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  1. Colin Robinson
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    Oh dear, Maurice, this sort of minimizes the bottle Caleb Orozco took to the teeth, the hard work he and other Belizeans have been doing to change their own country, the legal team at UWI who worked for years to develop the constitutional challenge, the Government Minister who spoke out against Christian demonstrators. We are all celebrating PM Barrow’s leadership in engaging the churches and shaping a vision of a plural nation, which should put Kamla, Portia, Ralph and the rest of CARICOM to shame. But let’s celebrate this by focusing on the brave and emotional and costly work of nation-building happening in Belize. This victory belongs to Belizeans. Let’s not cheapen it by giving the impression that one makes changes of this kind by writing letters from abroad!

  2. Bob
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    LBGT is anti God no matter what they say and will get their due when they breath thier last. In what group do you find most of the venirial deseases, it is vulger besides being unhealthy. All same sex activity is mostly about imoral sex.


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