote drug abuse? They become straight out criminals, enemies of the society and the state.

    Homosexual tendency may exist in every society, through out most of history but so has murder, rape, drug addiction, violence, theft and a whole host of undesirable behavior. This is not the problem, the problem is that, a time has come that people believe it wise to elevate it to legitimacy, give it respectability, even prominence over heterosexuality, because they have sought and obtained acceptance of that lifestyle and promoted the followers of that lifestyle into a distinct and legitimate category deserving special rights to such an extent that they seek to unseat hetronormativity in law, language, customs, psychology and every field concerned with human behavior.

    The Pandora’s box was opened when it was at first decriminalized in law, then removed from the list of mental illness in psychology and psychiatry, then removed from the list of deviant behaviors in sociology, then backed by false science, then public acceptance and political accommodation, the next thing we are on the way to is political and social dominance. Since people have began to be discriminated for disagreeing with the life style just like the poor beauty queen found out when she gave a candid answer to a question regarding how she feels about it, by one of the judges. This is what many now experience daily. Fear of the homosexuals is the beginning of wisdom.

    The question is are there no limits to man’s freedom? Oh but there are, you to have obey traffic lights and pay your taxes or risk going to jail among many many other things that might take you there. So is it only in the realm of morality that everything goes, that man should have no limits? whats next bestiality, incest, pedophilia, if you think all these are never coming, think again because they already have their advocates, but then again some will not mind because they do not see how all this can destroy society or harm any one, going by their prevailing logic that sexual relations between any two consenting adults is legitimate, at least one of these categories can find accommodation, incest: a sexual relationship between an adult father and son for example or any combination you can think of. Another moot point they constantly advance is why should someone be deprived from being with the one they love. If that is a question, I have one for them do you have to have intercourse with every one you love? By that logic we would sleep with our mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, daughters, sons, grand children, grand parents and friends. If that were the case I do not know what the world would be like or what civilization would mean.They do not know that just as wars, famine, poverty, environmental degradation can destroy society, so can sexual depravity. We have seen how new diseases crop up due to it, threatening our existence, we have seen how suicides and serial killings are correlated to this sub group and despite all this it is being promoted by a people whose population is declining or is it Malthusianism?

    There is much much more to say but on a final note this trend needs to be reversed, those who understand that the life style is a real threat and its growth is incompatible with all that we hold dear including our survival as a specie, our families, decency etc. Should organize and seriously plan with intellect, resources, consistency, determination and unity to fight this scourge to a hilt. This ugly monster must have its head cut off.

    Nb. All said I appreciate the editors moderation.

    • I believe this outlandish outpouring of prejudice, disinformation and ignorance of what homosexuality is all about is the ultimate I have ever read in terms of hogwash from its very beginning to its very end. It doesn’t deserve any further analysis because it is so far beyond reason as to be laughable.

  • This is malarkey! Where is the proof? I too could write lies and call it history. People are Sick. SMH Utter BS. & I won’t be surprised if my comment doesn’t make the cut. Show me a statue, hieroglyphic or something!

  • Why do Caucasians want Africa a GAY continent so bad, that they dig and research this nonsense to “prove” Africa is Gay too? You have raped the land , the people through chattel slavery, and now you want what littlr we have left wich is the union between man and woman. True sick and evil is your culture and people. We will continue to fight against your genocidal agenda. Beautiful African people, with all our hues and diversities, are here to stay. So is the holiest most sacred union on this earth, African MAN AND WOMAN, and their beautiful children that you white women and men are always trying to steal or chop up and sell.

    • Hysterical nonsense. Homosexuality is the attraction and love of a person for another of same gender, a reality for a small portion of every society on earth. Such a reality will in no way suppress the increase in population either in Africa or elsewhere. Not genocidal, your comments are irrational.

  • I can never leave a curvey African woman for a man’s ass hole for sexual gratification.

    Its even getting political, no longer a sexualithy issue, Democrats through USAID and UKAid are now funding more LGBTQ projects more than before in Africa.

  • What is an abomination is the penile penetration of one man by another in a sexual act. Any act in the course of sexual connection whether prior or post between a man and a woman without any form of bestiality is considered natural-licking, touching, rubbing, etc

    • You are entitled to your opinion about same-sex intimacy, but it is a misuse of the English language to use the word “bestiality” to anything other than sexual relations with an animal.
      –Colin Stewart, editor/publisher of this blog

      • Colin it’s ok to publish such lies but don’t be trying to defend it. Even if it was publish originally by Ugandans so what. Are you now the defender of such filth? Like someone pointed out; Europe has plunderred Africa’s wealth. There’s nothing left for her now but to destroy the African people.

  • Even if this is true, they do not want it now. We blacks do not believe this, it is pure propaganda.

  • if the gay lifestyle was so normal why is the rate of STD infection much higher for gays than heterosexuals? recently the CDC just confirmed that gays are 132 times more likely to contract AIDS than straight people. you claim that ancient “civilized societies” like the greeks and romans tolerated and encouraged the gay lifestyle, well history tells us that those societies were usually ravaged by plagues (probably STDs epidemics that were undiagnosable by their crude medical technology). you also claim that animals engage in gay acts, well they also engage in cannibalism. why dont you endorse that behavior? they also engage in incest, why don’t you encourage that after all there is no purer love than that of a parent and a child or between siblings.its bad enough that Africa has to depend on western aid for retro-viral medication (HIV drugs) but for you to tell us to endorse a lifestyle that ensures our perpetual dependence on your aid is worse than enslaving our ancestors.

    • Infant mortality rate:
      total: 79.99 deaths/1,000 live births
      male: 83.74 deaths/1,000 live births
      female: 76.05 deaths/1,000 live births (2014 est.)
      country comparison to the world: 8
      Life expectancy at birth:
      total population: 55.29 years
      male: 54.16 years
      female: 56.47 years (2014 est.)
      country comparison to the world: 206
      Numbers from Angola – a very rich country shows this numbers. I wonder why are people more commited to figth homosexuality ?

    • AIDS originated in Africa. You are to blame for that disease. Look at how you’ve been brainwashed, it’s so sad. You seriously think we are enslaving you by giving BILLIONS to you to treat your disease? Fine, stop taking the drugs from us and just die. This problem will end a lot quicker. I can’t believe, reading these comments, how badly you all have been propagandized. You were brainwashed by Christian colonists, and like good Christians keep popping out babies you can’t feed, refusing to do anything to stop the spread of HIV (LIKE COMMON SENSE CONDOMS! !) And then have the audacity to say we are enslaving you by fixing YOUR MESS FOR FREE? You truly are an idiot.

    • Aids is more common in gay people is cause sadly MANY(not all)gay people are promiscuous ,and are so without any protection,promicuousity is a thing the bible warns us about,in the story of sodom and gamorrah sadly it doesnt specify that it is cause of illnesses ,this doesn’t give you the right to think gay people are any less then you,they just didn’t know and got the illness,I am not telling you to turn gay,asexual or bisexual etc,first you can’t second that would be wrong!the same way forcing an gay,bi etc person to change straight your life and allow others to do the same!

