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    What is this woman coming to do in nigeria? Pls woman we dont need you here.

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    Dear Pillay, we are not careful to answer you in this matter. BUT, what is the penalty for gay activity in Saudi Arabia? Why have you not visited Saudi Arabia? Is it because you cannot threaten them with sanctions??

    Question 2: Dear Pillay, what did you do about the rights violation in Syria apart from the talks? When are you planning to visit Syria?

    Question 3: Dear Pillay, remember what you said in Zimbabwe? “At the end of her mission she also expressed concern over the country’s legislation on sexual orientation noting that the international principle of non-discrimination is included in the current Zimbabwean Constitution, as well as in international treaties to which the country is party to.” Are you really reading these constitutions or are these answers “one-fits all?”
    Where were the UN rights chiefs when Nigeria was under the torture of military dictators? Is it because US officials were enjoying oil deals with the military junta and their cronies??
    Enough of questions. Now can you tell us whose rights are being violated in Nigeria? Did you get the information that 92% of Nigerians were against gay lifestyle and same sex marriage? Should our honorable national assembly defend the rights 8% at the expense of 92? Madam, I had an alpha in O-level government as a student and if I still remember correctly, the minority are allowed to have their say but the majority STILL have their way. Whose rights then are being violated then? Which constitution? Our constitution defends the rights of the majority and that’s what the national assembly has done.
    Must we accept LGBTs as normal just because Europe and the Americas say so?
    I even hear those guys giving the excuse of being born with the “defective gay gene” Are they finally admitting that homo lifestyle is defective?
    Won’t pedophiles one day discover the “defective pedophile gene” and ask for compensations for ill-treatment?!!! Come on, Pillay and her lies, let’s use common sense!!! Homosexuality is abnormal. Period!!!
    Now even if Europe and America considers homo lifestyle as normal, don’t we have right to differ and to chart our own course? Enough of this meddling on matters we have resolved to lay to rest!!!

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      I normally don’t reply go garbage such as this, but no matter how large the majority and small the minority there should and must be equal protection under the law. How dare you write with such audacity and confidence in justification of oppression, and then try and play the bleeding heart victim card simultaneously. No one especially I feels sorry for you. Your country’s blatant disregard for human life and homophobic genocide is an affront to civilized nations everywhere, and you all are an embarrassment to the world. “Karma is only a bitch if you are” and right now she’s about 200!


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