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  1. Dewitt Green
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    I feel so sorry for this young man having to endure his dad’s wrath for being his authentic self. IT IS VITAL FOR PARENTS TO KNOW THAT SEXUAL ORIENTATION IS INNATE AND FIXED IN NATURE AND CANNOT BE CHANGED. YOUR SON DID NOT CHOOSE TO BE HOMOSEXUAL, IT CHOSE HIM. HE CAN’T HELP HIS ATTRACTION FOR MEN. IF HE COULD BELIEF ME HE WOULD. I SURE HE DOESN’T ENJOY YOUR ABUSE AND REJECTION OF HIM. facing the reality of his sexual orientation and the rejection of his family is doubly traumatic. Shame on you dad. You are the lowest of the lowest. How in the name of God could you inflict this kind of pain on your own son. Your behavior is despicable and inhumane and it will ultimately leave long lasting scars on the entire family unit. As a father, one of your roles is to be a peace maker in the your family. You are suppose to be the protector of your family through the good and the bad. Instead, your inability to understand the differences of each of us, has resulted in your unnatural mistreatment and abuse of your son. Your disdain for your son has got you to the point where you “can’t stand to look at your own flesh and blood. FESTUS, I respect your courage to come out and I pray that you won’t allow this experience to permanently damage your self esteem and/or take away your future plans to become a fashion designer and self supporting. You can either allow this negative experience destroy you or it can be a catalyst for self acceptance and success.

    1. Chad opfer
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      If I can get him to contact me I can get him to the United States we have protections here or at least get him to the U.K and I can work on legalizing him here in N.J we have programs what he going to school for the U.S WILL BE SO MUCH BETTER with the protections I can be reached at +14703961291 or chadopfer@gmail.com


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