      • Forgive me for being so blunt, but stupidly is as stupidity does. The fact that the African culture did not or does not accept gay people, does not mean that they were not functioning in that capacity throughout the centuries of all Africa’s existence.It is the straight women in all societies and all countries that feel threaten by gay people even as they are the mothers who bore them. It is so easy to accuse and condemn another human being, because of their sexual difference. It’s no different than being a racist. The fact that a gay person is not your child, but someone else’s what gives you or anyone the right to discriminate, condemn or judge. First, take notice of your own selves.
        Mt 7:3
        And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?

        1Jo 2:10
        He that loveth his brother abideth in the light, and there is none occasion of stumbling in him

        Ro 14:13
        Let us not, therefore, judge one another any more: but judge this rather, that no man put a stumblingblock or an occasion to fall in his brother’s way.

        Ga 5:13
        For, brethren, ye have been called unto liberty; only use not liberty for an occasion to the flesh, but by love serve one another

        1Jo 2:10
        He that loveth his brother abideth in the light, and there is none occasion of stumbling in him.

        1Jo 3:15
        Whosoever hateth his brother is a murderer: and ye know that no murderer hath eternal life abiding in him.

        One more thing. Several years ago President Musevni of Uganda in trying to prove that gay men and women were not born that way, but made had his scientist research within the genes. They gave two results. Museveni picked the result that went against the gay people stating that there were no gay genes.However, our scientist here in the USA prove that research to be wrong, as they concluded that they found a gay gene in gay men, but not in women. The depth of hate and lies goes beyond civilized understanding.

  • Dear Reader,
    I do agree with the facts provided here in but as Africans we have our cultural values to the extent of consistency somewhat also scores our religious inclinations & spiritual beliefs. My question is for example, how can we trace homosexuality from Islam or Christianity?

    If it were practiced in the very odd days pre – colonial, what historical facts portray evolutionary practices that got it extinct over time that we have to struggle to preach and set an agenda for its gospel.

    Psychomedically, in the clinical perspectives, we are intending some social surveys to see if really, there exist some genetically modified chromosomal abnormalities from time of differentiation whose manifeststion as same sex attraction may have been delayed to late ages (NMA Conference, 2013).

    I use to know that in Northern Nigeria, homosexuality existed for long time titled “Yan Daudu” but then during my early formative years of Medical education, all the Yan Daudu’s I interacted with could not tell me without fear of contradiction why they were praticising it rather they belief it is a norm they have found within social justice for comfort of life. Is that really a reason gravid enough to lure me to embrace it frst even as s concept and consider it’s application as a practice?
    My thoughts and constructive opinion.

    Thank you.

  • I see people comparing humans and animals .. So let me just ask one question since every time homosexuality is brought up and we say it’s not “natural” there’s always a ignorant person bringing up homosexial animals . So my question to you is …. If there are gay animals and it proves to be that there are gay animals ,are you saying that homosexuality is a type of animal behavior that humans have adopted over time ? Cause that would make more since than people being “born” gay when test are ran within the womb to indicate if the child will be mentally ill or not but that test don’t pick up a Gay gene or chromosome…

    • Do be afraid of the truth, seek the truth and you will find we are all part of the same family. I can tell you have a lot of hate in your heart. Homosexuality is a normal human behavior. Just because you aren’t homosexual doesn’t mean you should look down on others for being who they are. Why do you seem so threatened by the idea that homosexuality is normal and found in traditionally in Africa? What are you afraid of? Many black African’s are homosexuals….always have been and always will be, sorry bro.

  • I appreciate these examples but a lot of them are examples of gender non conformance, not homosexuality. Cross dressing, cross presenting and permanent bodily modifications aren’t examples of same sex attention, they’re just associated with people that also happen to be same gender loving.

    • Are you referring to transgender? I believe the examples show how deeply ingrained into the culture of Africa the same social relationships as the contemporary LGBT community.

  • For your information, women marrying women in South Eastern Nigeria was not for Lesbianism but for procreation. Married women who were barren, regularly did this. Another example is in families with no son to carry on the family name.

  • African homosexuality did not exist in Africa until the white man invaded it some 200 years ago. Matter of fact there were no infectious diseases there either. Now today diseases are running wild in Africa just because of that first invasion. So Mr. Colin Stewart nice try but when you report report the Whole truth!

    • The whole truth is that what you are saying is bullshit. That’s the truth. Homosexuality, the attraction and affection of some guys for other guys has always existed and will always exist. It is a natural attraction for some 5 to 10 percent of every society on earth. It is found not only in the human species. Google “animal homosexuality” and you will learn something that will put you on the path to truth. Then you won’t show the ignorance you are showing right now with your silly statement about invaders.

  • WOW, another way to legionaries the efeminization of Black men? Are you saying that homosexuality should be embraced by the Black community and encouraged as normal? Exactly what is your point? If you are saying that homosexualityhas been in the world a long time & in African societies, i would agree, but that only means that the the human design is NOT PERFECT. Africans are no different from any other human being. They have the same sexual deviations as anyone else because the creation of life is NOT perfect. It seems illogical to me to think homosexuality is “normal behavior” when the human body’s DESIGN clearly says something different. For example, there is NOTHING on a man’s body that is designed to accept an erect penis . There IS on a woman’s body. It is just illogical.
    The creation of the human body in utero is complicated and clearly gets side tracked in evidence by children born with ALL kinds of deviations, including sexual. I am a supporter of same sex marriage. I am a believer that homosexuality in innate and I am adamant that all people should be treated with dignity & respect. But if what you are selling is the incorporation of the normalcy of homosexuality within the Black community, I draw the line!

  • If black men were a bit more feminine maybe the huge percentage of rape in Sout Africa would be lower or Boko Haram would be non existing. Men`s bodies are also perfectly designed for rape and violence. Perfection is maybe imperfect.

  • Women ‘marrying women’ wasnt realy same sex marriage. If a woman was barren she looked for another woman who could ‘give her children’.

  • THIS IS RIDICULOUS!!!! A lot of the evidence comes from white sources which are barely credible in any instance!!!

    • First not all white people are the same, the same way not all black people are the same,racism is a bad thing try to eliminate it, rather than making it bigger by being racist yourself,second you can’t control who you fall in love so do not force others to control who they fall in love with,live your life and allow others to do the same,no one is telling you to turn gay,asexual or bisexual etc,first you can’t second that would be wrong!the same way forcing them to change straight is.

  • @jaime “AIDS came from Africa” apparently the AIDS infected semen your fag-mate deposited in your anus has traveled to your brain and is not allowing you to conceal your ignorance.patient zero of AIDS was (presumably) Gaëtan Dugas, a Canadian flight attendant who worked for air canada and was an aggressively active homosexual. At that time AIDS was called the Gay Related Immuno Deficiency or GRID due to the fact that it was only diagnosed in fags.I’m sure you would have probably known that if you were able to look at anything other than kidporn on the internet. Thanks to you fags even 13 year old boys in the US are now getting infected with the virus (according to the CDC).

    • hey realnigga. congrats u have figured out some of the story. but not the bit about how sad it is when people from 1 group that have been subjected to violence & injustice fail to see similar stories in another group and instead blame them for their challenges and show no respect or kindness. many white gay people were very involved in bringing an end to apartheid & free south africa was quick to reflect this in changing the laws.

