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    With all due respect, this is a very misleading account of the events surrounding the affair. The supporters of the Bishop, almost all of whom are fellow Anglicans and Episcopalians, have crafted a narrative of “liberal intolerance” in order to shift blame from the bishop and his advisors to “western gay activists” (someone should tell the NAACP that they are gay activists I suppose). I have seen an almost identical version of this story on two other anglican religious blogs so obviously some pr flack is pushing this to receptive media.

    Long story short, the bishop was not fully honest with the vetting committee when he was first nominated. After a student found some troubling homophobic statements and actions in his past, he was given the opportunity to explain and correct any misunderstanding. He was initially very dismissive of the concerns of the students and gave a serious a curt and unconvincing accounts. After several weeks, he met with the President of Dartmouth who made the final decision to withdraw his offer. At that point, the bishop became very angry and sent several rude emails to student groups and the school officials. He then threatened to sue the University – under what theory and for what amount was never made clear – and then he went to several media outlets to complain. Only a few days after that did this letter with all his supporters names attached appear in Living Church. He had several weeks to have these same respected people vouch for him to the President but failed to do so. Finally, he and his supporters seem to expect a secular western university to be familiar with the ins and outs of byzantine anglican politics when these very details were never mentioned by the bishop during the weeks he had to resolve the confusion. It seems a bit churlish for several anglican clerics to accuse the university of failing to appreciate that the bishop was actually a pro-gay ally in disguise – how could they have known this when the information only surfaced after the fact. It also betrays a certain provincial worldview that anglicans often have the secular society somehow owes the bishop a cushy appointment at a rich university as some sort of reward for his undercover work.

    If you would like to hear the full story – or at least the version from the students at Dartmouth – see below:



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