Uganda parliament downgrades anti-gay bill

The Ugandan parliament has pushed its controversial Anti-Homosexuality Bill down to No. 6 on its order of upcoming business.

The bill had been listed as next in line for upcoming action after the parliament’s daily agenda, then second in line.

“Don’t know what parliament is up to but we are watching,” the coalition of Ugandan activists Civil Society Coalition on Human Rights and Constitutional Law posted on its Facebook page.

Yesterday, the coalition noted:  “Unconfirmed reports indicate that Parliament may go into recess on Friday 14th December 2012.” In previous years, the parliament has repeatedly wrapped up its business without acting on the bill.

Rebecca Kadaga, the speaker of the Ugandan parliament, had promised passage of the bill before Christmas.  But a loud chorus of local and international voices has been raised in opposition to passage of the bill, which would stiffen Uganda’s  already-strict punishments for homosexual activity and would require citizens, including parents and doctors, to report suspected homosexuals to police.

The parliament’s agenda for Dec. 12 is here: ORDER PAPER FOR WEDNESDAY 12TH DECEMBER, 2012

2 thoughts on “Uganda parliament downgrades anti-gay bill

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