      • graham, its not an issue of persecution of minorities as you and most of the western gays and gay supporters tend to portrait. its actually about culture, religion, and tradition. virtually every culture on the continent strictly forbids homosexuality. It’s just like your western country/society(presumably) that does not just frown at pedophilia and polygamy but you criminalizes them, whereas in most parts of Africa they are at the very least not illegal (especially countries with significant Muslim population). but you don’t see Africans on your backs trying to get you to legalize pedophilia or polygamy even though there is a significant minority(who very likely outnumber the gays) of people with such sexual orientations in your society. it’s plain and simple, our culture and religion forbids it And then you start talking about how we were forced into homophobia by “western imposed Christianity”( in reality Africans(Ethiopians and some other north Africans) were Christians before most of the western world) or eastern imposed “Islam” when in fact, left to our own traditional religions, abominations like homosexuality, incest and bestiality were punished by either burning alive, feeding of the culprits to wild animals or exile. in some harsher societies, punishments were extended to innocent members of their families. Also one thing i would like to add is that Christianity was never forced on anybody in Africa (maybe Islam but never Christianity) we Christian Africans accepted Christianity because it was a better option than most of the religions of our fathers and grandfathers which unlike the romantic perspective shown by western media, was rife with all sorts of wickedness like human sacrifice, cannibalism, cruelty to women and a general lack of respect for human life . hence we chose to serve a God of love and compassion. thus for a couple of western atheists to wake up one mourning and tell us to dump Christianity because it was “imposed” on us is insulting on our sovereignty as as a continent. funny how you used the western occupied and (until recently) controlled south Africa as an example. this country has one of the highest population of people living with AIDS on the continent and you are applauding them for permitting a lifestyle that ensures the spread of the virus. I personally don’t have anything against gays or pedophiles or necrophiles (people who have a sexual attraction to dead bodies ) or coprophiliacs ( people who have a sexual attraction to shit or excrement or filth) or zoophiles (people who have a sexual attraction to animals) i just know that they suffer a similar mental illness and wish that they get cured. but like drug addicts they will tell you that they don’t need any cure, and that they are not sick and you are the one who is sick for not reasoning the way they reason.

        • Another stupid voice of an ignorant “expert” describing homosexuality as a mental illness and equating it with perversions and criminal behaviour .. especially towards children, animals and dead bodies. The sick one is the author of this garbage.

        • Female genital excision, slavery, huge infant mortality; widespread corruption and poverty (with major suport fand responsability from the west), mostly failed countries and what they are so harshly debating is homosexuality, what two men or two women ,(or even group sex – is that their business?), do in the privacy of their homes, The poor retarded!

      • @roman3773, it’s funny how someone like you who does not know that inserting your penis/tongue into an anus in the name of “love” can expose you to all sorts of bacterial and viral infections is calling me ignorant. It’s also funny how someone like you who is fighting for the rights your perverted and disgusting lifestyle is calling other sexual orientations perverted just because you don’t appreciate them or they are illegal in your society. Then later on you’ll claim to possess the higher moral standing in calling me prejudiced

        @Paulo, where do you get your statistics from, ” http://WWW.stupid ignorant people who have never been to Africa but watch some dumb propaganda documentary about some remote and antiquated mountain tribes (who have little or no contact with modern Africa)and assume they know all there is to I’m sure our “high infant mortality rate” is the reason why most of our countries are experiencing unprecedented population explosions, and the “female gentile mutilation”, although admittedly still exists in some remote rural areas of some countries, is virtually extinct in many African countries (thanks the Christianity which you demonize). Then comes our “slavery” which you personally concocted in your empty perverted fag brain. then comes our “corruption” which I’m pretty sure is synonymous to Africa, i mean you can go to the US as a black man and always expect equal treatment from whites irrespective of your race also its only in Africa that we have white collar frauds and corrupt politicians. How about our poverty, I’m sure that there aren’t up to 40 million Americans living below the poverty mark I’m sure not up to 2 million of them are homeless, literally living on the streets , after all they are the richest country in human history. I’m not saying you’re from America, judging from your weak command of the English language you don’t seem to be (but if indeed you’re from America or a predominantly English speaking country, then you must really be as stupid as a bowl of chicken soup). Using the problems you brought up to make a generalized opinion on Africa is like me assuming every white American wants to go to the nearest black church and shoot people because i saw some white youth do it in Charleston or every Austrian man imprisons and rapes his daughters because i heard of one of them who did that for 28 years. i may also say that America is suffering from a pedophilia and rape epidemic because there are over 500 thousand registered sex offenders in the US

    • Watch out cause anyone can get aids you do not need to have gay sex,don’t stereotype,just cause it is more common in gay people doesn’t mean it is cause of gay sex,it is cause of promiscuousity and unprotected sex,something that sadly many gay people did,live your life and allow others to do the same,I am not telling you to turn gay,asexual or bisexual etc,first you can’t second that would be wrong!the same way forcing an gay,bi etc person to change straight is.

  • Many years ago I remember reading about boy girls and husband wives in Africa. That’s why it’s so hard for me to believe the current bigotry against the lgbt community theater now. Some people are so stupid. We were first any sexual and then bisexual in the womb before we were born. Nobody chooses to a homosexual it’s just normal and this dude, somebody should punch him in his mouth spouting ignorance.

  • Obviously this frivolous article may be misinterpreting the practice among the Igbos of allowing women to marry other women in extreme circumstances of childlessness for absolutely procreation purposes as homosexual practise without realizing the exact extent and import of the practice. For the avoidance of doubt, the act of copulating among members of the same sex is abhorrent to the Igbos and remains and abomination to this day. Similarly, I doubt if there exists any ‘‘explicit” Bushmen painting, which depicts African men engaging in same-sex sexual activity except perhaps in the figment of the imagination of the author(s) of this article and the referenced painter. I doubt if anything like the below image ever existed in the African landscape before the European incursion.

  • Those who pretice this will go to hell fire derect if they refuse to repent. It is man to woman and and more those who have ear should hear.

    • “Let he who has no sin cast the first stone.” I guess you fall into that category. How about: “Don’t judge lest thy be judged.” Finally a question: “Are you God?”

      • @romans3773 “shall we continue in sin that grace may abound” ………….”if anyone of you professes to be a Christian and is still immoral…., with such a person do not even share a meal”.

        • There is nothing immoral in a person loving another person, be he or she of same sex or opposite sex. Besides, it is absolutely none of your business. Look after your own immoralities and otherwise, go to hell.

      • Paulo my relentless sodomite(ironically you find it insulting to be addressed as fag, which you are), I’ve already found a place for me and that is across the length and breath of this my culturally rich and beautiful continent. why you and your fellow fag-mates are struggling for accommodation amongst us “indecent people”(apparently your yardstick of decency is the disgusting and utterly abhorrent homosexual lifestyle) beats our imaginations. you diagnose me of having an inferiority complex yet you can’t deduce that men cannot procreate by themselves and anal cavities are cornucopias of bacterial and viral infections, hence are a no go for human tongues and appendages.

