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    See my radio interview About Catherine Judith Burn deputy comissioner working with a gay pedophile suspect Garry Burn who’s suing my dad for homosexual baby rapist villification. That’s right NSW Police work with pedophiles who argued sucessfully in court that sex with infant is a holy act that must not be vilified! Why is my dad being sued? It’s all explained in the interview with ONE NATION PARTY SENATE CANDIDATE FOR QLD MIKE HOLT! My Christmas present for the Gay Greens Policitians who are legalizing pedophilia by crimilzing dissent against it. VOTE INFANT SEX NORMALIZATION VOTE GREENS. See them exposed in My Restore Australia radio Interview with Mike Holt One Nation Party Candidate for QLD : http://www.blogtalkradio.com/restoreaustralia/2015/12/23/restoreaustralia-radio-show-24-december-2015 “This show is explosive. Join my guest Luke McKee as we discuss the socialist attempts to legalize pedophilia in Australia. Luke names the major villains in this sordid expose of sex for sale, pedophilia, political and judicial corruption in high places. Fasten your seat belt. You’ll need it.” http://www.scribd.com/doc/290041909/2015-06-11-NCAT-Burns-v-McKee-Affidavit – This AUSCERT offical court transcript proves that it really is a crime according to the NSW Goverment to do homosexual villification of published gay marriage activist gay dads convicted 22 month old Russian Infant sodomy one anal rapists (Mark Newton Peter Truong) of young children (Drake Newton) – See the young gay dads baby rape victim’s uncensored photo being used as a poster boy for gay marriage on a criminal gay blogger and biggest gay activist in Singapore Alex Au’s blog (he opened the first gay orgy bathhouse there) https://yawningbread.wordpress.com/2013/01/20/pastor-ambushes-goh-chok-tong-with-demand-to-defend-377a/ https://plus.google.com/107737496154974531069/posts/bqceQQax7Nf . The gay judge in my father’s case also ruled that again. Search tinyurl.com/abcplugspedos in austlii.edu.au case law for the June 25 Decision and read it carefully, also check out that link. These guys that ABC says are better than regular dads http://archive.org/details/TwoDadsAreBetterThanOne http://tinyurl.com/equalmarriageequalsboyrape . If you can’t villify those pedos who rape infants who can you vilify? Garry “Boylover” Burns says “you can’t vilify them” in court. Court audio to be released soon. Say hi to the gay pedophile suspect for me http://twitter.com/garryburnsblog Hear the science behind the claim that a gay male is 30 times more likely to abuse children. It’s been tested in court right now!

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