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    Colin the Safe Passage Fund – or the way you word it seems to suggest that asylum is possible from foreign shores – it is not. There is no such thing as safe passage when countries such as USA, UK and EU are simply not giving visas to directly address the problem. People have to use disingenuous means to reach foreign shores and most cannot afford to get there,. Even if the fund were to raise money there is mostly no way to get people out. It boils down to shelter and food.

    And that is mostly what my rescue Funds 1 and 2 have done.

    Those who have made it to other parts of Africa are suffering further persecution in Refugee camps and arrests/detentions in countries to which they have sought refuge.

    As for Melanie JUDGE – I had to laugh – how ignorant of her- to place her version of what I have or have not said – ahead of basic survival and life saving strategies. The people who I provided funding to are all now in safe houses with 2- 3 months paid and food provided. Following her do nothing to help but just criticize- and holier-than-thou-PJ- blogging would not have saved the lives we know were saved. It would be fun to see her make her contentions to the faces of those who were housed and fed.

    Also for her to say ” However, promoting an “escape” from Africa to “greener” US pastures, without simultaneously addressing the underlying conditions that force this migration, is dangerous and opportunistic.” is a joke and shows she is shooting blanks and has failed to follow my work. You well know that I have addressed these issues on my BLIOG for years – the rescue fund being an urgent quick solution for a dramatically desperate situation that no one was addressing. Food Shelter and passports! For those desperately seeking help. In fact if she had the decency and asked access I may have given her the information some insight into my private communications and protocol – then she would have seen that I had told those on run and in hiding who were reaching out to ME- how almost impossible it is to even get to US shores and when they do how it is exceedingly difficult to survive – not so greener after all. Yet the LGBT people of Africa reflect a common denominator in all the communications I have received – begging for help “escape” (their words) and advocacy in the US for solutions.

    I have started a second fund and the lazy JUDGES of the world will not deter me…. it can be found at https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/lgbt-africa-rescue-fund-2/x/532915?show_todos=true#home PEOPLE are hungry and suicidal because of it. That is priority number one – even before so called “safe passage.”


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