        • You have a highly vivid homosexual imagination. You can`t forgive beeing technologically dependant of the west and beeing culturally irrelevant in todays world and than you concentrate in what you see as a sign of decadence and not a well studied and described behaviour (*). It`s a known strategy: demote others to not feel so inferior. Target you energy into your kleptocratic elites accessary to Africa`s rip-off and shut up!
          (*) When science belies your prejudices it`s no longuer reliable, only when it allows you to troll troughout internet.

    • roman3773,love or sex they are not the same. you don’t have sex with everyone you love likewise you don’t love everyone you have sex with.its quite irritating the way the western gays have tried relentlessly to demonize decent conservative heteros by terming their rejection of the disgusting and gravely unhealthy homosexual lifestyle as war against love when in real sense its war against perverted and repugnant sexual behavior.we keep fighting against it because if we relent and grant you the “freedom” of gratifying your perversions on our continent then we will have no arguements against the zoophiles, necrophiles , coprophiliacs, and the other sexual perversions that exist now or are awaiting invention. then comes the arguments of privacy that is what two “consenting” adults do in the privacy of their home is their concern alone. but its no more their business when they imminently catch their STDs, they then leave the problem of treatment in the hands of the government. its also never really within the privacy of their bedrooms cos they’ll start having gay parades and demanding for rights to adopt innocent children thus depriving the child of either a father or a mother.then they’ll start demanding for rights to be married in our churches and places of worship and start demanding that pastors and traditionalists be prohibited by law from speaking against their lifestyle they’ll also demand that our schools should teach our children their lifestyle. if you think i’m just paranoid and it will never happen check their western world.

      • No I am not an english speaking person anyway I do not exchange arguments (if this is english) with a troll – it`s of no use.
        By the way : genital mutilation is still practiced by africans living in Europe and yes open slavery (or cloaked ) is still practiced in several regions of Africa and let`s not mention the percentage of rape or the women`s status. And as for infant mortality rate you can check at cia factbook.
        P.S. For someone that quotes the Bible don`t you think that you should have proper manners in public debates? Well, I can understand that a culturally underdeveloped person like you can´t get the contradiction. You give Africans a bad name anyway.

    • Paulo my dear fag, thanks for educating me on the absolute exclusivity of female gentile mutilation and slavery to the African continent(or among Africans in diaspora)I’m sure the media doesn’t have a clue of reality each time it exposes the rising epidemic of sex slavery in Europe and south-east Asia (where the victims are usually under-aged children)also the uncontrollably soaring rates of crime and corruption in south America, (where the countries are virtually controlled by one blood thirsty drug lord or the other) are mythical , how about the mafia killings in Italy, Russia and many other European countries. need i mention the near institutionalized killings of blacks in the US by either “law enforcement agents” or any fame hungry redneck that owns a gun. As for being “culturally underdeveloped” , I’m sure that i speak for myself and every African (judging from most of our countries constitutions) when i say that I’d rather remain in the stone age if it entails that i have to stick my dick and my tongue inside other men’s(or women’s for that matter) anal cavities for me to be “culturally developed”

      • You`re unable to exchange points of view without adding some form of insult. I am certain you suffer from a psychopathic disorder related to an inferiority complex, actually perfectly justified, but I am no doctor. Trying to demean others will not make of you what you would like to be therefore give up and accept your lot and the fact that you will never have a place among decent human beeings so remain silent once for all.

      • Paulo my relentless sodomite(ironically you find it insulting to be addressed as fag, which you are), I’ve already found a place for me and that is across the length and breath of this my culturally rich and beautiful continent. why you and your fellow fag-mates are struggling for accommodation amongst us “indecent people”(apparently your yardstick of decency is the disgusting and utterly abhorrent homosexual lifestyle) beats our imaginations. you diagnose me of having an inferiority complex yet you can’t deduce that men cannot procreate by themselves and anal cavities are cornucopias of bacterial and viral infections, hence are a no go for human tongues and appendages.

      • Paulo my resilient sodomite, one doesn’t need a gay imagination to know the repugnant filth which you and your people call sex/love, it’s all over the internet now(unfortunately). what amazes me is your obdurate ignorance and myopia. you claim that we depend on your (western) “technologies” and truly believe that the relationship is not symbiotic.
        when in fact, most of the brain power (at least a significant chunk) that develops the “technologies” comes from Asia, and a huge chunk of the natural resources and raw material that are used come from Africa (like silicon, which is the life blood of electronics, comes from Congo and oil from Nigeria, which as of 2011 was supplying a FIFTH of America’s oil,excluding the billions of cubic meters of liquefied natural gas it ships to Europe and Asia, not to mention gold and platinum from south Africa). your people come to my continent and poison our land, air and sea in the process of extracting natural resources, you then bribe our “kleptocratic” leaders to cover your tracks and when they refuse to play along your people orchestrate their people to overthrow them in bloody coups or revolutions which in many instances lead to civil war. in real sense , it’s safe to say that the relationship is parasitic, where your people take much more than you offer. and how dare you call our culture irrelevant in the 21st century, when your military/paramilitary officials torture innocent suspects, both at home, and in foreign prisons (e.g Guantanamo bay and many other ”military bases” around the world), i believe torture was a very popular means of getting information in the dark and middle ages. your “UN soldiers” rape defenseless women and children before giving them relief materials.and then you think you can wake up one morning and order us to betray our reasoning, religion and culture because you say so, and then you threaten weaker African economies with withdrawal of aids as reprehension for their defiance.indeed your kind has proven time and again to be the scourge of this planet. rest assurd that your day of reconing is imminent.

  • This isn’t solid. “Reportedly” is not one making a claim but speculating an opinion. This is not the teachings of any African culture, and they could not find any claims supporting it, or historical artifacts. He’s just making claims that are halfway not researchable yourself. Whoever wrote this article is troller and not a very good one at that. Every claim he makes is a bold statement and is solely from a first person narrative. Where is this researchable at, what is your reference points, photos, artifacts, pics, or drwaings. You would think that if it was as common as he say it was then you would find it all over there culture like the European continents, but all we have is some ass hole speculating because. Naw my friend try again.

    • No idiot. Reportedly means reports from those places stated as such. That the explorers went somewhere and saw things and reported back about the accounts. That writings exist somewhere with these details.

      Those are the reference points.

      So if Christopher Columbus smashed Native babies on rocks and people reported about what they saw him do, you need someone today to provide ancient photos, artifacts, pics, or drawings or else the claim is false????


      • Atrocious reference to Christopher Columbus. He encouraged young Frenchmen who immigrated to Canada to marry Indian women to integrate into local society. I am a descendant of this policy.

    • All you have to do is get off your butt and research the nations and civilizations he’s talking about…. One and done… Colonialism destroyed and ERASED much of Africa’s culture and history….. Christians destroyed any and everything they did not like there.

  • It’s so hilarious to see and hear stupid black people regurgitate the beliefs that were literally beaten into them. Like hilarious that stupid black people will fight to the DEATH to uphold a system of control forced and raped upon them by their slave masters….. Hahahaha

    They literally robbed, plundered and raped your homeland, separated you from your gods, forced theirs upon you, and you’re too stupid to let go of it.

