Uganda: Plea for help for 2 attacked, 2 arrested for sodomy

Dominique and Robert (Photo courtesy of Spectrum Uganda)

Dominique and Robert (Photo courtesy of Spectrum Uganda)

The anti-AIDS gay rights group Spectrum Uganda Initiatives has sent out a plea for funds to support two members who have been arrested and a gay couple who were chased out of their village and now need medical attention in the Ugandan capital, Kampala.

John “Long Jones” Abdallah Wambere, operations coordinator for Spectrum Uganda, reported on the couple’s plight:

Robert and Dominique, a couple who lived in Nsangi, were attacked at night by neighbors who shouted at them, “Get out, you homosexuals! We shall burn you! We are sick and tired of your actions and recruiting our young children. Get out!”

In fear for their lives, they crawled out a back window, ran away and eventually made their way to the Spectrum Uganda offices to seek help.

Dominique, a construction worker, is HIV-positive and having trouble with eating. Before the attack, the two partners would sometimes team up on building projects to make money.

Now they have not work and are living temporarily in the suburb of Bweyogerere. Their friend there agreed to provide housing for only a week; they must find new housing by July 13.

“They have to keep moving from friend to friend,” Wambere said. “I hope something will come up to help them.”


Wambere also explained the predicament facing Spectrum members Deo and Peter, who were arrested in April on sodomy charges and also need help with accommodations.

Deo was evicted after his landlord learned of his arrest. Peter had been housed by Fr. Antony Musaala, but had to leave amid the recent controversy over the priest’s letter about uncelibate priests.

Deo and Peter must report to the police on a regular basis until the State Attorney decides whether to drop the charges or decides to pursue the case against them.

Wambere himself stood as surety for the release of the couple, but Spectrum Uganda had no other financial support for them.

Uganda’s Civil Society Coalition sent out email recently, saying that they too have run out of emergency Funds.

Spectrum Uganda initially sought to raise 5 million Ugandan shillings (about US $2,000 or 1,480 euros) to get the four people back on their feet, but any amount would be helpful.

Spectrum Uganda will be accountable for the proper use of contributions. For more information, contact them at spectrum.uganda@gmail.com.

PayPal contributions should go to abdallah.wambere@gmail.com (an account that Spectrum is using to receive donations); otherwise, use that account to inquire for details of how to send a wire transfer.

8 thoughts on “Uganda: Plea for help for 2 attacked, 2 arrested for sodomy

  1. Every Religion preaches on love and yet look at the amount of hate that is spread by the followers of these so called religions……. Hypocrsy on it’s very best.


  2. This is terrible, as it seems that certain myths (that gay men recruit children or spread disease) are being repeated to these townspeople as facts. I’m willing to bet that those people are either Christian or Muslim. This is what drives many gays and lesbians from faith: why invest in something which many believers insist will send gays and lesbians to eternal punishment for being who they were born to be?


    • Hi, Ask —

      Do you mean that the two guys provoked the attack so they could be driven out of their home, could flee to the capital city for safety, try live there without jobs and without permanent residence — all that in order to seek donations?

      Or do you mean that the people trying to help them are opportunists in trying the raise money to help them? Your suggested alternative would be what?

      — Colin Stewart, editor of this blog


    • Hi Ask,
      I feel you on this “we need funds for bla bla bla” stories that emerge from Uganda. Unfortunately its very hard to know which ones are for real and which ones aren’t. Personally, I know Long Jones so I kinda trust him. I just hope it isn’t another scam. It paints Ugandan LGBTI folk very badly.

      B – Kenya


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