Anti-gay Cameroonians target LGBTI rights activists

During renewed national discussions of Cameroon’s anti-homosexuality law, anti-gay Cameroonians have targeted, threatened and harassed LGBTI rights advocates, some of whom were driven from their homes. Alternatives-Cameroon, the Douala-based advocacy organization that fights against Aids and for recognition of the human rights of LGBTI people, reported the harassment in a press release: Homosexuality in Cameroon: … Continue reading

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Isn’t distributing expired HIV drugs a sin?

“Giving people expired anti-retroviral therapies (ARVs) is haram, forbidden, sin.” That’s what  Ugandan researcher/ activist Stella Nyanzi wrote on Facebook after she visited an HIV-positive friend. Use of expired medications is one of the many deficiencies of current efforts to control HIV/Aids in Uganda.  It’s a problem that affects many who are HIV-positive, whether they … Continue reading


African/U.S. appeal for Cameroon’s girls, LGBTI youths

Two groups of human-rights advocates in the United States and Cameroon have joined forces to appeal for recognition of the rights of Cameroonian children, especially girls and LGBTI youths, who are often subjected to discrimination, abuses and inadequate health care. The Advocates for Human Rights, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S., and the Cameroonian Foundation for … Continue reading

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Renewal of anti-gay law would move Cameroon backwards

Alternatives-Cameroon calls on President Paul Biya to block enactment of a revised Penal Code that reinforces the old Penal Code’s criminalization of homosexuality.  The Douala-based advocacy organization, which fights against Aids and for recognition of the human rights of LGBTI people, today issued this press release: Retaining the Criminalization of Homosexuality in Cameroon A step … Continue reading