Harassment: Uganda police arrest fourth AIDS activist

Youth on Rock Foundation logo

Youth on Rock Foundation logo

Police in Uganda have resumed their harassment of gay activists who fight HIV/AIDS among LGBT youths.

Nsubuga Pin, a member and security manager for Youth on Rock Foundation, was arrested this week, accused of homosexuality, and held in police custody in Kampala for a day, the foundation’s executive director reported.

Pin was released on police bond after Youth on Rock members went to the police station to ask for his release.

Police started their probe of the Youth on Rock Foundation on Dec. 31, with the arrest of co-founder Joseph Kawesi, followed by the arrest of Kabuye Najibu, the organization’s finance manager, on Jan. 2 when he went to visit Kawesi.

Martin (Morgan) Kanyike, executive director of the foundation, was detained Jan. 29.

All four have been released without charges being pressed against them in court. Their release on police bond does not require them to make any payment, but the police “ask you to give them some money behind the doors,” Kanyike said.

The previous three arrested Youth on Rock members were repeatedly called in for further questioning by police. Pin was ordered to report back to the police station in Kampala on May 15.

During questioning, foundation members say, police accuse them of promoting homosexuality and violating laws against homosexual activity. Kanyike said they are also asked to explain what Youth on Rock does, who is in charge, and where its funds come from. They also ask to describe their sexual practices.

The foundation continues to serve LGBT youths, most of them HIV-positive, despite harassment by police. They have established a safe house for their own protection and have been seeking financial support to reopen their office.

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7 Responses to Harassment: Uganda police arrest fourth AIDS activist

  1. Sir Pete says:

    Contrary to all the hype. No gay has every been killed in Uganda by the police. Nor do the police promote hate. The police only want to make sure everything is legal with these organization. A lot of these organizations are now getting money from foreigners under false pretense.


    • Hi, Sir Pete —
      Thanks for commenting. I believe you may well be right that no gay person has been killed in Uganda by the police. I’m not at all sure about the rest that you say. The accounts I hear of repeated Ugandan police interrogations sound like inappropriate harassment to me, not just “making sure everything is legal with these organizations.” Do you think that many Ugandan organizations other than those promoting the human rights and health of homosexuals are subject to repeated intervention by police?
      All the best to you,
      Colin Stewart, editor and publisher of this blog.


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