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    A suspect has already been held in the matter and is awaiting trial as it has to do with homeless msms and internal conflicts but by how this release is postured it makes it look as a homophobic killing when it is not so in this case, we must be honest that is not to say those do not exist either but if one wants to know what is truly happening one needs to come to Jamaica and see the issues on the ground for oneself the intellectual dishonesty that reaks from that press release like this helps noone or is it just how out of touch the advocacy structures are with regards to LGBT homelessness in Jamaica, all the populations are used for is to collect data with no meaningful followup to solves the issues the persons actually go through.

    LGBT advocacy is not just about repealing or decriminalizing buggery but also addressing those lives interrupted on the ground who face untold hardships.

  2. Haley Barber
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    Jamaica is one of the MOST disgraceful countries in the world when it comes to acceptance! Jamaicans love to boast and brag that they are well-educated. However, well-educated people don’t go around killing people based on sexual orientation! Clearly their education system is not like that of the Scandinavian countries. Jamaican are PRIMITIVE!
    Believe the world should BOYCOTT that country until they genuinely become educated and do NOT extend them any monetary support until they CEASE and DESIST from their PRIMITIVE consciousness as it pertains to individual’s RIGHTS! It doesn’t surprise me that the country exists in unceasing poverty. POOR consciousness…POOR everything! Wakeup you IGNORANT people! This doesn’t take ‘Rocket Science’. Duhhhhhhhhhh!


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