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Cameroonian LGBTI activist targeted in murder attempt

Attacks continue in Cameroon against LGBT people and the human rights activists who defend them. The latest target was the program director of Camfaids  (the Cameroonian Foundation for Aids), which fights against Aids and for the recognition of the human rights of LGBTI people. Jean Jacques Dissoke, the group’s legal coordinator, reported and commented on … Continue reading


Deliriously happy after Jamaica’s first Montego Bay Pride

Unqualified success: Montego Bay Pride, Jamaica, Oct. 25, 2015 We are deliriously happy to report that Montego Bay Pride 2015 was an unqualified success!! The best quote from someone who attended the intense one-day event was that it felt like a real Pride, as nearly 100 persons of all classes, sexualities and gender expressions (including … Continue reading


Raids, arrests of 21 trans women after Malaysian ruling

Malaysian police in recent weeks launched a wave of raids and 21 arrests targeting trans women. The police actions came in the wake of a court ruling that overturned limited legal protection for trans women against repressive aspects of local sharia law. The Malaysian trans advocacy organization Justice for Sisters stated today: Violence against trans … Continue reading