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  1. Domingo Torres
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    They say that the road to Hell is paved with good intentions, as the Ugandan people fail to recognize that gay people are part of our natural existence upon this planet found in every country throughout the ages. Yes it is an antithesis to the ideal natural order of things, but the fact remains that our natural order is not in perfect order and it will never be within the existence of this planet.

    The creation of anti-gay laws only lends to the opportunity to enslave human beings for the privacy of their sexuality. The consensual sex act between two people of any gender is between those two people and God and should not be the business of government or any other noisy body community entities, unless criminal intents are suspected besides the sexual act itself.

    What this is, is an abuse the privacy of human beings, in violation of the United Nations human rights charter and Uganda should forfeit any economic help from the United nations and any country who have signed into the United Nations Human Rights Charter.


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