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  1. Tom M., HIV Programming and Care Consultant/Global Rights Activist and Author

    THRUTH 1. SOGI planning and dialogue session in Uganda, attending public hearings and dispelling myths, HIV, Health, treatment for LGBTI, presentation of structured reports on LGBT, housing for those evicted, gender neutral bathrooms, counselling and consequential counselling are some of the skills medical dotors who are LGBTI-friendly engaged in or at all opportunities taught to all the people who have been awarded prizes, honours and accolades. The doctors who have helped this to happen are NEVER acknowledge!! TRUTH 2. There are medical doctors who have worked with LGBTIQQ in Uganda since 2000! Who will thank them or honour them too??? I am happy Ugandans are receiveing hard earned medals ‘for their work among LGBT in Uganda.’ It is commendable. But, in order for it to be fair. The medical doctors who have done so much for LGBT need to be applauded too. Some can no longer live in Uganda having escaped after being tortured as well! These doctors carry confidential info and even while being tortured they endeavoured to guard it from prying torturers! They have scars and missing teeth to show for this!


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