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    This incident could have been avoided, if there was genuine concern by those who have the power to make things happen including you Maurice Tomlinson, the property is linked to the Dwayne Jones matter and by virtue of that there was a clear and present danger to all remaining being his friends and their friends seeing they were homeless or displaced while squatting in the house and St James persons knowing this hence the stoning incidents days after Dwayne’s news was carried.

    A casefile as this handled by any sensible Crisis Intervention person or just someone with common sense would have seen that urgent steps should have been taken to have the men moved instead all kinds of interviews were arranged to parade them to the world as victims post the Dwayne Jones demise yet no proper redress that we had to read this firebombing report!

    It is clear that affected MSM are just public relations material and nothing more, targets to be met for funding deliverables, how many thousand pieces of condoms can be distributed to them, oh yes and the all HIV infection rate worry, how many workshop seats they can be fit into but what after they are spent?


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