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    The conceit, contempt, obnoxious gal of you to try to project your personal mal adaptive interpretation to bear false witness, imply, infer, suggest, persecute, and/or smear the exemplary character of the 6th Archbishop of Kingston, Jamaica West Indies, Charles Henry Dufour D.D, C.D., is sinister. This is clearly a personal attack on the Archbishop otherwise there should have been views/responses from all the other head leaders of religious faith in Jamaica documented in your article. It is common knowledge the stance of the Catholic Faith has on this issue. Clearly you have ulterior motives to be manipulating; questioning the Archbishop views for false claims of hatred for the LBGT or anyone for that matter. Any well read individual knows that JAMAICA IS HOMOPHOBIC about HOMOSEXUALITY and many from the LBGT community in Jamaica seek refuge in other countries. A recent poll was taken and about 90% of the Jamaican population voted in this 21st Century against gay marriage in Jamaica.

    It is my perspective as is many others who have known and worked with the Archbishop over the years that the HE IS A MAN OF PEACE, LOVE, and HARMONY FOR ALL HUMAN BEINGS. The Archbishop DOES Not HATE and he is Not INTELORANT OF anyone, any group, denomination, etc. He is not about war, seeking popularity, competing, spreading lies, brain washing, defaming, or manipulation. I rebuke you for trying to negatively type cast the Archbishop Charles Henry Dufour, it is outrageous. As we say back home he welcomes everyone from “all walks of life,” and does what is lawfully right.

    The irony of the point you are trying to make regarding the Archbishop views is that he does not dictate the undertakings; the precedence; the rules and regulations of the LBGT community in Jamaica. He does not make the laws of the island of Jamaica nor does he make them for the Roman Catholic Church. He is governed by those laws of the island and principles on the Catholic Faith when ordained. This sort of cyber bullying manipulating the words of a humble servant of God is atrocious. You are on some sort of witch hunt and heading in the wrong direction with this issue. It is America that passed ‘new laws’ allowing Gay (same sex) Marriage, laws regarding LBGT community in Jamaica have not been changed. You are ‘barking up the wrong tree’ and your contention should be with the laws makers of Jamaica and not the Archbishop and/or your conjecture or misinterpretation of his views.

    You are using this forum to publicly spread propaganda about the 6th Archbishop of Kingston and it wreaks personal vendetta. It is appalling to see the length individuals like your self will go with your personal agenda to seek notoriety; ‘15’ minutes of fame on this current hot issue at the expense of trying to ruin or defame a good man’s image. Many are trying force Jamaica into adapting many ways and rules of America, Canada, and other countries. No one or no country should be bullied into accepting the laws of another country. Jamaica is an island as we say back home that is “set in its ways” upholding several old beliefs and this is one I doubt will change anytime soon. It is also no secret that many prominent citizens across the board in Jamaica are living the double life and will continue to uphold these ‘olds ways/laws’ to remain in the dark; hide their truths.

    I noticed that you failed to mention that the Catholic Church DID NOT participate in the island-wide anti-gay demonstrations on June 23rd. The world needs to be enlightened about the good the Archbishop has been doing tirelessly for the underserved for years during his vacation along with his other responsibilities as oppose to your inflammatory RHETORIC.

    In the 1980s HIV/AIDS were foolishly thought to be caused by homosexuals and folks that took ill with the disease were shunned and scorned in Jamaica. When Archbishop Dufour was the 2ND Diocesan Bishop of Montego Bay he was one of the first individuals that opened a FREE HOSPICE to CARE for THOSE with HIV/AIDS. He was the one holding their hands praying with them when no one wanted to care or acknowledge them. He also started several other programs including one that provides a home of love, nurturing, medical needs, and future hope of a normal life for HIV/AIDS and other abandoned children. The programs he started are specifically designed for all the underserved folks that can benefit from their services.

    This is where your direction should focused regarding the 6th Archbishop of Kingston Jamaica, Charles Henry Dufour D.D., C. D. You should be advocating for added help for the needy in your home land as oppose to trying to deliberately destroy one of the hardest working Priest I have ever know that works like a ‘mule’ to preserve lives of others. He is also passionately driven to ensure that children are educated to avoid growing up ‘ignorant,’ gullible and ill equipped to face the world and its challenges. It is said a mind is a terrible thing to waste.

    For those that would like to verify this information and want to lend their support please go to:
    ‘friendsofgoodshepherd.org’ it is a legal 501(c)(3) organization. Their contact number is 954-441-9886. All proceeds are used to sustain the organization and services offered. Good Shepherd has chapters in Florida and Maryland in the USA. The programs include Good Shepherd Foundation Medical Centre, The Hope Hospice, Holy Family Self Help Centre, Mustard Seed Communities, and The Children’s Education Fund that also assists many attending the University of the West Indies. The Good Shepherd organizational is now international and helps the underserved in other islands including Haiti.

    If this is your attempt to affect a change for your LBGT community you are doing them a disservice and are sorely mistaken. Enough Already!


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