1. Joey
    Joey at |

    Maybe it is time to denounce all politicians who are gay

  2. Linda
    Linda at |

    I find it repulsive knowing that in Lebanon there’s a thriving gay community and they are doing nothing about this especially people in power, lawyers and legislators. The media is mostly plenty of ass kissers and lickers and no one is addressing the issue in putting lebanon into an LGBT friendly country. Obviously the lebanese stick to their religion more than their human rights. ridiculous country we are.

  3. George
    George at |

    In Lebanon people love to live a lie. that’s a fact.

  4. Rita
    Rita at |

    and singers and models in that country are doing what exactly? they are arresting people in a private setting having sex? in a hammam? why not the saunas in Gyms as well? it doesn’t stop politicians from being gay themselves yet a media prick can abuse boys and girls. this country is going to the dogs. Where are human rights activists? are the LGBT in Lebanon really active?

  5. Dikran
    Dikran at |

    As long as state and religion is not dealt with in Lebanon no change will happen, no LGBT rights can take effect. Never it will as long as state and religion are part of the system. The Lebanese do not want the change. if they wanted that they would have done that ages ago.

  6. Manal
    Manal at |

    Thank god i left this country that is so beautiful in its nature and so ugly with its people. the people in lebanon are turning it into a dumb. I had no proper equal rights as a woman nor as lesbian nor as a human being. The politicians and those who vote for them are full of it. They don’t care about human rights do you expect them to care about an LGBT community? I agree this country is going to the dogs.

  7. Walid
    Walid at |

    The Lebanese pretend to say they are modern and open to everything but they have plenty of homophobes. Plenty of closeted married men and women. Plenty of homophobic slurs and bullying. Let’s talk about the army knowing that there’s enough LGBT people in politics and in every part of the lebanese society. If this society wanted a change they should move their asses and helped those who are currently arrested. But no, they have to make an example just because someone possible may have a vendetta against homosexuals. the people do not want to UNITE for any cause yet alone the LGBT community divided itself politically. How ironic. Evryone want to keep their religious divisions among them, therefore no change will come. all they care is about is sex without the freedom of enjoying that. i’m filing to leave lebanon and i can’t wait to get the hell out of here. i’ve had it with the mess we are living in. I do not see a positive change living among a society that is hypercritical towards itself and its surrounding countries.

  8. J99
    J99 at |

    What is happening in lebanon is not a first. I am not surprised. The whole arabic world sucks big time when it comes to such brutal arrests that’s soul purpose is to humiliate people and possibly extortion. I’m glad i’m not in Lebanon anymore. I’m sad to hear such stories more horrified to see that no one is doing something about it especially those who can make a difference. People are busy with their scams in that country more than helping others. I’ve had my fights i need a life to live. happy to have moved on and i’m a lebanese gay jew too ! take that 🙂


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