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    Colin and sisters and brothers in Kenya, I understand and suffer with you the closure you have had to make. To all the LGBTQI folks around the world I say let us gather together and help these folks on the ground. I have been receiving unbelievably propagandistic rants from a catholic theologian about how the West cannot intervene in Africa. “Western imperialism has to stop. Africans have to work this out themselves. I’ve never met a truly loving couple yet.” Horrors! The Catholic church I have experienced in Cameroon is so triumphalistic, so male dominated, so anti-gay! We cannot accept this jail sentence. We must support our sisters and brothers wherever they are. I have pledged support for a Cameroon HIV/AIDS center, CAMEF, to find funds so that they can reopen after they were vandalized in Dec–Christmas–with death threats. Can you imagine they want to put their lives on the line? Western imperialism indeed!
    Here’s the Indiegogo campaign I’ve set up We have received only ONE donation so far. Please world! come help! http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/651675/emal/541524 Thanks!

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