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  1. Angeline Jackson
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    Dear Marco, I don’t think LGBT people hate religious people, in fact many LGBT people who are people of faith actively try to reconcile their faith and sexuality, and are actively trying to create change in such communities.

    I don’t know what prompted your question however, I think many persons and many of the faith community are rather fearful of what the consequences of the anti-gay and disapproval-of-homosexuality religious lobby will face when there is greater justice, equality, and equity for LGBT people, just as religious people express their fear over how they may be treated if atheism (or radical atheism if you will) were to become the majority.

    I remember reading a meme on Facebook which is said was made by a youth pastor. It said, “there is simply nothing we can do about [the rise of atheism] but accept the inevitable and hope they do not treat Christians the way Christians have treated them”. I have a strong feeling we could change the word atheism to acceptance/tolerance/respect/equality of LGBT people.

  2. keith
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    I’m a catholic irish man and i’m also a gay practicing mane i believe strongly in my faith but i also believe that i will never change for what the catholic church deems wrong. Since the bible was wrote more then 2000 years ago when the idea of being a homosexual had a completely different meaning.

  3. luis
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    People forget that homosexuality is a choice. Is perversion of human kind and is not love but lust driven.

    God is clear about why homosexuality is abomination. He is a God of Love not of perversion and some sick people twist the meaning of love that produces something like offsprings.

    There is no such thing as marriage equality since marriage is the union of a man amd a woman the natural and right way to live and the correct sexuality of man.

    You can believe what you want but do not lie – how many christians have to face persecution for their faith? Also many people like to say the bible is 2 years old so their train of thought is wrong and anti gay but thruth been told what was considered sin back then is still sin and perversion today cause God do not change with the centuries, he is the same of yesterday, today and forever which means the bible will remain the authority on morals.

    Homosexuality is caused by an evil spirit by a demon. Which ia why is condemned in the bible. I amnot saying you should be killed or go to jail for that but i shouldnt either for refusing to bow to human perversion or for denying to work or service a lgbtt cause they are disgusting and some even transmonsters and like the ex president of apa said suffer from sicosis.

    Homosexuality is a mental illness, lost of sense and lost of one true identity. But you can be healed of it thru Jesuschrist.

    Live your live and leave the marriage institution untouched or you and any nation will face the wrath of God and civil wars. Learn your place. Heterosexual is the right way to live and will always be above perversion and are the only ones of moving a society forward.


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