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  1. Jason Jones
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    The argument that many homophobes and the homophobic Nigerian government is asserting, that homosexuality is a “western disease” and gay rights again is described to be a “western influence” is to disrespect the local lgbt activist and citizen in Nigeria and elsewhere and to isolate them from International support and the much needed international pressure that is required to ensure that all 76 countries remove their legal barriers to civil rights for LGBT people. Of course these Governments will bemoan “outside influence” for they are trying to hold on to their outdated prejudices whilst the rest of the World evolves. I am old enough to remember Botha making spouting similar rhetoric regarding international pressure against the apartheid regime. I wonder Mr. Stewart if you would have found the hackers actions “unhelpful” had it been against the South African racist regime of 30 years ago? Remember Mr Mandela was a convicted terrorist 50 years ago. It really does depend on one’s perspective does it not? I congratulate the hackers and urge them to continue their activities against ALL 76 Countries who continue to deny human rights to LGBTQI citizens and continue to draw International attention and win new supporters as they are doing now.


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