Russia: Police arrest 60 St. Petersburg gay pride marchers

Gay Star News, among others, reports: All the participants in today’s St Petersburg gay pride parade have been arrested and are being detained in police vans. Some participants were badly beaten by anti-gay protestors. Nikolai Alekseev, one of Russia’s most prominent LGBT activists who was arrested last month for organizing a gay rights march, confirmed … Continue reading


Reminder to U.S.: LGBT people suffer in 76+ countries

Bostonians at the Pride Parade this past weekend were reminded of the often-desperate situation of LGBT asylum-seekers from 76-plus countries with laws against homosexual activity, as well as LGBT people who remain in those countries. A contingent from the LGBT Asylum Support Task Force marched with paper bags on their heads to symbolize their solidarity … Continue reading


Moscow police arrest protesters; Ukraine’s protect them

Police respond differently to pride marches in Ukraine and Russia LGBT rights activists held Ukraine’s first pride parade today in Kiev. The march was held with police protection and despite a court ruling against it, Reuters reported. About 10 counter-protesters were arrested. In contrast, police in Moscow arrested about 30 people — both gay-rights activists … Continue reading