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  1. Khan Genus
    Khan Genus at |

    How can more persons be of assistance to these young men?

  2. Angela Allyn
    Angela Allyn at |

    I would also like to help these men. It’s my understanding that they were living in JFLAG’s backyard until JFLAG lost its lease (effectively becoming homeless itself.) Is there a crowdsourcing webpage set up to fundraise for them? For JFLAG? Where are the big international gay rights organizations? Their silence on this issue is kind of deafening.

    1. glbtqja
      glbtqja at |

      thank you very much Angela it is a shame that the now mainstream LGBT groups do not see the need to raise this longstanding issue to the level of importance as decriminalizing buggery, I hope too that this assistance does not end up being a fluke as we have seen this before which amounted to mere tokenism.


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