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    Yes, these are important concerns … BUT I think it’s important not to overlook the first sentence of your second paragraph, which sadly does not fit with the tone of this article: “The cheer was because a widespread recognition of the repression of LGBT people worldwide is long overdue.” Most big movements that are worth undertaking are hard, and complicated. And every time any American gets involved in international human rights, many of the valid questions you highlight in the article come to the surface. Those questions are even more salient when a big organization like HRC is concerned. Dealing with those questions appropriately will take a lot of work, people will make mistakes and bad choices, and people – most of whom started off in relatively powerless positions – will suffer, at least in the short term. But that does not mean the better alternative for HRC and other powerful organizations is to do nothing. I don’t think you would make that claim either.

    I really think it’s a mistake to heap criticism on an effort that – as you mention briefly – is long overdue, just as soon as it’s born. We should be encouraging, nudging, and helping HRC to promote LGBT rights worldwide – rather than assuming the worst from the very beginning.

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    The Left never fails to eats it own…This reminds me of the internecine battles between the Trots, SWP, and Labour during the late 70s and 80, when Entryism backfired and and destroyed any remaining resistance to Tony Blair’s Third Way. Scott Long is well known for his vicious attacks on any activist who does toe his Queer Anarchist Anti-Imperialist line. As for the funds being tainted because the donor is a right wing republican, are we supposed to morally vet all donations? What if it had been anonymous, would that have absolved the funds?



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