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  1. Nigus
    Nigus at |

    It is impossible to believe in the Bible and not oppose homosexuality. The Bible does not accommodate homosexuality at all.

    1. Ballet
      Ballet at |

      it is impossible to read the bible and oppose slavery. It does support it strongly.
      it is impossible to read the bible and have women becoming leaders in the Church. The bible strongly opposite it.
      Shall I carry on or are we going to stop playing ignorant and realised that there are many things the Bible opposes but society has moved on including the Church. Why on earth are you people stucked with homosexuality? On the top of that you dont have the license to declare who can be accepted by God or rejected by God. You are just like everybody else who are relying on God’s grace. Which is by the way given for free.
      I am sorry but ignorant people from mainstream churches must dig a bit deeper to find something else to stop us from claiming that john3:16 gift.


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