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    Say What?! More hate from right wing Jamaican doc…

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    Smh. I find it so sad that people are so concerned with what others do in their bedroom. It’s hard enough to come out without making it unlawful. People that live their life on the down low are at higher risks when it comes to STD’s. The worst part is how can you tell someone it’s against the law to be themselves. It’s very hateful. Anyway, I pray for these people but I doubt hate is going away any time soon.

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    The statement about Jamaica having the highest MSM infection in the Western Hemisphere is incorrect. In fact the USA has the highest rate …an alarming 63%!! and they do not have the Buggery Law. Also in places like Canada, Australia, New Zealand and many parts of Western Europe where the Buggery law does not exist, more people have become infected with HIV through male-male sex than through any other transmission route … UNAIDS (2010) http://www.unaids.org/globalreport/Global_report.htm.

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    For what it’s worth I received a comment on my reblog of this article. I left a mestage asking them to reblog it here. The comment was from the doctor quoted in the article who disputes the quote attributed to him. If you wish to see it I’ll cut and paste here. Let me know by replying to this message

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