New TV series tells Nigerian gay love story realistically

Nigerian telenovela “Wura” tells a gay love story and gets it right.

Screenshot from the TV series "Wura"
Screenshot from the TV series “Wura”


By Mike Daemon

The episodic TV series “Wura” is considered the first original long-running Showmax series.

It centers on the life of Wura Amoo-Adeleke, a perfect wife, mother of two, and the ruthless CEO of the fictional Frontline Gold Mine, who is desperate to maintain her relevance in the gold mining industry.

It stars Scarlet Gomez, Yomi Fash Lanso, Carol King, Ray Adeka, Iremide Adeoye, Ego Iheanacho, Martha Ehinome, Lanre Adediwura, Oluwaseyi Akinsola, Ropo Ewenla, Miracle Gabriel, and Tersy Akpata.

The Nollywood series has many people talking, especially those in the LGBT community who have praised the film’s portrayal of gay characters on screen.

In contrast with most Nollywood films, which often portray LGBT characters in a stereotypical and negative manner, “Wura” does a fantastic job delivering a more believable, positive, and realistic portrayal of same-sex romantic relationships.

Promotional image for "Wura".
Promotional image for “Wura”.

The series accurately depicts the ruinous effects of homophobia and the experiences of gay people who often struggle to accept their own sexual orientation.

Parts of the series capture this reality through the story of Wura’s closeted gay son Lolu (Iremide Adeoye), who struggles to maintain a secret romantic relationship with Femi (Oluwaseyi Akinsola), a young gay man, while at the same time dating a girl that his family so desperately wants him to marry.

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However, the show has shortcomings, in particular what seems like a deliberate attempt by the producers to avoid showing any form of physical romantic gestures such as kissing or touch between the two characters.

People may choose to excuse this flaw because  homosexual activity is still a crime in Nigeria, so the lack of gay romantic contact may be the producer’s way of avoiding getting sanctioned by the government.

Overall,  ‘Wura” is a good show for all kinds of families, gay or heterosexual ,and it’s highly recommended to anyone who wants to watch something that recognizes and validates diversity.

“Wura” can be streamed on Showmax, which is available in Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Mauritius, Namibia, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia.

Source: African Human Rights Media Network member NoStringsNG.

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