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  1. New Ugandan rules allow HIV care during lockdown | Latest news about (global) epidemic or disease outbreak

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  2. James
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    In retrospect would it have been a good idea to give this mother notice of the pending photograph to allow her the human dignity of being able to prepare for the camera? In placing her best foot forward she may have wanted to portray herself and her baby in a different light.

    1. admin76crimes
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      Kikonyogo Kivumi responds:
      You’re right, James. That’s what everyone would want. The only difference here is human rights defenders work with communities in extreme vulnerabilities to bring their lived realities to boardrooms. Human rights defenders live and tell the realities they see. When we talk of mothers losing their babies to preventable, curable or manageable diseases in Sub-Saharan Africa because politicians have stolen taxpayers’ money. This and so many scenes is what makes us take the risk and get to frontlines to promote human dignity. The newsworthiness of this picture is overwhelming.


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