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  1. cpmondello
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    Yet the USA give millions to those who want LGBT oppressed, jailed or dead

  2. Peter Tatchell
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    Well done Colin. Keep up your amazing work. This info and all your other reports are so useful. Solidarity! Peter Tatchell

  3. Uche
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    great work…..very good information for my dissertation, appropriately referenced you as well

  4. Domingo Torres
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    The murdering of another human being no matter why he or she is killed without a judicial trial is not only inhumane but a great lack of respect for life itself. One can not be pro-life and then, on the other hand, imprison or take a life from one’s being in adopting prejudicial discriminatory notions, base on hate or frivolous antiquated religious doctrines or laws.

    Inasmuch as everyone in the world is born either female or a male they are anatomically and basically, the same. However, not everyone’s mind is the same. We all have our likes and dislikes and our personal preferences, which is just that personal and as such should be kept personal.

    However when your personal likes and dislikes steps beyond the threshold barrier of invading the personal space of another human being without their knowledge or permission, then one is crossing the line towards creating unnecessary problems where there need to be none.

    However, where there is sexual atrocities as in the Domer case of cannibalism and of such types heinous sexual crimes, this is where the public and the judicial system has to step in and indict. Otherwise what you do sexually in disagreement with one’s religion or just the general consensus of your county’s society is between you and God, even if you do not believe in a God.

    When you have a government law created to noisy in on people’s personal lives in what they do with each other in the privacy if their bedrooms it is no one’s busy unless they are pedophiles or sexual molesters and in rape invading without permission one’s sexuality.

  5. Linda Miles
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    Domingo–you are wise. I wish more people had your insight.


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