    Show me any traditional African Religion and show me the negative things it says about homosexuality. The Holy Bible was not written by Africans….. So show me what African religions pre slavery and colonialism say about it, or shut up.

    This is a list with examples of proof about homosexuality in Africa with no persecution.
    Just because homosexuality was no previously persecuted there doesn’t mean it would be the behavior of the MAJORITY in that society. It just means people were able to live theirs lives gay or straight.

    Stop being slaves you fools.

    • @tickledtodeath, its irritating to see how stupid, ignorant and myopic atheist sodomites like you, who know absolutely nothing about African culture and the history of Christianity in Africa, open your mouths and rant all sorts of crap.faggots like you watch some Hollywood movie on slavery(like roots or twelve years a slave) and assume you know everything about precolonial Africa(where in reality such movies have little or nothing to do with Christianity). for your information, homosexuality, bestiality, incest, necrophilia and every other form of abhorrent sexual decadence was considered taboo in most parts of Africa and the perpetrators were either burned alive or fed to wild animals or at the very least excommunicated from society.hence due to the severity of these punishments such practices were extremely scarce and almost nonexistent.It was thanks to the Christianity which you so vehemently demonize that we stopped (institutionally) killing you buggers. Also to further address your incredible ignorance, Christianity was never forced on anyone in our continent. many missionaries were even killed in Africa in the process of evangelism. we accepted Christianity because it was a better option than most of our traditional religions and beliefs which encouraged and , in many instances, required human sacrifice, cruelty to women, killing of babies(twins or kids with birth defects) slavery, cannibalism, and all sorts of barbaric lifestyles.

  • Most if not all homosexual activity did not come until after the colonization of Africa by the HOMOSEXUAL EUROPEAN!!

    • Present us with the studies to back your opinion, because that’s all it is, your totally unfounded opinion about the history of homosexuality in Africa. Do you have any idea what your opinion is worth? The simple and true answer is: NOTHING.

    • The killing of twins and burying virgins alive some of these traditions have died down.
      You know something is not right, but might not have the backing / knowledge to address why it’s abnormal to you.
      Take note of #5,18 and 21.
      you might think it’s flavored Christianity, but it was the answer to stop these practices.
      Some Caucasians did practice witchcraft (e.g Anne Bolen) and some still do practice witchcraft.
      Diabolic means of wealth always has a price to pay e.g dehumanise mankind.
      In as much not everyone is genuine with the gospel some use as a means to get wealth but it’s the truth.
      Just because some African’s did practice this, same like some Caucasians did practice witchcraft doesn’t mean this tradition is right.
      Homosexuality is spiritual and it’s not life..

  • Would like to know where the information came from regarding jesuit missionaries in Africa in 1606. There is no evidence of this, most documented contact with Europeans was via slave trade in Western Africa and the Arab trade in the East. The article makes a lot of statements but few can be proven.

    • The Jesuits were in South Africa.

      Here are the citations about the Jesuit account of 1606, from
      “Homosexuality in ‘Traditional’ Sub-Saharan Africa and Contemporary South Africa: An overview by Stephen O. Murray.”

      Murray is a co-author of the 1998 book Boy-Wives and Female-Husbands: Studies in African Homosexualities.

      The original document mentions “Chibadi, which are Men attyred like Women, and behave themselves womanly, ashamed to be called men; are also married to men and esteeme that unnatural damnation [from a Jesuit’s point of view] an honor” (Purchas 1625:973,1558). Murray says also that “Given the many editions, citations of book VII, chapter 3, section 2, and book IX, chapter 12, section 5 of volume two may be more helpful …”

      — Colin Stewart, editor/publisher of this blog

      • heterosexual activity perpetuates human reproduction bringing forth new life, thus sustaining our survival into the future, homosexual activity does not perpectuate human reproduction, therefore is counterproductive to our survival as a species. If homosexuality becomes prevalent then we can all kiss our collective “ass” goodbye. Considering the numbers of people on this earth, and those being born everyday, supports the fact that homosexual activity is practiced by only a few and offers no major threat either from the past , present or to to the future. And all homosexuals evolved from heterosexual activity. In other words by the grace of an erected penis ,buried in a hot wet vagina thrusting passionately, rhythmically climaxing and despositing his mother load, sparking the beginnings of a life, a marriage between the sperm and egg ….miraculously….,.a new life is created. Man is incapable of circumventing this irrefutable truth. Homosexuality is of no importance in the grand scheme of human survival.

  • When I read the comments made by native Africans about how homosexuality and transgender people go against the “natural order” or some such, I wonder if they know this mentality is an imposed relic of colonialism and conquest by Christian and Muslim peoples. Even when presented with evidence by Africans from early sources, their cultural brainwashing will not allow them to accept what their ancestors understood as just a part of life, like so many pre-Western contact people did. It may not have been universal, but it was common.

    • @mellicious, it’s completely ignorant to assume that African “homophobia” was brainwashed into us by “foreign religions”. Did you know that before the coming of Christianity/ Europeans, according to most of our indigenous customs, abominations such as homosexuality incest and bestiality were punishable by either death, exile or at the very least, some harsher cases, the punishments were extended to innocent family members. thus due to the severity of these punishments, the acts were seldom practiced. that’s why most African dialects don’t have a name for some cultures African men had to undergo very risky/ life threatening rituals like killing/hunting various wild animals such as lions, cheaters etc with crude weapons like spears or daggers. they also underwent adult circumcision without any form of anesthetics or sedatives( in many instances if they would be dimmed as weak if they expressed their pain) just to prove/affirm their manhood, thus begs the question of where transgender/transvestite men fit in. you have a very beautiful face by the way (from your profile pic).,

      • How incredibly silly. Yes the young Masai had to prove his “manhood” by killing a lion. I know. I lived in Tanzania in the 1970s. So what. That’s not the calling for every living African male. Macho is fine. Not macho is fine too.

      • @realnigga Now that is interesting. Makes you wonder if they were somehow aware of genetic inheritance or perhaps of the risks of unchecked pedophilla?

  • Why do you mislead people like this ? I bet your not African and do you have any idea how big Africa is ?? That’s was never the normal for all Africa’s. Plz stop misleading people with this nonsense


    • Barking with capitals doesn’t add weight to your argument but in fact diminishes it because it is harder to read. All those nice qualifiers you have used apply to every country and every ethnic community on earth. You are simply describing a certain minority portion of the human race. Your barking won’t change that. It just makes you look and sound a little silly.

      • Why are you trying so hard, can’t you just accept that people don’t like fags. It’s a natural reaction to not like you guys. You want people to believe you guys are naturally fags, then why can’t you accept that we naturally don’t like what you guys are doing. Is it that hard? Do you so much sphere time on your hands that you have to reply to everyone who is against your way of life? You come here and tell people who are against your way of life are silly. Your childish behavior forcing people to accept your gay agenda is even more silly. Leave people alone, we have made up or minds, there is nothing you can change. Just accept it. You want acceptance, accept us.

