Crucifixion pained Mary; Easter protest pained Kato’s mom

David Kato in scene from "Call Me Kuchu"
David Kato in scene from the movie “Call Me Kuchu”

Today, Easter Sunday, a group of Ugandan Christian leaders organized an anti-homosexuality parade near the home of the mother of slain LGBT activist David Kato.

According to Pepe Julian Onziema, who was at the rally, one of the pastors used gay porn to demonstrate how homosexuals have sex. A man in the crowd shouted, “How do you know if you don’t do it? Stop encouraging our curiosity, you fake person.” Nice! I would also like to know how this pastor got his hand on gay porn.

Easter comes on the heels of Good Friday, the time when Christians commemorate Mary’s tragic loss of her son. It is truly reprehensible that religious leaders in Uganda would choose this time to heap such pain on the head of another grieving mother in the name of Christian morality.

Hate really corrupts everything and everyone it touches.

Today’s demonstration was perhaps mounted in response to the Ugandan Parliament’s failure to pass the Anti-Homosexuality Bill which could provide for the death penalty for gays. The bill also requires anyone (including parents of LGBT children) who knows a gay individual to report them to the police within 24 hours or face up to seven years in prison.

David’s mom was physically unharmed but, no doubt, she must have experienced severe mental anguish knowing that the Christian faith her late husband once pastored in has turned so savagely against her, simply for loving her son.

Written by Maurice Tomlinson

Maurice Tomlinson of Jamaica and Canada has been involved in HIV and AIDS and LGBTI rights activism in the Caribbean for over 15 years. An attorney-at-law, he leads and supports legal challenges seeking the repeal of the region's homophobic laws. Contact him by email via 76crimes (at)

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