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    Barbados seems to be a place to avoid if you’re an LGBTQIA tourist for the time being…

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    British “colonially imposed” anti gay legislation ?
    Those damn British!
    Let’s see Barbados was independent in 1966… 50 years ago.
    Time to look in the mirror and not across the ocean.

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    Who wrote this article, how long have you been away from Barbados? Everyone knows someone that is Gay, no one in Barbados actually care who is gay. One might disagree with a stance, but no one will do anything. Those old colonial laws are a challenge, because if one removes them and a male claim they were raped how will one charge someone for it if the law is removed?

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      The law could simply state that Rape is illegal. Period. No need to create the sodomy category, which discriminates against Gay persons. The same way Barbados makes other provisions so they could make this one.

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      Where have *you* been, Adrian? I have friends of the LGBTQ community who endure this sort of torment (such as the Canadian lesbian tourist) every day.

      They have scriptures spat at them, death threats thrown at them, etc.

      Barbadians love to blame the government for our downfall often forgetting they lack to do their roles as members of society.

      Barbados is not a christian society. We are a predominantly christian society. You cannot force the other minorities in Barbados to follow the rules of one religion. That is extremist and unjust.

      The state and the church MUST be seperate.

      I believe Barbados is missing out a key opportunity in LGBTQ tourism. We need not let preferences and beliefs (pride) be our downfall.

      I’m ashamed of my country to be honest. As people who overcame oppression, why do we insist in using the rights we fought for to oppress another group of persons? Have we lost our morality?

      Learn to co-exist with persons of different cultures, beliefs and differences.

    3. AC
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      Are you serious? Rape is rape and will/should be a crime no matter whether it is homosexual or heterosexual rape. This is not the issue. Caribbean homophobia sickens me. Whether the xenophobic, homophobic people in the Caribbean realise it or not, some people are born gay. They cannot help it. Why on God’s green earth would someone choose to be gay in somewhere like Jamaica? By criminalising homosexuality not only are we denying homosexuals the opportunity to lead normal, love filled lives we are also forcing a large percentage of our gay males to be on the “down low”, many marrying women just to keep up appearances. This is stupid beyond belief. What would these anti-gay Caribbean people do if their son, daughter, cousin, sister or brother was gay? To all of these over zealous Christians who says the bible says it’s wrong, I say: (1) Who gave you the authority to judge anyone? If you believe God will punish gays leave it to him and stop meddling in people’s business (2) Why is no one harping on about the rampant adultery by both heterosexual men and women in the Caribbean? This is also forbidden in the bible but no one cares about this and guys in the Caribbean spur each other on. This is beyond hypocritical. (3) Why do you care so much about what two consenting adults do in their own private space? I actually believe that many younger people in the Caribbean are not bothered too much by homosexuality deep down. A lot of the noise we hear from these anti LGBT activists are for the sake of keeping up appearances and conforming to the norm. It also comes from people who are not so confident with their own sexuality. These are just my opinions though and I’m no expert (one for the trolls) :). For these discriminatory laws to exist in 2015 in the Caribbean, where discrimination against black and other non-whites was rampant for hundreds of years is laughable, embarrassing and absolutely unacceptable.

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        Forgot to say before, directed at Maurice Tomlinson, that while I support your efforts for LGBT rights in the Caribbean, I don’t think anyone should be holding any Caribbean state to ransom by basically stating that we need to embrace the LGBT community or your economies will suffer because the LGBT tourists will stay away or go elsewhere in the Caribbean. This sends the wrong message, and many people in the Caribbean will resent this statement no matter how true. We should repeal anti-sodomy laws and be more tolerant and accepting because (1) Discrimination in all forms is wrong; and (2) It’s the right thing to do.

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