        • Perfect. Follow your own advice, mind your own business and leave us alone. We are not affecting your life in any way. Do we go poking around how you make love front and rear when you are frustrated by your religion or other cultural impediments? You don’t like us? So what? Live and let live. Hating is not good for your health, neither your physical nor your moral health.

  • So what? If homosexuality is a disease let the WHO find immunisation for it. Previously we had an outbreak of reprosy and we tried to. kick it out. So we should keep on watching some abonomalities and internalise them because they are feelings of some individuals? Let us not accept problems to overpower us! Wheather one African or whiteman ever practiced homesexual but today we say this is unacceptable or disallowable

    • If homosexuality is as widespread as we are being made to believe, why is it meeting so much resistance among africans who are supposed to have been practicing it for mellinia? Why is so much effort being made to have it embraced by all? If it has always been accepted by the community, Why can’t it be left to continue at its natural rate instead of trying to fast track it? If people see it as extremely beneficial, they will take it up voluntarily as with various technologies/ innovations such as the mobile phone. As for those researches, they are not very different from others purporting to know more about africans than the africans themselves, They come to the continent with a preconceived idea, spend a few months asking a few biased questions & claim to know more about the life of a certain people than those who have lived it for decades.

  • colin stop post false information. Homosexuality and cannibalism is a European practise. No of this was going on before the Europeans invaded Africa. Study your own history- leave Afrika to the Afrikans- and you will see in Rome all the “scholars” were gay, you well see you Europeans men never love your women and still don’t, they were properties in your eyes….. STOP SPREADING PROPAGANDA

  • Regards Queen Nzinga, yes she did dress like a King however she was a Queen. She dressed like that because of the character and spirit she possessed. She was call the living Haru. Haru was a previous Pharaoh a great king and just warrior and Queen Nzinga all his attributes. Therefore she dressed like him, her dwelling place was designed to imitate his. Even the sparrow that represents Haru was at the entrance of her kingdom.

    Unlike European women, Afrikan Queens have always have status in society including being soldiers (Warriors), doesn’t mean they were homosexual.

    Another thing, you Europeans have been studying Afrikan for so long, how comes you haven found this information before??? But now that you need homosexuality to pervade the black Afrikan society and community this information suddenly appeared.

    And i don’t care if it is a melaninated person who provided some on these information because a lot of us will do anything for money and a lot of us still think we are white so our actions will always benefit the Europeans!!!!!!!

  • When you say homosexuality was pre colonial was it also pre greco-roman too. I don’t think that it was introduced by colonials but by greece and romans and ironically spread through christianity and islam as part of the occult.

  • Why is population of whites decreasing. Maybe the wide spread of homosexuality in westernized and european society plays a role. The other funny thing is homosexuals who cannot reproduce are adopting children of color. There are many anomalies or phenomena that occurs in nature and anyone could be attracted/addicted to anything that brings pleasure…doesnt mean it shouldn’t or should be. It just means it is. What we do know is that societies often conforms to what is popular even to its own detriment.

  • Severals point I want to bring.

    1. THE CLAIM THAT QUEEN NZINGAH BEING A HOMOSEXUAL IS FALSE. She had a harem of men that were too cowardly to fight the Portuguese. SHE WOULD HAVE SEX WITH THEM. She had an army of women because they were the only ones that would step up.
    2. Homosexuality may have existed in small pockets, but out of the tens of thousands of languages and cultural groups on the continent, only a handful of them that may have had practices or incidents (not entire cultures) of homosexuality. How can that be used to suggest that the homosexuality is indeed AFRICAN or that is represents the quintessence of AFRICAN LIFE? Marriage itself, the union of man and woman, has been been practiced by African longer than any other group. LOOK AT HOW OLD THE CUSHITE EMPIRE WAS 80-100,000 YEARS OLD (To have empires you must first have families).
    3. They statements made regarding the Igbo women being Homosexuals also false. It was a means of prolonging the family lineage by bringing in a woman who could procreate.
    4. Many of the cultures are very old and predate a lot of European civilizations, that is true but where is the Historical evidence (chronological)? This article has not put the dates or time periods when these people were to have supposedly started this lifestyle. Tell me, before the coming of invaders into Africa (Arab, Asiatic, Roman, Greek, Turks etc now we’re talking BC) did these practice exist on the African continent as a pro-dominant culture or even a practice? Give us the dates, show us you primary sources, your etymological and chronological evidence.
    5. “Cave painting of the bush men”? Show them to us.
    6. Homosexuality as a mainstream, widespread lifestyle as it was with the Greeks and Romans did not help their society. History shows that. THE FABRIC BETWEEN THE MAN AND WOMEN, SPIRITUAL SEXUAL SOCIAL IS PARAMOUNT. WITHOUT THIS THE SOCIETY WILL CRUMBLE. Greece and Rome are proof of that. AFRICA MUST DETERMINE IT’S OWN DESTINY AND NOT BOW TO THE WHIMS OF THE WHITE, ASIAN AND PALE ARAB FORCES AT WORK. If we decide not to fall for homosexuality, then that is what we must pursue. I don’t believe in persecuting our people who may identify as homosexual but I don’t think we should support something we do not believe will serve the betterment of our people. We (AFRICANS WORLDWIDE) ALL need to unite under Blackness and RBG principals of Pan Africanism to make a united Africa for the African no longer conned, exploited, pillaged rape or abused by anyone.

    IT IS UN-AFRICAN SIMPLY BECAUSE A FEW GROUPS WITH ISOLATED PRACTICES OF HOMOSEXUALITY DOES NOT represent the quintessence of AFRICAN SEXUAL LIFE, No more than Indians eating meat make Hindu culture any less vegetarian.

    • Who has ever said — besides yourself — that “homosexuality represents the quintessence of african sexual life”. I can’t imagine someone being that stupid. In every society on every continent on earth, there are from 5 to 10% of members who are homosexual. It is part of nature, human and animal. There are some of us who feel no innate nor natural attraction towards women. It is not something we want. It is something we are. No one would WANT to be stigmatized, shunned and discriminated against by CHOSING to be homosexual. Such an idea makes no sense.

  • The tired never-ending conflation of sexual orientation with gender expression.

    Do you ever happen to think of crossdressing as an inherent expression of heterosexuality because most crossdressers are heterosexual men; not gay.

  • Just Freaking Sickos.. That Why God isn’t Pleased With Men/ Women Now. And He Will Destroy, Them Against for Thier disobedience and Giving into Thier Fleshly Desires instead of Seeking Him…

  • The article is misleading especially as it pertains to the Igbo of Nigeria. Female to female marriage doesn’t mean they sleep together. This arrangement happens when the husband(male) dies without an offspring. The widow who is beyond child bearing age in consultation with the in-laws will arrange to get a child bearing female to the family of the deceased. During the ceremony, a man stands in as the husband. The purpose is procreation and continuation of the family name. The widow takes care of the woman and arranges for the sperm donor. This is not homosexuality because there is no romantic or amorous relationship between the two women.

  • Way to be inclusive of trans* identities. Most of this isn’t “homosexual” at all. These people are trans*. But everyone loves to negate a trans* person’s identity in place of the word “homosexual” which we are not.

