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  1. jerbearinsantafe
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    Sadly, officially sanctioned homophobia and bigotry has occurred again…

  2. JHarty
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    The Maldives survive only because of tourism. The pious have killed, as the pious do, the income stream and the Maldives will soon be yet another beggared poverty stricken failed Islamic state. It’s going to be overwhelmed under the rising sea levels soon anyway … Fucked up by Islamic hipocracy and sun under the waves. And good riddance as far as I am concerned.

    1. Jack Foobar
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      I think you are confused on what exactly islam is. I know homosexuals are typically leftists, which makes you borderline sociopaths, but stay with me here. Muhammad was a pirate. A mass murdering(beheading 600 men) pedophile(raped a 9 year old) pirate.

      So when you say that they won’t be paid by you infidels(kufar/abeed) anymore, you know they’re thinking? How to cut you in half and sell your organs on the black market. What they aren’t thinking is “Oh, maybe we should be nice to the igtarded homosexual and sell our souls for tourist money!”. They will sooner throw you off a building that take your money.

      Their motivations are not yours. Their right and wrong is not your right and wrong. Understand this. Because for what’s coming next, I suggest you convert to Christianity toot sweet and save your vacation money for supplies.

      1. Jim Fox
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        “I know homosexuals are typically leftists, which makes you borderline sociopaths”
        Yeh, like you “know” the Moon is made of green cheese…
        “YOU”?? Where does he say he’s gay??
        So you are a true christian? Hate-filled and foaming!
        I suggest you grow a brain and become an atheist.

    2. Jim Fox
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      My feelings exactly. Anyone who knows what Islam is would
      holiday elsewhere and not support jihad and sharia…


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