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  1. Natural Truth
    Natural Truth at |

    First of all, he’s an Anglican, which says it all right there. They caved in years ago to the homosexual agenda quicker than a house of cards made of tissue paper. Secondly, a deviant sexual CHOICE does not a human right make. By that logic, alcoholics can claim that access to alcohol is, likewise, a “human right”. Homosexuality is a sin and an abomination before God and is labeled as such EVERYWHERE in the scripture. Would he fight for the same “dignity” for murderers , thieves, blasphemers, etc?

    1. Pierre
      Pierre at |

      All that Sean is doing is showing is some compassion, something that alot of his fellow Christians lack.

    2. kay
      kay at |

      it is NOT a choice! being a hateful bigot IS A CHOICE!!! the choice is yours!

    3. darrenjglenn
      darrenjglenn at |

      For one thing, I can’t believe the basis of your objection is earnest. I don’t want us all to waste time pretending that serial murder in our society disturbs you in quite the same ways as homosexuality and non-gender conformity disturbs you; or for us to pretend that we genuinely think that his advocacy for the interests of LGBTQ folks somehow automatically aligns him with the social advancement for serial killers as a group or drug users as a group or pedophiles or animal abusers. It is plain and simple, a waste of time to pretend that anyone thinks that is the case.

      Secondly, we ARE NOT DISCUSSING the experiences and feelings of murderers/thieves/blasphemers. Since no one intends to make a defense for these terrible things that you’ve compared same-sex attraction/homosexuality to, I don’t think it is worth derailing our focus on this real, important and meaningful issue and in doing so insulting me and people like me.

      Lastly, this is a false equivalence. If your argument is in earnest then I’m guessing it’s based upon the supposition that because LGBTQ folks are unable to suppress or hide or deny their identities or desires their experiences somehow mirror the experiences of people who murder or steal or rape or harm themselves. False equivalence fallacy occurs when someone falsely equates an act by one party as being equally egregious to that of another without taking into account the underlying differences which may make the comparison patently invalid. The BURDEN OF PROOF IS ON YOU to demonstrate empirically what exactly makes homosexuality comparable to murder. Until such a time as you can do that in an empirical way, no one should dignify such a disgustingly offensive assertion with a direct response.

      PS Scripture also says don’t wear mixed fabrics and stay away from shellfish. Do you decry and denounce people who like crab in their callaloo too?

    4. Mind yours
      Mind yours at |

      Eating lobster and shrimp according to the bible is a sin and an abomination. So what’s your point?!!! Its so strange when homosexuality seems to get people all worked up but they don’t get as animated about adulterers, statutory rapists and female abusers. If you are so against homosexuality, just refrain from having sexual contact with someone of the same sex. Why should you let someone else’s choice in their live affect you?


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