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    It is worth reading

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    The church is responsible for this.

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    I wish I could help you dude. If you could make it to America, you could stay at my apartment for a few days but then you would have to leave or I would be in violation of my lease (and I can’t be homeless again). What the hell can I do ? Our f#cking U.S. conservative politicians don’t care about gays being killed or mistreated. They hate us and wish they could jail and execute gays. Yeah we got a Democrat President, but I just don’t know what to do about this and I want to do something. This is horrible abuse and it mostly comes from the Church. I know this is a fact. The only thing I think I can possible do is spread the word about your story and all the other victims of persecution. I just don’t know what else I can do. Being poor sucks. 🙁

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    Touched * Amnesty must help you get out of Zimbabwe come to South Africa I’ll help with the little I have . Why should you suffer whilst we’re here.

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    Mugabe is a hero he is a saint, you bastards take the western satanic movements offf ok! otherwise we Africans cut your neck!!!! like ISIS OK we have no place for this type of evil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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