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    The final report from the Caribbean Court of Justice gay travel ban hearing…

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    What a lame, stupid and discriminatory argument presented by the states of Trinidad and Belize? To announce in court that their so called ‘peculiar culture’ cannot accept the word ‘homosexuals’ as a mainstream, but the laws were in fact ‘unenforceable,’ is a poppycock argument that reminds me of the argument that black people were born to be slaves, but we won’t enforce the law of slavery.

    It is unfortunate but as a group of islands that fully understand what discrimination feels like, we are far from being independent thinkers carving our own free path to our liberty. For a group of countries formed from discriminatory and inhumane conditions, it is ironic they are still being exclusionary and discriminating against their very own people. In fact they are no better than their former slave owners.

    Sadly these beautiful islands are all still in the cane field, drunkenly eating the cane and still sleeping under a tree while the whole world passes us by. In Jamaica we call people who are beautiful like the islands but do not seem to be progressive in thought, PRETTY DUNCE.

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    Do Belize and Trindad want to invite a tourist boycott? Well, OK then . . .

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    Why does this not so silent MINORITY have the right to impose their beliefs on the silent MAJORITY to force the beliefs and MORAALS to change and degrade the MORAL fiber of these communities ????


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