  • No discussion about homosexuality and transgenderism is complete without a full exploration of the role of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals.

    The presence of these oestrogen-mimicking substances in our food, household products, body-care products, medicines, plastics and other synthetic materials, explains the explosion and proliferation of sexual orientation and gender identity issues that we are currently witnessing.

    Please study the role of hormones in the physiology of a healthy, functioning body alongside the hormonal imbalances that are created by these chemicals and you will understand that homosexuality and transgenderism are symptoms – just like infertility, premature puberty, diabetes, obesity and genital defects – of our toxic environment. Animals are not naturally homosexual, nor are homosexual animals proof that homosexuality is natural; they are simply victims of chemical toxicity.

    • Just another brainless theory. Is that how you explain homosexuality at the time of Socrates or Alexander the Great. You really think people are stupid, don’t you.

      • Hello Roman,

        Graphic, violent images, absolutely. But nothing to do with my comment, so please stay on track.

        No, I would not explain homosexuality in ancient times with talk of modern-day endocrine disrupting chemicals (also known as xeno-oestrogens). Rather, I would offer as a contributor, ancient endocrine disruptors, some of which have always existed on earth.

        The core issue here is not chemicals, but the resulting hormonal imbalance, which could absolutely contribute to the prevalence of homosexuality in the time of Socrates, since naturally-occurring plant-based EDCs (known as phyto-oestrogens), can impact the synthesis, release and function of hormones, as can certain metals, e.g. mercury, whose use in health products and cosmetics has been well-documented throughout the ancient world.

        It’s important to add that some homosexuals are introduced to same-sex activity whilst being sexually abused as children. Consider this alongside the fact that, in Ancient Greece, homosexuality was commonly practiced between grown men and pubescent or adolescent boys, but less so between homosexual adult males. In fact, this practice, known as Pederasty, was a way for adult males to engage in, but avoid being ‘feminised’ or ‘pacified’ by, anal penetration. To sodomise a boy, however, was deemed perfectly acceptable.

        Did you read the research paper I posted? It presents a strong case for EDC involvement in reproductive and other types of hormonal imbalance, as well as a range of reproductive pathologies. Have a read and I’m sure you will find that, although not yet conclusive, this field of research is much more than the ‘brainless theory’ you imply in your opening comment and could settle the issue of the cause of homosexuality once and for all.

        I welcome further discussion once you’ve done some research into this subject.

        • Let the people who understand homosexuality study, analyze and discuss the probable causes of homosexuality, that is, homosexuals themselves. It is just as ridiculous for a totally heterosexual male to study, analyze and discuss the factors that make a women what she is than it is for him to study, analyze and discuss the factors that make a homosexual or transsexual person what he/she is. Being a women or being a homosexual is not what you are made to be by some chemicals, it is what you are.

          The idea that one day the studies that you refer to will discover “once and for all” what makes a homosexual what he is, is just plain stupid. An innate attraction and feeling towards another person comes from the heart and that which you have between your legs. Studying the possible effects of external physical elements as you propose cannot be taken seriously, whatever professionally-sounding terms are used in an attempt to “scientifically” describe the process.

  • Apologies… I didn’t post a research paper (although many exist); my link is actually to a very informative article, which covers the topic in layman’s terms.

  • I am very interested in this topic African tribal homosexuality if anyone can help me or knows of any other web sites or anything that will give me more knowledge of this please email me at

    • You expect collaboration? In order to get the info you are looking for, don’t you think it would be a good idea to identify yourself instead of hiding behind a pseudonym?

  • Read the new testament again. Jesus, who by the way never existed, is a homosexual messiah-like figure.

  • Your list of “facts” completely lacks cultural context. Western-bred homosexuality is different from feminine/masculine spiritual duality found in some African cultures. Please don’t sully Africa with this westernized propaganda of perversion.

  • This source is coming from a Racist White Man who agenda is to further tell lies about African Civilization. From Dr Ben, Dr, Clark, Dr, Asa Hilliard, to Aswra Kewsi all who have been to Africa all who had and still studying Africa have way more years in experience of Research then the above Author or Authors. This is another way of Disrespecting a Culture that was here before White People. Homesexuality is a Eurprean creation that comes from Europe. This book has faulty Research I know for a Fact Homesexuality comes from Euprean culture Africa always belive in live and reproduction which is proven in the writing of Egypt and through out the Content of Africa. Africa was civilized before Europe ever was but now you Racist White Men trying to but us back in the bush. Any one can write a book Few have the ability to do real Research and Dr, Ben Dr Clark Dr Asa Hiliard and Aswra Kewsi have proven Research.

  • First suspicious issue with this is the 1600’s reference. By this time, africa was exposed to European/Greek culture which by this time Homosexuality had been not only approved and revered, but had become problematic and had begun it’s public cultural decent. Second, I see no particular (from this article) significant inputs or dialogue from any contributers who are non white. Remember how Darwinism classifies blacks? Lastly, it is my opinion that this surge in Homosexuality amongst people is the side affect of a much larger scheme. It exists for a reason but what that reason is, only a few know and none will tell. At this point, this seems to be just another shot at negative propaganda aimed at the black african.

  • I am Black and Gay and Proud……and just so sick of the hateful comments of people especially our own People of Color tossing bible verses around to trying and justify nothing more than the bigotry, ignorance and hate.Yet, you feast on shrimp, wear forbidden fabrics and have sex during menstruation. Oh, but that’s okay! You give a common murderer more respect that a Homosexual. The bottom line is you are no better of a human being, know more privileged or valuable because you just happen to be straight…Whether you like it, agree or disagree, there have always been and will always be SGL (Same Gender Loving) people in every culture and part of the world. Some cultures may be more accepting than other but the fact still remains. Maybe your fear is that you somehow what to escape it but you can’t ? I believe the fear is that in this period of time people no longer fear living in there own truth which has nothing to do with your life or your opinions and you fear that. People don’t choose to be what and who the are they just are! and it is not anyone’s place as a human being to judge. Because the majority of those passing judgement do so to take the focus of their own issues and insecurities. Take all of the Mega Pastors that have preached against homosexuality only to be discovered to be leading secret gay lives. That’s the disgrace! Living a lie. And how uncomfortable to live that way. For no other reason but to live up to a false image to please society. The way to please God is through love, and love is love is love is love is love! No matter who you are loving at least you are. As I see it the sin is in spreading hate and judgement. Because when my day of judgement comes you will not be standing their to speak for me only I will… You will be responsible for yourself so I challenge you to get your own house in order…..I believe when my judgement day comes and I tell the good Lord I love the same sex. I BELIEVE he’ll say ” Well at least you loved, come on in” Just remember as humans we have one thing in common we all bleed red blood and everyones SH*T stinks! Some of ya’ll haters more than the average! I’ll close with this one old familiar saying ” Don’t judge a man unless you have walked in his shoes” The only way you would be able to understand any of this is you born gay yourself…. and believe me it could have been you!

  • Bullshit! Yall negros better watch what you mentally digest! This is whitewashed nonsense and stinks to high heaven of global white supremacy!

