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  1. Stephen Shikuku
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    Hello Reverend and Colin Stewart, Uganda, as your title outlines, was not ‘freed’ by the likes of you or your African American predecessors. Colonialism was brought through the ‘book’ and reinforced by the ‘gun’. No one has said we as Africans never had homosexuals in our midst, we had them. But it was a vice and it is still a vice not to be encouraged. Sexual orientation as you put it is a term that has been used to obscure abnormality. By definition, wikipedia states; “Deviation from Social Norms defines the departure or deviation of an individual, from society’s unwritten rules (norms). For example if one was to witness a man jumping around, nude, on the streets, the man would be perceived as abnormal, as he has broken society’s norms about wearing clothing. There are also a number of criteria for one to examine before reaching a judgment as to whether someone has deviated from society’s norms.” It is therefore by this aspect of definition that i project to you that history is repeating itself through the likes of the revered reverend where he is using the ‘cloak’ and ‘dagger’ approach in remonstrating with others over what we should and should not take into our societal norms. Homosexuality has been abhorred in the Bible that is his work tool. Sexual orientation as I perceive it, is a marketing tool for encompassing societal ills and justifying it through the various ‘chapters and articles’ enshrined in the prescribed ‘ human rights’. Currently, there are children that are being encouraged to ‘pursue’ and explore their ‘sexuality’ and be proud of their orientation. currently, they are homosexuals. In the future, if their orientation lies in having sex with other minors, will it be a minor form of pedophiliac tendency sodomy, or will it be acknowledged as a sexual orientation? Give us a break! Now, as in the past, you want to sanction Uganda by denying them the much needed aid, monies that was illegally harvested from your great, great relatives revered reverend. How quickly you chose to forget.


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