‘Your Children Will Die if You Don’t Stop’
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‘Your Children Will Die if You Don’t Stop’

Cameroon attorneys Michel Togué and Alice Nkom this week received the Geuzenpenning Award for their work defending LGBTI clients in that repressive African country. Togué and Nkom are the longest-serving of only about four Cameroonian attorneys who accept LGBTI clients. Others are Charlotte Cathy Moundo and Jathan Ndongo, two associates of Togué, working in Yaoundé, … Continue reading


Activists failed Roger Mbede; who killed him?

Reporter Robbie Corey-Boulet conducted an in-depth investigation into the death of Roger Mbede, a former Amnesty International prisoner of conscience who was imprisoned in 2011 in anti-gay Cameroon for amorous text messages, was released from prison in 2012 in poor health, and died last year under suspicious circumstances at his family’s home. These are excerpts … Continue reading