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  1. Kim Karlstein
    Kim Karlstein at |

    I really dind’t expect the Indian high court to do based on its past rulings

  2. Paul Tomlinson
    Paul Tomlinson at |

    SMH…India will be on the wrong side of history for this act. The human struggle continues…

  3. Raj
    Raj at |

    It is not right to criticize a country’s Apex Court’s verdict, particularly when it is made on the basis of the law. It is just based on the reference to that law it has taken a stand, and it has also directed to the govt if it wants to amend the law. It is the duty of the Parliament to make any law. It is absolutely contempt of the Court to criticize the Apex Court’s verdict. Thankfully, the Supreme Court has not taken cognizance of that and issued contempt of Court notices. If there are any displeasure then you can approach the same Court for the review. But, one cannot take on the Supreme Court’s respect, its a very wrong Precedence, that would lead to real failure of Democracy.

  4. Phythox
    Phythox at |

    Why it is a Necessity !


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