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Uganda: Missing the point in 10-year sentence for sodomy

Chris Mubiru (Photo courtesy of The Observer)

Chris Mubiru (Photo courtesy of The Observer)


Several media outlets missed a key fact in their coverage of the 10-year prison sentence imposed Sept. 18 on Chris Mubiru, a former manager of Uganda’s national football (soccer) team, The Cranes.

The conviction was for non-consensual sodomy. Mubiru was acquitted of a similar charge in a consensual sexual encounter.

Many LGBTI activists hailed that acquittal while accepting or welcoming the conviction as a matter of law, not of gay rights.

For example, Adrian Jjuuko, executive director of Uganda’s Human Rights Awareness and Promotion Forum, stated:

“For HRAPF, we are happy that the accused was convicted where sex was non-consensual. This goes a long way to show that rapists and defilers are being dealt with seriously.

“The acquittal where the sex was consensual is very welcome, because there should be no criminal sanctions for same-sex relations between consenting adults. That falls in the realm of the right to privacy and the right to dignity.”

These accounts of the sentencing missed the point:

The O-Blog-Dee blog got it right:

“The court found that the act was not consensual as [the victim] was apparently drugged.  Mubiru was found innocent in a second charge, with another man, where the act was apparently consensual,” O-Blog-Dee reported, correctly.



One thought on “Uganda: Missing the point in 10-year sentence for sodomy

  1. Actually I purposely chose not to address the very obvious glaring issues with this case in my ‘western’ public forum. For reasons better not made public at this time in my opinion!
    So no it certainly did not go unnoticed.


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