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  2. Tom M., HIV Programming and Care Consultant/Global Rights Activist and Author

    Very despicable!

  3. Chowski
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    What else qwoulod expect from ignorant bigots with religion-posioned minds? “God” makes even the most reasonable person into a murderer.

  4. Rextrek
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    BARBARIANS……what century is this?

  5. Whatdiduexpect
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    The article is faulty. They fail to mention that after the stoning the body was barbecued and eaten in a frenzy of joy for due justice. The traditional African way of celebrating Human Rights.

  6. Deee!
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    TUFIAKWA!! SHAME! Mother Africa, when will you finally reach the maturity and civilization you have seen displayed before you for centuries? This is not about copying Western dress or grammar, this is about learning to live like humans and not wild barbarians no better or more intelligent than dogs. You sicken me. Signed, a tremendously outraged Nigerian.

  7. Bill
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    The heterosexual barbarians are at it again.


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