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    Thank you for the very critical work you do in revealing the injustices committed against the LGBT* community on a global scale. Your site and FB page are essential to raising awareness and promoting chane. I applaud you. Patricia Marie Buss

  2. Mr Gay Cameroon 2014-2015
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    First step to Emergence is to respect Human rights. To be and to love whoever you want. Who will take a high risk to invest in a country where his rights are not protected by law? Or where he can’t defend himself simply because law restricted a part of the population from fully Be Cameroonian Citizen. Who to boost our tourism and economy ( gays are the world top travellers, they pay taxes twice much for being single they invest and banks are always happy to deal with gays. Simply because we are Smart-honest-respectful and Humble. we all know across the world the “pink dollar” got no estimated value.

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    Transgender Cameroonians


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