  • Typical of racist white supremacist privilege. Africa tells you it’s position on homosexuality and you presume to present evidence to Africa their position is not their position??
    Western anthropologists, historians, and religionists are notorious for lying about their own history and culture. I prefer to let Africa tell me what it’s position is and has been.

  • I saw a very old antique movie on you tube 1650 around that year and it showed that the man were having sex with each and the female support for there tribe everyone was wide open way of. life. For them but you are correct.good luck getting these upperdy black americans to believe it. Stupid is what, stupid dose and stupid is not going to want to hear or see this..good work…Darreyl Corey

  • Reblogged this on cmortalx and commented:
    There is a variety of African homosexuality that existed before colonialism. I am on a “Conscious” group on Facebook. Recently, a person, who is more than likely a troll, has been posting images of African homosexuality to condemn African cultures. To my pleasant surprise, there are many members who are condemning him. To help I think that this post and the knowledge about precolonial homosexuality in Africa is important to share. Homosexuality is a part of many African cultures and is healthy.

  • What a sad set of comments: so much anger! But why? There seems to be an obsession with the acts of sex rather than the quality of relationships.
    It is a fact that some people are sexually attracted to people of the same sex. Why condemn them for their desire? It is a fact that some of those people are African. Why consider homosexuality to be contained by ethnicity? If Africans can feel love, it is not surprising some feel love for people of the same sex. Why should Africans be more or less or different?
    While culture has an influence in legitimising or stigmatising same-sex love, undoubtedly this attraction has biological basis,not yet fully understood.
    I cannot believe that God really cares whether my friend’s love for another friend is within or across the genders. She may care more about the quality of the relationship than the type of sexual act. Does God really watch when I have sex: I doubt she (or he) is a voyeur.
    I believe God cares more (if God does care) about how we treat other people than about how we obtain sexual gratification.
    Too many commentators seem to worry about where a man places his penis. Personally, there are places I would not go for aesthetic reasons. I don’t like the idea. But if others do within a mutually non-abusive relationship I would rather worry about other things, like the enslavement still of Africa, greed and pverty, which seem more important.
    I suspect that God rises above the focus on the sex act that disturbs many of the commentators in the preceding posts: they seem to represent only fear and a self-centred view of how other people should behave. Think first about the plank in your own eye.
    I don’t especially want to kiss other men, but I respect other men’s wishes to demonstrate their love for other men in this way, if it harms no one. In fact, on that basis, I would be happy to be kissed and to kiss a person who is gay. I love nothing better than love.

  • Nature is not perfect as you seem to incorrectly believe, therefore homosexuality is as natural as anything. Strange how religious deciples here and elsewhere have such funnel visions, such anger and bitterness, using insulting language demonstarting an obscene lack of understanding. I thought religion taught you to love thy neighbour???
    I suppose as long as that neighbour agrees with you hey? Go get educated! You never know you may become more enlightened.

    interview with Malidoma Some of the Dagara tribe, 1993

    “… among the Dagara people, gender has very little to do with anatomy. It is purely energetic. In that context, a male who is physically male can vibrate female energy, and vice versa. That is where the real gender is. Anatomic differences are simply there to determine who contributes what for the continuity of the tribe. It does not mean, necessarily, that there is a kind of line that divides people on that basis. And this is something that also touches on what has become known here as the “gay” or “homosexual” issue. Again, in the culture that I come from, this is not the issue. These people are looked on, essentially, as people. The whole notion of “gay” does not exist in the indigenous world. That does not mean that there are not people there who feel the way that certain people feel in this culture, that has led to them being referred to as “gay.”

    “The reason why I’m saying there are no such people is because the gay person is very well integrated into the community, with the functions that delete this whole sexual differentiation of him or her. The gay person is looked at primarily as a “gatekeeper.” The Earth is looked at, from my tribal perspective, as a very, very delicate machine or consciousness, with high vibrational points, which certain people must be guardians of in order for the tribe to keep its continuity with the gods and with the spirits that dwell there. Spirits of this world and spirits of the other worlds. Any person who is at this link between this world and the other world experiences a state of vibrational consciousness which is far higher, and far different, from the one that a normal person would experience. This is what makes a gay person gay. This kind of function is not one that society votes for certain people to fulfill. It is one that people are said to decide on prior to being born. You decide that you will be a gatekeeper before you are born. And it is that decision that provides you with the equipment (Malidoma gestures by circling waist area with hands) that you bring into this world. So when you arrive here you begin to vibrate in a way that Elders can detect as meaning that you are connected with a gateway somewhere. Then they watch you grow, and they watch you act and react, and sooner or later they will follow you to the gateway that you are connected with.”

  • Thank you for your educated and tolerant reply.

    Just like we need to appreciate, understand, grant freedom, and even love those who are different from us, we need to seek truth without predudice.

    Agreed that simple facts about a few does not mean everyone is this or that. There should be room for all of us to live, respect, honor and love all of the rest of us.

    But this has been difficult for humanity since the beginning. Just wondering if who or what created us is enjoying or confounded by the battles we engage in over these issues on a daily basis.

    Best wishes to all who struggle trying to understand the human existence delemma.

  • Wow! Good going. We all need to be put in place every so often.
    May I suggest to the previous writer: Don’t cry over you judgments of other folks who do no harm to you, just try to educate yourself more and practice the admonishmens of most religions: “Do unto ohers as you would have them do unto you,” and always “Seek good, and avoud evil.” Enjoy your day.

  • I’m European and have to notice you that this argue is done the same way here! There is not an European tought. An unique “pro/con” all around the world.

  • Gay animals do not exist.

    Proof of gay anal sex amongst animals that is similar to breeding do not exist. (maybe heavily drugged animals at the zoo or farms owned by weirdos that perform experiments)

    Human gay sex is mimicking breeding between a man and female.

    Animal gay sex that is similar to their breeding act DO NOT exist.

    A confused bull penetrating another bull for a second is not gay sex.
    Giraffes rubbing their necks is not gay sex and yet is considered “proof” of gay animals. The wikipedia admits that gay animals express “gay behavior” and NOT anal gay sex with ejaculation.

    It is well know by everybody that “gay relationships” do not last and cannot last. Studies done on gay communities shows 1.5 years to be the peak of gay relationship.

    I’ve watched many documentaries about isolated tribes from north pole to amazon forest and not even once gay was mentioned in their community or their history.

    • Lots of unsupported by baldly stated assertions there, “Ion”. Many that contradict what’s in the Wikipedia article that you mention, if it’s this one.

      I won’t engage in a lengthy debate here.

      — Colin Stewart, editor/publisher of this site

  • I already know that a baby can’t be born if
    two gay men perform fellatio on each other
    and take turns swallowing each other’s semen, and a baby also can’t be born if a
    heterosexual woman performs fellatio on
    a heterosexual man and then swallow his
    semen. if a heterosexual woman performs
    fellatio on a heterosexual man it is also
    classified as sodomy, and if a
    heterosexual man performs cunnilingus on
    a heterosexual woman it is still classified as
    sodomy, and there are still laws on the books
    that also make heterosexual sodomy
    illegal in the United States.The pot can’t call
    the kettle black. Does It Cycle Now ?

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