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  1. D.C.
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    Uganda again!

  2. Shamil
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    Every Religion preaches on love and yet look at the amount of hate that is spread by the followers of these so called religions……. Hypocrsy on it’s very best.

  3. Mark Janes
    Mark Janes at |

    This is terrible, as it seems that certain myths (that gay men recruit children or spread disease) are being repeated to these townspeople as facts. I’m willing to bet that those people are either Christian or Muslim. This is what drives many gays and lesbians from faith: why invest in something which many believers insist will send gays and lesbians to eternal punishment for being who they were born to be?

  4. ask
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    Using this story to get money .. duh !.. again !!! opportunists.

    1. B-Kenya
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      Hi Ask,
      I feel you on this “we need funds for bla bla bla” stories that emerge from Uganda. Unfortunately its very hard to know which ones are for real and which ones aren’t. Personally, I know Long Jones so I kinda trust him. I just hope it isn’t another scam. It paints Ugandan LGBTI folk very badly.

      B – Kenya


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